Friday, 2 November 2012

MCM Expo!

Second post in less than a week?! Looks like I’m back in the blogging mood!
Tell a lie; I haven’t actually done anything interesting until recently, hence why I have things to post about…

Last Saturday I went to my first ever MCM Expo event! I had been very ill last week and was so worried that I couldn’t make it, but on the Saturday morning I felt tons better. Lucky or what? So I phoned the ever so gorgeous Charli to tell her that I could actually make it, did my make and hopped onto the train to London! It took me a while to figure out how to get to the Excel Customs House but I followed some other guys who were going there.

I didn’t dress up or cosplay but I so wished I did because I felt slightly out of place. It took me and Charli like nearly two hours to get tickets to go in, but I saw loads of amazing cosplayers! Because there were so many people I unfortunately wasn’t able to take many photos ;_; Here are the photos I have taken though:

My look! Going really simple w/o contouring because I was all sniffly~

Saw this adorable Pikachu in the queue! ^^
ZEROOOOOO! Omfg I love him <3

I also bought tons of sweets from Sushi Noms, a shop run by my friends Alex and Dominic! You should totally check out their webstore, and possibly like their fb page? ;D

After that I went off to go on a date with my beautiful boyfriend, and we had a Wagamama (of course)! We wanted to go to see Skyfall after that but London was so packed that it was impossible D: So we then headed back to my place but Skyfall was fully booked there too! In the end we just stayed at home watching Wall-E and drinking hot chocolate :P <3

Sorry for the really short post... My next post will be of my trip to London to meet Charli where I will have loads more photos :D So keep your eyes out for it!

Thanks for reading~


  1. LOOOVE YOUR OUTFIT<3 Them jeans *drools*

    I love seeing everyone in their costumes~ And I tasted japanese chocolate for the first time today~ It was strawberry filled and tasted like strawberry milk :3

  2. Hi! Im FRan, a spanish male fashion blogger.

    Maybe you like my looks and want to follow me...

  3. Really wish I could have made it, would have been awesome to meet you :)

    *q* All thoses sweets look delish!

  4. Awh it would've been lovely to meet you! And yes, the sweets are amazing ^^

  5. Awh thank you so so much >///<

    Ooh nice one! :D I so so so wanna buy more japanese sweets *_*


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