Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Me & My New Lover

(totally breaking my own rules here by posting on a day other than Sunday OTL)

The other day I was just cooking dinner when I heard a knock on the door; who could that be? I wondered, because no one really came round knocking at that time...
When I opened the door it was the postman! I was incredibly surprised because I hadn't been expecting any post, and he carried quite a large box with my name on it. I was tres confused because I didn't order anything in ages... But I took it anyway.

So I opened up the packet and there was this mysterious wrapping inside...

Still so tres confused, I saw that there was a little note attached to it.

Yes, my darling boyfriend bought me a surprise present! *_*
It really was surprise because he didn't mention anything about buying me something, so I literally ripped it open and saw that he had bought me a Thorin plush! <3 I'm madly in love with anything LOTR and The Hobbit wise as The Hobbit was my favourite childhood book, so I was extremely happy to have this!

But, unfortunately, we grew deeply and madly in love with each other. Sorry Stef but we couldn't keep it a secret any longer! We're going to elope this very night!

Ahahaha ;D

So yes this is my new lover. ISN'T HE SO MAJESTIC?!

Aherm, on another note, I had to stick with dolling up with my glasses because my eye still hasn't healed - and makeup REALLY isn't helping it but oh well - and I had a problem with my lens so I wanted to let my eyes breathe a bit. It was annoying how I had my face right up against the mirror just so I could apply my eye makeup because obv I couldn't do that with my glasses on -_- I have the worst eyesight ever, I swear.

I am pretty glad I dolled up in the end because it really has lifted up my mood a lil' bit, even though I had to wear glasses & no circle lens!

Top: Primark Sweater: West One Shorts: Primark Tights: Shop in China Boots: Dorothy Perkins Accessories: Muse
Belt: Yumentebo via Gyaru Sales

But yesh. Can't wait until I can wear my circle lens again! :3 Or even lens in general.

That's all for now! Yes me and my darling are going to get married this very evening so if you wanna send over wedding gifts then please leave them with the unicorn messenger. Ta.




  1. Aha why thank you <3 Eurgh I know, was so surprised! I was like: I swear I didn't order anything o_o

  2. AWWW! This is really cute of him!! Such a cute boyfriend you have!
    And you look so cute and adorable - love this post!! xD

  3. thank you ! lucky you, you're beautiful with glasses too !

  4. Aha Ikr? It was such an amazing surprise!
    Thank you so much! I'm so happy that you like it :D Makes me wanna do more random ones tehe~

  5. Haha aww you and your lover look like a darling pair :D And you look good with glasses, I just got a new pair myself from my bf's job :D

  6. Aww such a sweet surprise!
    I've never seen any of the lotr films but I love his beard XD

  7. Aw that's so cute (: LOTR <3
    And I totally love your shorts +_+

  8. Aha yes I love LOTR <3 Wish Thorin was in it though ;_; Guess I'll have to stick to The Hobbit for now ;D
    Thanks so much! :3 I can't believe I haven't worn them until now o_o

  9. Ikr? I was so happy *_*
    Ahahaa you should watch them! They're awesome <3 I watched all of the extended versions the other week :P

  10. Aha why thank you ;D
    Thanks so much! I use to hate wearing them but they're growing on me... Oooh! I wanna see! :3

  11. Aww that's so sweet of him! And I'm loving the belt, it suits the whole outfit! <3

  12. soooooo sweet! and your new lover is handsome! lol you look so gorgeous hun ^ ^

  13. Aha he is gorgeous isn't he ;D
    Thank you so much doll :D

    Aha Ikr? I was so surprised, and so happy!
    Thank you so much :D I've fallen completely in love with it <3

  15. I will be sure to make a blog post about it soon once I get the chance :) & you're welcome!


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