Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Coords & Gets!

Not a very interesting title, but oh well!
Now that I'm back at uni I don't really have the time to doll up (I never did really because of work but... yeah) however I have been trying to dress up a little more! Been living in jeans and t-shirts way too much for the last couple of weeks because of the fact a) I was ridiculously tired and b) I didn't want to "waste time" and do as much uni work as possible while I was awake.

Here's a few of my coords that I wore last week! No makeup and hair skills obv, so ignore that part :P

Forever 21 sweater, BHS necklace, Reveal shorts, Select tights, Hidden boots
West One sweater, Quiz jeans, Dorothy Perkins boots

New Look hat, Primark sweater, H&M skirt, Select tights, Dorothy Perkins boots

And now here are my gets! I went shopping the other day with J from uni, and spent - I kid you not - £40 in Primark! Crap, didn't expect to buy that much... It's because we don't have a Primark where I'm at so I took full advantage of it's cheap-ness :3
I have a huge thing for big knits at the moment, mainly due to the ridiculously cold weather! It's actually worrying me how cold it is... Because I didn't really have many winter-y clothes at all! So I was kind of glad I spotted the grey one from Primark and red from Select!

Obv. these aren't all of the items... But didn't really wanna
show my underwear to the whole world! 
I got this gorgeous coat from one of my friends who I always buy brand items from, for £15! How amazing is that? Sorry for the blurriness of the photo... But yeah it's so warm and nice to wear *_* At least I'm prepared if it snows or anything!

Here's me wearing it with my outfit from my last post:

I love it so much!
I also just recently - like today - bought this onesie! I had my eye on it for a time as I thought it definitely had an oraora look to it!

It's so comfy! *_*
That's all for now folks! Until next time~

P.S Here's a shoutout to Chaudie for helping me with this blog; to Bloomzy for explaining "real" blogging; and to the lovely River for always reblogging my photos on tumblr *_*



  1. love all of your coords! They look so great *_*!

  2. Woah, lot´s of cute coords! Love your new buys! I don't have a Primark near me either, but I believe there's one soon to come >w< Good luck at your uni!

  3. Such cute outfits girly! Your legs are so long :D Love your buys :3

  4. Wahh~ Cute coords! The coat you bought looks super warm~ >u< What a steal! c:

  5. Awh thanks so much :D
    And yes I am so so so happy with it!

  6. Awh thanks lady, you are too kind ^3^

  7. Thank you so much :D
    Aha Idk what I'll do without Primark <3
    Thank you! ^^

  8. so cute your jacket..:)

  9. I like the first and second pair of boots :) I miss winter already.

  10. Sorry,i can't access to ur blog. I was sooo busy(T_T)

    Ur oraora look is very nice!!(o゚▽゚)o
    Plz access 2 my blog(^-^)


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