Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Meeting up with Charli!

My eyes are actually burning as I write this, and it's only 21:53 (well, now it's 19:04, as I write up my blog and then publish it a couple of days later).
There's just so much going on in my personal life that it's affecting me both mentally and physically; for the past few days I've been a walking zombie, and I swear that whenever someone is talking to me I just faze out so that they have to repeat everything that they say all over again. It's such a horrible feeling, but I just can't seem to think nor sleep well.

But enough of this depressing, personal stuff! I'm here to blog, and that is what I shall do for my beautiful readers.

After MCM Expo I arranged to meet my darling Charli again because I just missed hanging out with her so much! We're going to arrange to go Xmas shopping together in London sometime and just blow out all of our savings... It's going to be so good! I really can't wait.

My look of the day!

We first had to take our usual purikura, and I swear I have taken more puri with her than I have with my boyfriend (sorry ;_; <3). It was funny because we were so unprepared for the first set, and so we just had to take another! I have so much fun when taking puri, and we both agreed to meet up around once every 3 months. Hopefully that'll give me a reason to start saving so that I could spend it whenever we see each other.

Tom Hiddleston was on the puri machine! 
Our first attempt which was a bit of a fail!

After that she took me to this little Korean place (which is in fact called Little Korea, tehe). At first I wasn't sure what the food will be like as I ordered dumpling soup, gyoza and tofu, but it was delicious. Honestly, it makes me want to eat Asian food more often. I miss eating Chinese food everyday ;_;

That was all the time I had for my lovely Charli, but we both agreed that the next time we meet we'll go with no makeup and get up early to see each other~ This shall be challenging for me :P

This was my look and makeup for today:

Until next time, beautiful people <3



  1. Your hair and make up looks great! Glad you had fun with your friend :) The food looks super yummy and the pictures you girls took are so cute~

  2. Please take care of yourself!!
    Your make up is pretty as always and you both are really cute, the food looks awesome!

  3. Awh thank you <3 I shall do my best ^^

    Thank you :D Yes, Charli is absolutely adorable ^^ I can't wait to meet her again :D
    If you get a chance to go to London, I would recommend going there :3

  4. Awh thank you so much :D Yes I had lots of fun!

  5. Was so good seeing you guys

  6. Your hair is so shiny! *_* Hope you feel better soon. <3

  7. your skin looks so even :3 beautiful ^.^

    get well soon ;)


  8. Gorgeous as always! Your hair looks so healthy i ___ i <3 The both of you look so cute in your puri! And the food looks so tasty!

  9. Awh thank you so much >///<
    Aha yes it is! Which makes it so hard to actually style as it never stays ;_; <3
    Thank you so much :D Yes I loved the puri and the food! ^^

  10. Aww,I hope you'd feel better soon.

    It's nice that at least you had a great day :D

  11. thank you so much :D I hope so too! ^^

  12. hey you have a nice blog and you have awesome hair by the way!


  13. Yes it really was! :D I'm hoping to go to Hyper Japan next month (this month, rather)

  14. aww you look so beautiful in these pictures !

  15. You look so cute ^w^


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