Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween & Thank you so much for 1000 followers!

Happy Halloween, my beautiful, beautiful readers!
Halloween is one of my favourite events of the year even though I don't really do much apart from dressing up and eating lots of chocolate. Unfortunately I'm working on Halloween this year so I can't doll up and blog about it ;_;

I do, however, have a painting to show you all in celebration of Halloween! Here you go:

I have just finished this over an hour ago, having just started it last night. Eurgh, never again will I do a picture for an event on the night before! So stressful, and boy did I get fed up of doing all of those little roses. I swear I was going to give up on it o_e

I would also like to say thank you so much for following me and taking your time to read this blog; last week or the week before I hit a milestone that I never would've thought I'd achieve, so thank you so much! You don't know how happy it makes me to see that I have a new follower, a comment, a little share... I really do hope you would all continue to read this blog <3

Like I said before, I haven't dolled up for this occasion so the only picture I can use is of the one shown in my old post, Heeeeeey sexy lady. Thought I'd decorate the crap out of it to make it different! :P

(Wow I'm very crazy about purple today...)

That's all for now people! Until next time~



  1. I really like the picture!! <3

  2. the picture is very pretty (the sky is so cute) :)
    Happy Halloween!~~

  3. Thanks so much! :D And Happy Halloween to you too! ^^

  4. Awesome picture! Happy halloween and yay for 1k followers you so lucky !

  5. your drawing is really nice ^^ happy halloween and congratulations on your 1000 followers! :--D

  6. Purple is a pretty color. My nails are purple as we speak. xD
    And it is an HONOR to be following you. I love your posts(oh god I typed pot at first...) and you're gorgeous and very inspiring! I don't know if I told you,but that point system thing you mentioned before? I'm using it very effectively! It's very fun! I feel like I'llrant forever but LONG STORY SHORT. I LOVE YOU. KEEP UP THE BLOGGING. HAPPY HALLOWEEN. ♥

  7. Awh thank you so much :D Glad you like it! ^^
    Thank you! <33333

  8. Thank you so much lady! >///< Tehe I am, I'm so happy :D

  9. I like your drawing! It's very pretty! What a cute witch. XD Lol

  10. Gorgeous artwork! I really love it!! Especially the night time background!! >w<


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