Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Himegyaru; Frills and Pretty Things.

After I posted the first part of my Gaijin Gyaru Guide it got me thinking; what is my style, and where am I heading for? As you know I tend to float between styles depending on how I feel, but when I looked over at Tumblr I came across a Hime Gyaru.
And BAM my love for it was rekindled.

I actually found Gyaru through Himegyaru, so it's no surprise that I still have some "feelings" for it. It's so pretty, I mean really really pretty... Who wouldn't fall in love with it?
But then, as you can see, I grew away from that - I never actually tried it out - and discovered the other sub-categories of gal, and soon Hime Gyaru was just a part of Gal that I never really thought of trying. 

So what is making me keep going back to Hime Gyaru (not dressing it, but browsing it)? Today I've discovered the reason; it's the whole lifestyle thing.

Now I'm actually really bad when it comes to being a full-time gal because work and uni just keeps getting in the way, which is why I'm so jealous of those gals who strut out in their full attire each and everyday of their lives. Hime Gyarus just seem to put so much effort into their looks and their clothing, and it's something that I want to do with my style. I want to be able to find the time to just doll up everyday and have a whole week planned on what to wear... But it's not so easy.

Here are my Hime Gyaru attempts (and failures) in the past:
From left to right: Meet with Annie, Where's the Sun Gone, Feeling like a Princess, Birthday in Brighton

Okay, maybe I wasn't so great at it.

Everything starts with the first step though, right? Well my first step is by looking at pictures of Hime Gyaru and pin-point what it is exactly that has drawn me back into it everytime and how I can adapt these features to my own style (whatever that is).

Got quite a collection, yesh?
I don't know... I just like every part of Hime Gyaru; they really are princesses! Every thing is so beautiful... And I love just how pink the whole image is! Aaah, brings out my inner girly-ness.

So what do you like about Hime Gyaru? And if you don't, what don't you like about it? I'd love to hear your views in the comments before or on my Tumblr :3


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  1. You look soo lovely. I especially love that pink dress and the 3rd picture, the Feeling Like a Princess one is my fave. I love that one.

  2. Ooohh! I feel the same why, I can't dress gyaru all the time. I wish I could too! HimeGyaru would be so fun! Thanks for linking blogs!!! I'm gonna check them all out now!

  3. thank you, glad you liked the nails
    I loved the looks <3


  5. I guess we share the same idea on being hime-gyaru XD
    I can't even wear fake lashes to work since they would think I'm over-doing it =w=;
    ...well,at least I wish I had lived in a country which doesn't rain like crazy and mud on everywhere you go =_=;

  6. Hime is soooo pretty! I understand what you mean with not being able to be a full-time gal. Here in the Netherlands and at my school things like hime or loli aren't accepted, so I can't go out and be full-gal all day! And I don't have time for it either. Lot's of homework... I like hime 'cause it's so very feminine, pink and SPARKLY! Everything about himegyarus is sparkly, shiny, kawaii and fuwa fuwa!

  7. Hime gal is really cute in it's own way. I think most gals want to have a princess lifestyle so it naturally appeals to so many of us. I really want to transform my room to a hime style princess room very soon lol

  8. I love himegal!! I want to also decorate my room full hime style! If i had the money I would do full out hime more:) Honestly Idk how I manage to wake up every morning in full Gal but I do :3 But I understand uni is much more stressful than high school! Thanks for the links though they are really helpful<3

  9. Aah me too! It's just so pretty *_* It has brought out my inner girly-ness :P
    Aha well I'm starting to get better at waking up and doing gal, but normally I do minimal makeup for it :P
    You're welcome :D I'm glad they helped out!

  10. Aah me too! I'm hoping to do some more deco and then make everything sparkly and pretty~

  11. It is isn't it? So amazing!
    Awh no that sucks! But yeah, my problem with work is that we're not allowed to wear tons of makeup there so false lashes is out of the question ><
    Yes me too! :D

  12. Ooh they're your nails? I shall add that in :D

  13. I wish I could as well! But I'll stick with part-time for now~
    You're welcome :3

  14. lol likewise! Hitting up Michaels pretty soon to make that happen. It's going to be splendid! :D Can't wait to see yours~

  15. I think hime is an adorable style to look at, but for me it would be a 'bit much'. I'd love to try out a style that blurs somewhere between hime and agejo, though!

    BTW, I gave you a Cutie Pie Award like a month ago (but am only just getting round to informing people lol <:'D )


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