Tuesday, 20 November 2012

(Basic) Gyaru on the Go

It's a much better phrase than gyaru-when-you've-only-got-20-mins-spare-and-you-think-"oh-shit". I actually hope to do another one of this post because of how ridiculous I look in the photos, but I thought that I might as well share it even it was a last-minute thought! Plus I didn't really have enough time for photos either... Oh wells!

Sunday was the first day that I was free of both uni and normal work, so I asked my housemate if she wanted to come with me for a drive. We decided to leave at 11, and then I realised... Oh shit I don't know if I had enough time; I had to wash my hair, get dolled up, get dressed, have breakfast, check my emails, write this blog post... All from 9.30 until 11.00. Oh shit!

So I literally jumped out of bed and into the shower, and by 9.45 I was done (my hair is pretty damn long so it takes a while for me to wash it!) I quickly gathered all of my makeup and started doing the base. Now it was 9.50, but I told myself that I still had time.
By 10.10 I had done my makeup, and voila!

Okay not my best of makeup/photo wise, but you get my drift. Got better photos
later on!

BUT MY HAIR STILL LOOKED MESSY because it was still wet an' all, so I had to briefly dry it. Okay now I definitely know that I won't have time to completely dry and straighten my hair, so I just whipped it up into a side pony.

Now it's 10.16. Oh shit, I still didn't know what to wear! Checking the weather I went straight for the sweaters and chose this particular one that you could wear in two ways. I spent 3 minutes trying to decide which way to wear it (was wondering if I could swap it halfway in town or something so people would be like, "oh my god how did she do it?!" and I'd be like, "IT'S MAGIC" and oh shut up brain).

Tada! So (basic) makeup done, hair done, clothes done... Now it's half 10 and I still had to have breakfast! I skipped writing a blog post and managed to rush everything else right before 11. Woop woop!

Hope you enjoyed this post, and I shall apologise again how completely unorganised it is! I shall share much better pictures next time (probably next week, actually) when I redo this post!

Ciao for now, beautiful people.


  1. u r soooo cuteXD
    I want ur face<3 lol

  2. you did awesome for 20 mins! I would look a mess OTL

  3. Aha well I was in a rush ;D Might do this post again~


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