Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Sponsored Review: E301 Hazel

Please note that although this is a sponsored review, the thoughts and opinions stated are 100% my own. 
Hello all!
This is a bit of a failure-of-a-post because originally I was going to do another outfit one where I don some oraora clothes, take makeup shots etc… But yeah, it didn’t turn out so great. So instead I decided to do a review!

These lens are sponsored by the wonderful Mukuchu! I have a pair of lens from them before (my favourite purple pair) but unfortunately they have expired. I was therefore extremely glad to see an email from them saying that they would like to sponsor me.
I’m a bit late creating this post due to unforeseen circumstances that I couldn’t really work around, but despite that they have been really understandable and I am grateful for that.

The lens they have provided me was E301 - Hazel, toric lens for people with astigmatism. 

Communication ★★★★★
They always answered my replies on the day or the next day, so I would give them top marks for that! They were really understanding as well because of unforeseen circumstances that meant that this post was a little late, and I really appreciate that. 

here's the lens that came with a little step-by-step guide as well as the case!

Packaging ★★★★★
The lens arrived in an enveloped lined with bubble-wrap, alongside a lens case and a leaflet. So I can definitely say that the lens arrived all in good condition as the lens themselves were wrapped in bubble wrap. I actually prefer having items being sent to me in envelopes rather than boxes because I won’t have to pick them up at the nearest post office or anything.

Comfort ★★★
After soaking the lens in some solution overnight, I decided to try them out the next day. For the first hour they were a bit irritating but as the day went on they were fine. However they began to get irritating again in the evening where I had to take them off because they were so annoying.
It appears that this happens to me with all of my lens, so it might be my actual eye instead of the lens... 

Design ★★★★★
At first I thought the design was a bit plain but when I put them on I realised just how pretty it was! It's perfect for the everyday look as it blends so well with my natural eye colour. I love it!

I actually don't think that these lens are any bigger than my natural eye, so I'm going to give it a low score on that. They don't make my eyes look large and doll-like, but they definitely are pretty! The "lines" on the design make me look more awake and sparkly.

Overall ★★★★1/2
I am going to give them 4 and a half because I am in love with the design, but the comfort brings it down slightly. I would definitely order from Mukuchu again though because although it takes a while to receive the lens (as they do batch orders) it's definitely worth it. 

If you would like to purchase their lens - although they sell a lot more products than just lens, but lens are their speciality - then click here to be redirected to their website.
If you need Toric Lens because you, like me, have astigmatism, then click here!



  1. pretty eyes! whats your natural eye colour because they look so light.

  2. Oh my gosh, these lenses look so pretty on you! o: It looks so natural~

  3. perfect lenses for you!!! ♥ gorgeous!

  4. Gosh you are pretty ^^ These lenses are nice in the sense they give off that exotic look!

  5. The lenses are a bit plain but when you were them they look great! They really enhance your natural eye! That sucks that are irritating to careful then if they keep hurting your eyes!

  6. omg, these are absolutely gorgeous!!

  7. These look so natural on you :) So pretty.

  8. The design is my favorite thing about those lenses as well as that pretty color!

  9. Yes they really are lovely! My first pair of hazel lens ^^

  10. Thank you so much :D I love having a pair of natural lens!

  11. Awh thanks very much! Yeah I was worried that the design wouldn't show when I wore then, so I was very surprised!
    I'm going to try wearing them again but at short intervals to see if I could get used to them, but if they hurt I might have to avoid them... Hopefully it won't come to that though!

  12. They do don't they? I love them! :D

  13. The color looks some kind of greenish gold with your eyes which is really pretty!


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