Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Me & My New Lover

(totally breaking my own rules here by posting on a day other than Sunday OTL)

The other day I was just cooking dinner when I heard a knock on the door; who could that be? I wondered, because no one really came round knocking at that time...
When I opened the door it was the postman! I was incredibly surprised because I hadn't been expecting any post, and he carried quite a large box with my name on it. I was tres confused because I didn't order anything in ages... But I took it anyway.

So I opened up the packet and there was this mysterious wrapping inside...

Still so tres confused, I saw that there was a little note attached to it.


Sunday, 27 January 2013


After quite a long time of wanting to do this, I'm finally writing up my FAQ/Q&A post!
These are the questions I have collected throughout my blog, Tumblr, FB, etc. that people have asked quite a lot of the time so I can just redirect people to this post when the same question has been asked again. 

How tall are you?

I'm 165.5cm (so I'm actually quite short).

How did you find Gyaru? When did you start dressing it?

I found Gyaru purely through Google; I used to like Lolita (but never really dressed it) and I wanted to look for something similar that was more wearable. That's when I found Hime Gyaru and a couple of days afterwards I discovered all of the other substyles of Gyaru. That's when I started dressing Gyaru-kei and went on to experiment with lots of different styles. So I guess I started dressing it like a couple of months after finding it, and also when I started this blog!

What other styles of Gyaru do you like?

I'm a bit of a style chameleon when it comes to Gyaru as I find that I pretty much like all of the styles. If I did have to choose one, however, my main style would definitely be agejo. 

Would you ever try Manba?

It's not really my thing so no I don't think I will. I know some people who rock it but in my personal opinion that style has died down to be replaced by a more updated version, tsuyome/96GAL.

What inspires you in Gyaru?

When I first found Gyaru I was immediately in awe of their massive eyes and beautiful lashes, and when I learnt that it was just circle lens and false lashes. I have “typical Asian”  lashes where they point downwards so they never ever curl, and I was jealous of my sister who had gorgeous long ones so false lashes really helped me out.

I also really like the way Gyarus carry themselves and I longed for that same confidence! I’ve still got quite a bit to go but I’m getting there.

What lashes do you normally wear?

This keeps changing according to how I feel but my favourites are Twinkle Lash Sexy Eye and Ageha for uppers. My taste in lowers keep changing too but I always fall back on Decorative Lash Sexy Eye (which is now gone forever *sobs*) when I can't decide on what to wear.

What are your favourite Gyaru brands?

MA*RS is a definite favourite and is the only brand that I like despite my many style changes. I also like Liz Lisa to get my himekaji fix, and "normal" brands like Miss Selfridge, Boohoo and Missguided.

What makeup products do you normally use?

I showed my current favourites in this post here: "What's In My Makeup Bag?" However I will be updating this very soon.

Are you in a Gyaru-sa? Are there any in the UK?

I sure am! Myself and my friend Amber have co-founded QueenE gyarusa, which consists of the lovely Kei, Rachel and Laura. We've had a few meets together since forming our circle, and you can read our first ever meetup here.

Got any more questions to ask me? Feel free to send me a message to my Facebook Page, or even my Twitter

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Going to be doing a Q&A post!

Hey guys!
So today I was initially going to doll up and do a lens review for Mukuchu, when I saw this has happened to my eye.

Yep, it's pretty messed up.

It just feels so sensitive and like the skin is kinda' scratchy, like when you have scraped your arm or something. I think it's tiredness combined with the weather as my skin gets really dry with all of the heating & the freezing cold outside. It sucks so much! Gonna' put some moisturiser and hope for the best.

So instead I might just post an FAQ post tomorrow! So please ask any questions you want to ask by either commenting on this post, messaging me on my Facebook page, or dropping an ask on my tumblr.

Thank you so much! :D Looking forward to reviewing all of your questions~


Monday, 21 January 2013

Hakuna Matata

The last couple of days have truly been horrible; as I mentioned in my last post I have been a bit ill, and to top it all off there was a sudden shower of snow that really didn't improve my mood. So now I'm cold with a cold, haha! I haven't been able to do anything blogging-wise as I have been so overloaded by uni work, but now that I have some spare time and a cup of hot chocolate in hand, I think I can manage.

2012... It was a year filled with ups and downs, and I feel like I have changed into a completely different person. My style has slowly changed to the agejo side, ditching the rokku that I had adopted at the beginning of the year. I still haven't really settled into a style and I have realised that I actually like flitting in between them all (which is a first as I used to always want to just to one particular style FOREVER).

Here's a collection of all of my coords!


Sunday, 13 January 2013

Royal Order & Gal Meet

Is it too late for me to say, "Happy New Year!" ? 
I only just realised that I hadn't said it in my previous post, so please forgive me for such belated greetings! I hope you've all had a fantastic Xmas and New Years, and that many of you are working on your resolutions ;D

I am getting used to doing this posting-on-a-Sunday malarky, but it means that I have lots to write about! (That's if anything interesting has happened) This post will be about two things; Royal Order and the Gal Meet!

Yes I am now in a gal circle! Established in August 2012, Royal Order ♛ is made up of five members to complete a close knit nago-cir located in the UK. We haven't been able to announce it sooner because of unforeseen circumstances, but now we are finally out in the open!

Our members are: Myself, Amelie, Jada, Bunny and Charli! Here's our Facebook & Tumblr

To celebrate, we held a Gyaru meet to go New Years shopping in London to get all of the sales! Unfortunately there wasn't much to buy as shops were basically putting very yucky clothes on sale when all of the pretty ones were tres expensive. How annoying!
I also couldn't find anything because I'm now so used to buying things online that I didn't actually bother looking around. Whoops. But I had a fantastic time anyway! :D

My make!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Gyaru Romantic Makeup Tutorial!

Et voila, here is the long-awaited makeup tutorial done by the lovely moi ("makeup tutorial?" "Ah oui").
I've been getting quite a few people asking me to create an eye makeup tutorial so I thought, why not? I had taken these photos quite a while back and didn't really want them to gather dust, so I neatened the edges and created a picture makeup tutorial. The reason I've done a picture one rather than a YouTube video is purely because I really don't know how to take makeup videos without obscuring part of my eye. I am really amazed at how people do it!

Now that I've decided on a day to post, I'm finding it really hard to choose what to post! I still have to create one on my New Years Resolutions, and then I've got a gal meet that I went to yesterday to talk about as well. 
Kind of makes me think whether or not I should post twice a week but I know that uni work is gonna' make that really hard to do. Ho hum pigs bum!

Anyway I hope you like this tutorial and find it useful!

Lizzie Bee xx / facebook / tumblr / twitter / instagram / bloglovin'
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