Monday, 21 January 2013

Hakuna Matata

The last couple of days have truly been horrible; as I mentioned in my last post I have been a bit ill, and to top it all off there was a sudden shower of snow that really didn't improve my mood. So now I'm cold with a cold, haha! I haven't been able to do anything blogging-wise as I have been so overloaded by uni work, but now that I have some spare time and a cup of hot chocolate in hand, I think I can manage.

2012... It was a year filled with ups and downs, and I feel like I have changed into a completely different person. My style has slowly changed to the agejo side, ditching the rokku that I had adopted at the beginning of the year. I still haven't really settled into a style and I have realised that I actually like flitting in between them all (which is a first as I used to always want to just to one particular style FOREVER).

Here's a collection of all of my coords!

Okay so I have noticed that I really do like placing my hand on my hip in outfit shots, and that I wear my black shorts nearly all of the time. It's strange that I haven't really worn jeans that much this year... Well, in these photos anyway.
There aren't any major changes apart from the addition of brand items to my wardrobe! And shifting from OTK socks to suspender tights. So what's your favourite coord out of all 24? I can't really decide!

And to present my looks of 2012... I have created a brand and spanking new Gyaru Improvement Meme! Remember the one I made back in 2011? Well, I decided to give it a bit of an upgrade. Click here to see my post on the reasons why I developed it, and also to download the newer version.
For the old version, click here.

Oh and this reminds me... Yes, it's on the Gal VIP website! So you get a bit extra out of the magazine ;D Please check us out for regular updates <3

After looking at this I'm definitely going to try out more dramatic make and hairstyles! Haven't really improved that much ;_; Kinda' depressing OTL

Even though the end of 2012 turned sour after losing one of the most important things in life, I had lots of good moments: being with my boyfriend for nearly 3 years now (I love him lots <3), my sister staying over at mine for the weekend; meeting up with more gals; going into London a lot more; hosting my first giveaway; buying my first wig; and basically just stepping into new areas that I never thought I'd try out. I've breached out a bit from my comfort zone, and realised just how fragile life is.

That's why I came to realise that we mustn't waste a single second of everyday. That's why I have decided that one of my resolutions is to live life to the absolute max! Have those lazy days, spend time with friends and family... And never waste a minute lying around feeling that you'll never get to that place you wanna be at in future, do something about it!

My other resolutions/goals include:
  • Getting together a portfolio 
  • Concentrating more on uni work
  • Time management - separate uni, work and social time equally! 
  • Try out new things - hairstyles, makeup, graphic design stuff...
  • Spending more time with the people I love
  • Save up more!
  • Take better photos
My resolutions, compared to last years, are more focused on uni work and less on Gyaru. This is because I realised the importance of uni work - maybe slightly later than expected - and wanna' put all of my effort towards my work! I love Gyaru, I really do, but in 2012 I made the mistake of going too "deep" into it. 

Okay I guess that's all for today's post! I'm not too sure what to do next week now, hmm.



  1. 6, 21 and 22 are my favourite coords I think >:3 hehe
    But you look lovely in all your outfits!
    Girrrl you so beautiful!
    I hope you are feeling better soon (T^T) <3

  2. I love number 12, those colors are so cute<3 oh, and can I please have your legs? xD
    I hope that 2013 will be a better year for you<3

  3. I agree, it is really important to think about ones university work, before I moved I so often went to school without makeup(just couldn't wake up at 6 for it....:s)
    But on other notes I really like you outfits and I love your makeup for November in the meme(and also the hair). That makeup and hairstyle together really suit you so well!^^
    Keep up the good work! <3


  4. Yeaah~ I would prefer to get my extra sleep too tehe :P So I totally agree with you!
    Awh thank you! Yeah November was my favourite month as well ^^ Thank you so much :D <3

  5. Ooh thank you so much doll! :D <3 I wanna try Hime gyaru again *_*
    Thank you <3

  6. Ooh thank you! Hoping to wear 6 again but jazz it up a bit more! ^^
    Thank you so much guuuuuurl <3 You too cute! :3
    Thank yoou <3333

  7. Youve made some good progression in your style, I think youve really settled on what you want to acheive from gyaru :D
    But good for you for making sure your education comes first!

  8. Jesus Lizzie thats Some hell lot of outfit shots :D
    I really like it :)

    Don't know much about Gyaru styles, but you look great, so i will just wish you a huge Get well soon, and I hoped you had a splendid newyear :) <3


  9. I like co-ord 12 + 24 Best! :D But I really like Ma*rs and pastels so that explains those. Good luck with your new resolutions/goals as well!

  10. All of your coords are so lovely <3 And you've definitely improved in becoming a gyaru! Your March look is gorgeous! :D

    Oh and just so you know, the link to your twitter on your sidebar doesn't work! :>

  11. great outfits..
    u look so lovely with those pictures...
    i want your long legs.. LOL

  12. Gorgeous ootds!! >w< Ah, you're so slim, I'm jealous!
    And good luck on your resolutions - I'll make sure to work hard on mine! ^w^

  13. Thank you so much! :D Aha, no need to be jealous, it gets annoying sometimes ^^
    Ooh good luck with yours too! :D

  14. 6 is my favorite :D you have so many cute coords though I was sitting here for a good minute trying to decide. Damn near made my bum go numb :o lawl!

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