Sunday, 9 December 2012

And So The Clock Keeps On Ticking

Well, hello stranger. It's been a while hasn't it?
I'm so sorry that it has been so long since I've last posted but I'm being overloaded in uni work. These past couple of weeks consisted of uni work, sleep, and work... I haven't worn makeup since because I keep thinking, "Oh well if I do makeup that means I need to get up earlier to do it, or I could get up early and do work at that time". It's so frustrating! ><

Anyway so the last time I dolled up was when my boyfriend came over to visit me; we hardly see each other because of the distance so I'm always happy when I see him! <3

Got all dressed up before uni~ And to my surprise I wasn't freezing my ass off even with those tights... I was ever so good because I didn't actually have to go to uni as my lecturers weren't in BUT I DID ANYWAY.

Not that I did much work, mind.

Aherm, so yeah. Onto the "real" photos...

Primark scarf, Select sweater, Reveal shorts, Primark tights, eBay necklace, Dorothy Perkins boots

After uni I went and picked up my boyf from the station and we had a KFC! Eurgh I miss that crap food so much... I don't know how they do it but I just wish I had KFC everyday (maybe not EVERYDAY but... A few days a week). Afterwards we went to Wagamama, as per. I ordered a chicken itame but it turned out horribly wrong because I forgot to tell them to not include any mushrooms, so I spent a good part of my time just picking out little bits of horrible grey stuff so it wasn't a very enjoyable meal for me ;_;

I made an owl with my hands, tehe!
The boyf then treated me by buying a crap load of sweets and chocolate, and we watched Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland whilst eating popcorn! This was actually a win/win situation as I was researching on Tim Burton for my uni project *facepalm*. 

I did plan on going to Hyper Japan on Saturday but I had work until 2 and so by the time I got ready and things it would've been too late... Plus it was pissing it down outside anyway so I was glad I didn't go. Instead we went to see Skyfall at the cinema and it was still pretty busy there! We popped into a cute little pub beforehand and I had some lasagne.

The dessert was so yummy but oh so sickly after a while D:
Skyfall was actually a really good movie but incredibly long so my bum felt so numb afterwards. I swear they really don't want to make you comfortable in those cinema seats >_> plus we were sat in front of some posh family who were going on about how they were able to bring in champagne back in ye ol' days and how "awfully splendid" it was that there was a restaurant in the odeon. Oh dear. 

OMFG SUNDAY WAS IMMENSE purely because it took us two hours to drive to a place 30 minutes away. Wanna know why? BECAUSE I WENT THE WRONG F*CKING WAY BECAUSE OF THE STUPID F*CKING SATNAV. Aherm. At least I had some motorway experience! And I managed to do some Xmas shopping ;D

That's all for today! 'xcuse the rambling, it's been ages since I've blogged... Shall blog better next time!

One last picture of my legs.. Just because. 



  1. Omg why u so pretty :O Lovin the outfit! <3

  2. Hey ♥ So good to read a post from you again. When I saw the first picture of the tights I was like "omg omg where did she get these?" and yay you posted that they are from Primark. I should check if Primark still has them. Your legs are gorgeous dear!! And I love kfc too. Yummy food *-* And thanks again for giving me such a nice welcome in the Uk gyaru fb group haha if you remember ♪ Its Kerstin hehe ♥

  3. Awh why thank you! :D
    Yes they are from Primark~ Although they break really easily! Already got a ladder up this one and I've only worn them twice ;_;
    Thank you so much :D The only part of me I'm proud of lololol.
    Yes KFC is so glorious and yummy *_*
    Aha no problemo! I'm always here to help if you need it ^^

  4. Jojo evilchocobunny9 December 2012 at 22:54

    This outfit really suits you! ^^ and still jealous of the primark tights! there's no primark near my place unfortunately T.T which bottomlashes are you wearing? ^O^

  5. Cute code! Especially love the jumper uggggh I am so hot for knitwear! *has too much already* But booo, you should've come to Hyper Japan! D:<

  6. You're really pretty! Especially in the first picture haha ;D
    Such nice long legs, I'm jealous :O <3

  7. That first pic legitimately scared me shitless lmao!

  8. Aha I'm just SO SEXY BRAH ;D
    Thank you so much! :3 <3

  9. Thanks very much! :D
    Yeah me too~ WANT MOAR DAMMIT. Sucks so much ;_; It's so cold nowadays!
    I was but it was pissing it down and I was working so I would've missed most of it anyways ;_;

  10. Awh thank you doll :D
    Dang that sucks so much! ;_;
    I'm wearing Princess Eye ^^


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