Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Jeans Are Back In Town, Baby

Please don't ask about the title OTL

Now that winter is coming (the Stark words! If you read/watch Game of Thrones you'll understand what I'm on about) it's getting more and more difficult to look good without having a massive cold afterwards. I used to always feel so lousy in jeans, but because they kept me warm... Well, I didn't really care.
But now I've started to wear woollen tights and I think; hold on, what if you haven't got any woollen tights? What if it was way too cold? This brings me back to the thought of wearing jeans. 

It's so hard to look gal wearing jeans as most people find them too "casual", but I'm determined to make them work! So today I scrolled through tumblr, searched through all of my magazines, and have created some collages as a reference to me and - hopefully - for you as well!

Now off to do some more uni work~


Part of the Gaijin Gyaru Guide series!



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