Wednesday, 27 February 2013

‘Cause I’m on top of the world, ‘ay

(wow this is a really late post... nearly 10pm! Has to be my latest one yet)

Some of you may/may not know that I have finally discovered my style... Agejo!
It's all thanks to MA*RS really; if I hadn't started buying MA*RS then I wouldn't know how much I would fall in love with the brand and the style, so much that I actually want to do agejo for real. I always liked agejo but I was a bit scared of it and that it would never ever suit me. But I guess it never hurt to try it out!

I'm not going to wear MA*RS everyday because I haven't got a lot of MA*RS items, and MA*RS is an extremely expensive brand so I'll probably be broke for the rest of my life, aha. I'm going to dabble in other brands to help me build up my wardrobe because it'll be boring just to stick with MA*RS (beautiful as it is) so I'm going to look for GOLDS Infinity and also at stores near me. Stockings, cute handbags, heels, accessories... Anything that doesn't break the bank really! 

I'll probably talk more of my goals and things in a future post or even in small posts on Tumblr... Not too sure just yet. 

Anyways, enough of that, here's my most recent coord! I went to Cosmo with my family and decided to doll up for it :3

Dress: MA*RS, Necklace: DiDepux, Earrings: Muse,
Stockings: Primark, Heels: Dorothy Perkins
There has been a few discussions floating around about wearing no circle lens... So here I've not worn any lens to prove that you can still be gal without them! :D

Please ignore how tired my eyes are! Had a really early start and long drive ;_;
Upper Lashes: Jewerich no.2
Lower Lashes: Diamond Lash Baby Eye
Ooh I've also downloaded an app on my phone that lets me create collages! Here's one of my look and my full coord as well as makeup :D

And a final picture of me and my sis :D <3

Oh yeah you know how I said I wouldn't spend for around a month? Yeah, that didn't work out so well. I went along and bought another MA*RS dress that is due to arrive soon. I can't wait *_*

Anyways I guess that's all I have for today! My eye has been messing up - again - but I still have a few posts lined up for you all ;D



  1. You look so perfect!! (^uu^) <33 Really happy that you have found your style <33 You look just flawless in MA*RS (*uu*) <33

  2. you look so pretty! agejo suits you well^^ I agree that wearing ma*rs everyday isn't really possible buying some basic items and combine them with ma*rs is good I think. btw I didn't notice you were not wearing lenses in these pics ;o wish I had your eyes ToT

  3. Awh thanks Jojo! :D You're too kind <3
    Yes! I have only one MA*RS skirt though so I might buy more skirts so that I can wear them with basic tops or something ^^
    Ahaha magic ;D Awh thank yoou <3 They look okay in some photos, but horrid in others ;_;

  4. Awh thanks bby *_* <33
    Yes I'm so happy too! :D I love agejo so much~
    Thank yoou >///< <3 <333

  5. Agejo really suits you :D
    I think its a nice balance between hime and rokku which I know you like too!
    Im looking forward to seeing more outfits from you in this style~~

  6. (*3*) You look sooo pretty!
    You make me wanna get a ma*rs dress >:3 haha~ I might have to invest sometime! >:D
    (TwT) You just rock it so well~

  7. Awh thanks bby >///<
    Ahahaha yes maybe we could twin! <3

    Thank you so much *_* I'm so happy you think so. Can't wait to be a "real" agejo gal... Need to build up the wardrobe a bit though ;_;

  8. Thanks so so much! :D
    Yes I love them both too~ And you're right... The stuff from Black Ageha has some rokku elements but also Hime which is awesome *_*

    Thank you so much :D

  9. >:3 omg yes! hahaha <3
    No worries (*3*) you're already so amazing!

  10. The dress is cute!! Though I like Ma*rs style and pieces, I don't think I'll ever get any for myself though, I don't think it suits me :P

  11. Aww your outfit looks super cute!! <3 x3

  12. Yay! I can't wait for you to start dabbling into Agejou/Hostess hair

  13. Agejo looks perfect on you! <3

    I think it depends on the person whether or not you have to wear contacts- I have quite wide open eyes with smallish (IMO) irises, so putting on dramatic makeup with no lenses looks weird. XD It works fine for you, though!

  14. Yes me neither! I am going to take it slow though, as my hair skills are minimal ;_;

  15. Awh thank yoou ^3^
    Aha well I'm sure MA*RS will suit you ;D It suits everybody! It's such a pretty brand *_*

  16. Uwaah you're too cute *_* <333 LOVE YOOOU! <3

  17. I think this style really suits you! Not just look-wise but also personality wise because your personality has always felt really agejo to me. It'll be interesting to see you with big hair! I've watched a few tutorials on youtube lately actually~ PS I'm going to Cosmo for a meal tonight! Going to much on lots of seaweed :3

  18. Thank you so much! I'm so happy that you think so :D Maybe it was meant to be ahahaha~`
    Yes I can't wait either *_* Can't wait to try it out. Oooh lemme know of some good tutorials please? It's so hard to find any ;_;

    Have fun! :D

  19. マリアナ 新谷28 February 2013 at 17:28

    OMG your dress *--*

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  21. It's great when you finally find a style that suits you! I'm sure you'll look great in Agejo! <3

    I also have a GOLDS INFINITY dress I might sell since the cups can't contain my bodacious-ness... Maybe I'll send you a picture of it? :3

  22. It's great that you finally settled down with a style (: It suits you anyways doll <3 haha I agree with it being expensive >__< and you don't need circle lens! Your eyes are already a lovely colour ~

  23. Yes I am so happy! It's a style I love so ^^
    Awh thanks very much :D You're too kind! <3 Ahaha I just love lens really *_*

  24. Awh thanks so much! :D <3
    Ooh please show! :3

  25. Here's the seller's picture of it. I look nasty in it so I'll just show you what it looks like not-on-me.

  26. Aaah so pretty *_* But I'll have to say no as I just bought a dress and can't spend anymore ;_; <3


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