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*cough* totally not a reference to Loki *cough*
Okay so I'm pretty sure all of you have seen a particular Kawaii.i video (and if now here's the link!) but basically there was something that the gyaru said that completely caught my attention:

"Gyarus all wear whatever they want. For other fashion styles, you care about what people think about you... But Gyarus really wear the clothes they want to wear and have fun with their style."

May I just say amen to that?

When I first started gal I was really conscious about what I was wearing and whether or not it was gal; now I don't really give a crap because I want to wear clothes that make me feel good, not because it is gal. I mostly focus on my hair and makeup now - although I do admit that I need to up my game on the hair - because that's really what makes you gal. I see tons of gals even wearing hoodies (like oraora gals, for instance) and they look amazing! Look at Chie and Chika; they wear "casual" gal and they look a m a z i n g.

Obviously you would have to wear accessories and stuff so that the outfit doesn't seem lazy or boring, but still, we should wear what we want. The gaijin gal community is pretty harsh I have to say, but the truth is that if you are comfortable in what you're wearing and not forcing yourself to buy things just  because "they look gal", then I think that that's completely fine.



End of my rant/discussion. Over and out, ladies and gentlemen!



  1. Hmmm, I saw this and I agree I think not caring what people think is of how you look is very important but at the same time, I disagree because how can something be an identifiable movement or look without certain rules and points to identify it - for instance, if you are not wearing any make up and your hair is undone and your in jeans and a t-shirt, I don't think that's Gyaru you just don't care what people think of you? Or maybe I'm wrong, I'm still a newbie.

  2. Same! I used to get so stressed because of what people thought about me, but now I'm like...Whatever.
    Yeah like I said above that the key things in gal - in my opinion - are the hair and makeup. So it doesn't really matter what you wear as long as you go big on those things and wear accessories then you should be fine! :3

  3. I think as long at you think you look cute or sexy or comfortable and confident than that's the most important thing! I think confidence is more important that anything. If you're confident you can pull anything off XD

  4. Wear what I want, wenever I want, how I want! Gyaru rule the woooorldd!! \( >ヮ<)/

  5. this this THIS SOOO MUCH!!!! XD clothes are still important but I've seen gals in sweats and still look gyaru because of their ovbious hair and makeup!

  6. Amen to that!
    That's what it's all about.
    (And most 'gals' seem to ignore that fact.. sad.)

  7. Yeah it really sucks D: Should all do what we want when it comes to clothing!

  8. Oh im not into Gyaru or anything but i did notice how girls keep saying "This/that is not gal" Like leave the fucking girls alone let them wear what they want its just clothes. Like not everyone needs to have just one style even people who arent gyaru have many different styles. Hell one day i look like im gothic and the next i can look like a damn princess if i wanted too lmao. Fuck what everyone saysss do what you want!

  9. OMG LOKI /fangasms How stunning is Tom Hiddleston? ;)

    Lol I'm so off topic OTL

    From an outsider's perspective, I always believed gyaru to be a carefree fashion though :)

    Visit my fashion/beauty blog at!

  10. Really needed this right now, Lizzie! <3 So encouraging in a fuck-it-all kind of way! <3

  11. Totally agree with this!

  12. Totally agree with this!

  13. Amen to this and that! AMEN!
    I don't think I'm anywhere near a gyaru, neither do I plan on becoming one anytime soon, but I do admire their style. And wow! I didn't know they weren't conscious of it because it almost always looks PERFECT.
    I agree with everything in this post and looking forward to more posts from you because I laff yu and yur posts ♥
    Do what you want cause the only person that really cares about what you look like is yourself.

  14. Woop woop!
    Yes the style is amazing :D I think it's just that the gaijin gyaru comm is a bit hard on everyone because it's dying out, so people want everyone to do their best to spread the word! Not that it's a bad thing to do your best, but it is difficult is everyone jumps at your throat when you do something wrong D:
    Awh you're so cute *_* Thank you! :D I think I have decided on which days to post now tehe~ Shall announce it this weekend! <3

  15. Awh well I am glad it's encouraging <3


    Yeah it is, it's just the gaijin gal comm is a bit hard on other people D:

  17. Eurgh totally agree with you! :D You're exactly like me~ I tend to go with whatever styles, but in gal :P
    WOOP WOOP ! You go girl!

  18. I agree! Amen to that! I used to be really big into gal a few years ago, but since having a baby my style has moved to the backburner. I'd really like to get into it again because I'm tired of feeling unstylish and blah....I stumbled across your lovely blog and I'm starting to feel that fire and passion in gyaru again ;D You are just lovely! I love your style :)

  19. Awh ;_; Well maybe you could take baby steps to get back into it? ^^
    You're so kind <3 I'm so happy to be an inspiration to you :D

  20. I'm definitely going to's time to start feeling like ME again! I miss feeling and looking cute. You're steps :3


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