Thursday, 22 November 2012

Last Glimpse of the Sun

Was totally not supposed to post this until tomorrow, but I pressed "publish" instead of "save" *facepalm*. Oh well!

Last week was probably the last week that we actually had pretty nice weather. I still froze my bleedin' ass off but it was lovely and sunny (was a bitch when I was driving as the sun went in my eyes quite a lot). So I took this chance to doll up because, for some strange reason, I love dolling up when it's sunny.

Unfortunately it was a bit of a waste dolling up as I was only outside my house for like, 4 hours because of uni but OH WELL I had fun anyway!

I'm really winter-fying my outfits right now because I'm just getting so fed up of wearing slouchy jumpers and jeans and generally being lazy! It's nice to wear something nice, tehe.

Shirt from Primark, Belt from Julia Boutique (gyaru sales),
tights from Select, shorts from Reveal, boots from Dorothy Perkins

May I say how much I love this belt? 
I'm going to start trying out new eye make techniques now because I'm just getting so bored with what I usually do D: So this is probably the last time you see me do this "casual" make! (Apart from my next Gyaru on the Go post, which shall be done relatively soon...)

'tis all for now, folks! Until next time.

Designed a new signature, woop woop! :D 



  1. I like your outfit! It's cute. Your belt is my favorite part of your outfit.

  2. The belt is so pretty!!

    Your eyemake is cute also.

  3. Your casual makeup is so cute, though~. o: (Gotta' say: 'full-on' gyarue make is even cooler, so I'll be jazzed to see more of it. 8) )

    Love that plaid top! (And the belt, of course: it's amazing!)

  4. Awh thank you so much :D Aha I've done full on before, but just not very recently ;_;
    Thank you so much :D

  5. Eurgh yes I'm in love with it! Thank you :D

  6. Your sense of style is always so amazing, Love the outfit :)

  7. Awh thank you! You are too kind :D <3

  8. Ahh~ Your outfits always look so nice on you .( * u*)/

  9. I rarely...and I mean RARELY ever get dolled up when I go to my college classes. I am just so lazy so lol you're better than me! But I can't wait to see that upcoming post about gyaru on the go make up ^ ^ Seems like an impossible task. You always look gorgeous omg > <

  10. Yeh that's the same for me normally... I just think it a waste of time D: Aha well I did one here before but my photos were shitty ;-;
    Awh thank you :D

  11. omg so pretty

    xoxo Wengie


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