Thursday, 6 September 2012

Sponsored Review: MI Magic Blue Black Toric Lenses

Please note that although this is a sponsored review, the thoughts and opinions stated are 100% my own. 

So I recieved another sponsored post, but this time by dbeautyshop who gave me some toric lens! Now I know how hard it is to get toric lens for people - like me - who have astigmatism, so I really hope that this would be helpful for you!

Now the lens in question are MI Magic Blue Black Toric Lenses ! Here's what they had to say about these lens:

"When you put on these Magic Blue Black lenses, you keep people guessing about what shade your eyes really are. On normal daylight it’s just like ordinary black eyes, but when bright light hits it, hints of blue show through. So are you blue eyed or black eyed? You don’t have to reveal that it’s both, thanks to these Magic Blue Black Toric lenses.
Blue-black eyes are the perfect enhancement to an intense stare which people would be naturally drawn. It would be hard not to command attention and respect when you’re sporting these ambiguous lenses." 
I really like how they described these lens, because that's what made me want to purchase them! Although they did have some troubles at first with affliating problems, but when I got my reply my product was delivered in just a matter of weeks! I think it actually only took two weeks to deliver in the end. So I'm going to give them 3 stars simply because of how long it took for them to sort out everything, but also how quick they were in sending the products out! They dealt with the problem sufficiently. 
Postage and Packaging 
Everything arrived in mint condition and very quickly! I also received a lens case for the lens - this is so helpful - and some leaflets. Everything was wrapped in layers of polystyrene to ensure the security of the packaging; I was impressed.

decided to put them all together to make it easier for you to compare!

I have to say that I really liked the design, but as soon as I put the lens on... I couldn't see the blue at all. It just made my eyes look black unless I had flash on or was in really really bright light. Nevertheless it is exactly what their description states; that only in certain lights you could see the lens, which adds to the mysterious feel of them.
Comfort ★1/2
My eyes were slightly irritated when I put them on, but after a couple of minutes they felt a lot better and I couldn't even feel them by the end of the day! 
Overall I would give them 3 stars, simply because of the fact I was expecting the lens to be bluer. I loved the way they packed everything, and how they always communicated, so it's only the colour that let the rate down. Nevertheless I would definitely order from them again as they were one of the most comfortable lens I ever wore!

To purchase these lenses click here! Or you could even just visit their website where they have plenty, and I mean plenty, of designs for you! Prices are very reasonable, and they make sure that everything is in mint condition!
For more toric lens, click here!



  1. These lenses look beautfiul on you<3 I would be disappointing about the color as well. I was kind of expecting like bright bright blue in sunlight or something but they are still very pretty:)

  2. These look really pretty on you!I have a slight astigmatism but not to the point where I have to wear toric lenses. The color looks nice with your natural eye color :)

  3. I think they look pretty on you! You can't see the color that much but you can tell its there. They make your eyes huge too!

  4. Wow I really really like them, at least they look super good on you~! I would consider buying them (: and a great review!

  5. they look very dollish but natural and pretty on you too ;D

  6. Hey your eyes are almost the same color as mine! Despite the fact they only look blue in bright light I think these look really nice on you :D

  7. Awh yay that's so awesome! :D
    Thank you so much ^^

  8. Awh thank you! They are slowly becoming my fave :3

  9. Yeaah it's quite disappointing how the blue doesn't show up that much, but like you said you could tell that there's something there ^^ Thank you :D

  10. Awh thanks! ^^
    Yeah, mine's pretty bad so I have no option really >< Sucks so much D: Thank you! ^^

  11. Thanks lady <3
    Yeah me too ;_; But oh well! They're still pretty I s'pose tehe :P Thanks so much :D


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