Saturday, 29 December 2012

Sponsored Review: Hime Castle

After many months of debate I have finally decided that I'm going to post once a week, every Sunday! So now y'all have a day to look forward to reading my blog ;D

Please note that although this is a sponsored post, all of my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

Moving on, this post is sponsored by Hime Castle! They had emailed me asking if I was interested in a sponsorship, and I - of course - accepted. I had been eyeing their shop for quite a while and was really intrigued on their services and products!

I was quite surprised when I received their package, as I didn't know what they were going to send me! Was it going to be clothing, cosmetics, a wig... I was so excited but I took care when opening it.

Packaging ★★★★★
The item came in a sort of bag which (in my personal opinion) is a lot better as they fit much better in my letterbox. There was a cute little card alongside the item as well.

I just love how elegant the type is!


I didn't put it on until much later because I wanted to prepare my coord to make it look as pretty as possible. My initial thought to when I wore it was WHAT IS THAT COLDNESS ON MY BACK OMAGAAAAH IT'S SO COLD but then I realised it was actually the chain. Whoops. I made sure not to move that much until the chain got "warmer" and afterwards it was fine.


Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Merry Xmas, Take Two

Xmas is the time to spend with your family so for the whole day I found myself scoffing K's beautiful cupcakes that she made and lounging around in my pjs before I actually decided to get off my ass and doll up.
If it had been any other Xmas I would've been as excited as any other person on Xmas day but I just wasn't feeling it. But it was still nice to spend some time with the ones I loved.

In my last post you may have already seen my LOTD, but here are some more photos that I have to share with you :D


Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Xmas Everyone!

I shouldn't be writing this post right now because I should be helping my mum out with the Xmas dinner but... I WANTED TO GIVE YOU ALL MY LOVE and hope that y'all have a wonderful Xmas! :D

Here's me in my onesie; I shall write a better post later on when I have time ^^

I love you all so very much <3 And never take things for granted, especially the ones you love <3

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Treading Water

Wow okay this was totally not supposed to happen, but I just found myself with nothing to do and I thought: why don't I doll up? It's been ages since I've done so so I thought I'd give it a shot. As you may or may not already know that I haven't really had any quality time to myself as I've been doing lots of uni work - so it was nice to just relax and do nothing all day!

But because I haven't been blogging in so long or taking a break from my work (apart from yesterday's post) I found myself treading water; I'm not really going anywhere but I'm still trying to get through all of these barriers that are like waves crashing over me. I'm at loss of what to do and I just want to sit back and not have to worry about anything.

The thing is that I want to do my absolute best at getting the grades needed at uni to be a successful designer, and I'm just dying to get there.

Anyway, enough of this rambling and onto the photos! I'm going to do gal around once a week to keep me going for the #dandie challenge on instagram! #dandie is basically a gyaru tag game to where Danyy and Chaudie try to do our best gal look and post it in instagram. Anyone who wants more exposure to other gals are welcome to participate, and it's created by the lovely Chaudie and Danyy :D


Saturday, 15 December 2012

I Feel Like A Chameleon; My Gyaru Wardrobe

I'm still not sure where I'm heading style-wise, and when a friend asked which style I would like to go for I replied: "I'm a bit of a chameleon when it comes to gyaru; I tend to like and wear all styles."

And it's true; I really do like all of the substyles of gyaru that I just can't stick to one! It's a bit annoying though because then I'm spending loads of money on different kind of clothes rather than saving up and buying only those that fit the substyle that I'm in. Guess I can't really help it.

But I need to stop buying clothes! It's crazy how much I lurk on gyaru sales to find items that I want to get my hands on even though I really shouldn't be spending. To help myself out a little bit I went along and gathered all of the clothes that I thought were gyaru-suitable and have taken pictures to show y'all 
my gyaru wardrobe!


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Penny For Your Thoughts

Hey guys!
So it's time for me to do another poll on what you lovely readers want to see on my blog, and what I could possibly improve on!

Please leave your comments below if you can think of any improvements as I would love to hear your thoughts.

That's all for now, ladies and gentlemen :3


Sunday, 9 December 2012

And So The Clock Keeps On Ticking

Well, hello stranger. It's been a while hasn't it?
I'm so sorry that it has been so long since I've last posted but I'm being overloaded in uni work. These past couple of weeks consisted of uni work, sleep, and work... I haven't worn makeup since because I keep thinking, "Oh well if I do makeup that means I need to get up earlier to do it, or I could get up early and do work at that time". It's so frustrating! ><

Anyway so the last time I dolled up was when my boyfriend came over to visit me; we hardly see each other because of the distance so I'm always happy when I see him! <3

Got all dressed up before uni~ And to my surprise I wasn't freezing my ass off even with those tights... I was ever so good because I didn't actually have to go to uni as my lecturers weren't in BUT I DID ANYWAY.

Not that I did much work, mind.

Aherm, so yeah. Onto the "real" photos...
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