Friday, 30 November 2012

Gal VIP Nov/Dec Issue Is Out!

Yay I'm so happy that this issue is out; it looks so amazing and I can say that we've definitely improved since the first one.
The lovely Rox is gracing the front cover of this issue! Isn't she gorgeous?

Click here to download it to see fantastic articles, and ofc lovely photos of me *cough*. The password is galvip109. Enjoy! 


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Last Glimpse of the Sun

Was totally not supposed to post this until tomorrow, but I pressed "publish" instead of "save" *facepalm*. Oh well!

Last week was probably the last week that we actually had pretty nice weather. I still froze my bleedin' ass off but it was lovely and sunny (was a bitch when I was driving as the sun went in my eyes quite a lot). So I took this chance to doll up because, for some strange reason, I love dolling up when it's sunny.

Unfortunately it was a bit of a waste dolling up as I was only outside my house for like, 4 hours because of uni but OH WELL I had fun anyway!

I'm really winter-fying my outfits right now because I'm just getting so fed up of wearing slouchy jumpers and jeans and generally being lazy! It's nice to wear something nice, tehe.


Saturday, 17 November 2012


*cough* totally not a reference to Loki *cough*
Okay so I'm pretty sure all of you have seen a particular Kawaii.i video (and if now here's the link!) but basically there was something that the gyaru said that completely caught my attention:

"Gyarus all wear whatever they want. For other fashion styles, you care about what people think about you... But Gyarus really wear the clothes they want to wear and have fun with their style."

May I just say amen to that?

When I first started gal I was really conscious about what I was wearing and whether or not it was gal; now I don't really give a crap because I want to wear clothes that make me feel good, not because it is gal. I mostly focus on my hair and makeup now - although I do admit that I need to up my game on the hair - because that's really what makes you gal. I see tons of gals even wearing hoodies (like oraora gals, for instance) and they look amazing! Look at Chie and Chika; they wear "casual" gal and they look a m a z i n g.

Obviously you would have to wear accessories and stuff so that the outfit doesn't seem lazy or boring, but still, we should wear what we want. The gaijin gal community is pretty harsh I have to say, but the truth is that if you are comfortable in what you're wearing and not forcing yourself to buy things just  because "they look gal", then I think that that's completely fine.



End of my rant/discussion. Over and out, ladies and gentlemen!


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Coords & Gets!

Not a very interesting title, but oh well!
Now that I'm back at uni I don't really have the time to doll up (I never did really because of work but... yeah) however I have been trying to dress up a little more! Been living in jeans and t-shirts way too much for the last couple of weeks because of the fact a) I was ridiculously tired and b) I didn't want to "waste time" and do as much uni work as possible while I was awake.

Here's a few of my coords that I wore last week! No makeup and hair skills obv, so ignore that part :P

Forever 21 sweater, BHS necklace, Reveal shorts, Select tights, Hidden boots

Sunday, 11 November 2012

I'm Singing Along Like There's No Tomorrow

Okay now that I haven't met up with anyone I actually have nothing to write about. 
Well, that's a lie really, because I'm writing a blog post right now... But it's only because I am taking a break from the endless uni work that has been given to me to complete in a measly four days. I'm quite excited about this project to be honest as I've been told to create a logo, letterhead, business card and compliment slip. 

But enough about uni work because I'm just so tired of it right now!

What I want to blog about today is my look for today. Like I said before I had been doing tons of uni work and normal work so I've been lazy and wore no makeup for a week. Seems like an age to me! I've been listening to a lot of Maroon 5 hence my choice of title~ It's from the song Ladykiller which is just so awesome.


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Meeting up with Charli!

My eyes are actually burning as I write this, and it's only 21:53 (well, now it's 19:04, as I write up my blog and then publish it a couple of days later).
There's just so much going on in my personal life that it's affecting me both mentally and physically; for the past few days I've been a walking zombie, and I swear that whenever someone is talking to me I just faze out so that they have to repeat everything that they say all over again. It's such a horrible feeling, but I just can't seem to think nor sleep well.

But enough of this depressing, personal stuff! I'm here to blog, and that is what I shall do for my beautiful readers.

After MCM Expo I arranged to meet my darling Charli again because I just missed hanging out with her so much! We're going to arrange to go Xmas shopping together in London sometime and just blow out all of our savings... It's going to be so good! I really can't wait.

My look of the day!


Friday, 2 November 2012

MCM Expo!

Second post in less than a week?! Looks like I’m back in the blogging mood!
Tell a lie; I haven’t actually done anything interesting until recently, hence why I have things to post about…

Last Saturday I went to my first ever MCM Expo event! I had been very ill last week and was so worried that I couldn’t make it, but on the Saturday morning I felt tons better. Lucky or what? So I phoned the ever so gorgeous Charli to tell her that I could actually make it, did my make and hopped onto the train to London! It took me a while to figure out how to get to the Excel Customs House but I followed some other guys who were going there.

I didn’t dress up or cosplay but I so wished I did because I felt slightly out of place. It took me and Charli like nearly two hours to get tickets to go in, but I saw loads of amazing cosplayers! Because there were so many people I unfortunately wasn’t able to take many photos ;_; Here are the photos I have taken though:

My look! Going really simple w/o contouring because I was all sniffly~
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