Saturday, 26 January 2013

Going to be doing a Q&A post!

Hey guys!
So today I was initially going to doll up and do a lens review for Mukuchu, when I saw this has happened to my eye.

Yep, it's pretty messed up.

It just feels so sensitive and like the skin is kinda' scratchy, like when you have scraped your arm or something. I think it's tiredness combined with the weather as my skin gets really dry with all of the heating & the freezing cold outside. It sucks so much! Gonna' put some moisturiser and hope for the best.

So instead I might just post an FAQ post tomorrow! So please ask any questions you want to ask by either commenting on this post, messaging me on my Facebook page, or dropping an ask on my tumblr.

Thank you so much! :D Looking forward to reviewing all of your questions~



  1. Get well soon :) just close your eyes and listen to music in bed! Hope it gets better soon! I have a question: what's your favorite brand of makeup?

  2. Get well soon~ And your eyes are such a pretty colour!

  3. that happened for me too... it's really irritating! eye cream and moisturizer is your best friend in this case.. it happened to me because of too often use of fake lashes :-( uurgh

  4. It sucks so much! D: I haven't worn makeup for like 3 weeks or something... Like I don't know why it's done that D:

  5. Thank you so much! That sounds like a perfect day aha <3

    Ooh shall include that in my Q&A :D

  6. Awh thanks <3 It sucks so much D:

  7. your natural eye colour is beautiful! hope it gets better real quick for you :)

  8. That looks bad =[ Hope it gets better soon! If it doesn't go check it out with your doctors (: <3

  9. Why thank you so much! :D I hope it gets better too ^^

  10. Ikr? Eurgh. The skin is all horrible and sore ;_; Thanks doll <3


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