Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year guys!
I know that it was in fact three days ago but thought I'd better say it late then never ;D

My boyfriend came down to see me for the weekend so we celebrated both Valentines and Chinese New Year! We decided not to get each other anything for Valentines because it'll be our third year anniversary in March~ So we're saving up for money for then :P I can't believe it'll be three years! *_*

Friday and Saturday were spent watching Sherlock - yes I have converted him to be a Sherlockfan ;D -  because I had uni and then work on Saturday, but on Sunday I drove over to the Wing Yip and bought loads of Chinese food! It's been too long <3 I bought tons of dumplings and mantou... I think it might last me for quite a while ;D I was going to take photos but didn't really have the time.

In the evening we went out to Cosmo! We were originally going to go to this other place but we realised that we had booked it at another city because the website didn't state that it wasn't in our hometown >< But Cosmo was still really nice! It's much smaller than the one in my hometown but the food was delicious. I took full advantage of the Eton Mess ;D

Woo added some filters tehe ;D 

I wore my complete MA*RS set and my new necklace! I was going to wear the bracelet but it's slightly - ever so slightly - too big so I need to find a way to adjust that ><

I wasn't too sure if it was okay to wear this because it started snowing, again. Eurgh I thought that I had finally escaped the snow and rain but HELL NAW.

Set: MA*RS
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Jewellery: Muse and Di Depux

Upper lashes: Jewerich no.2
Lower lashes: Beauty Eye by Diamond Lash

Me & my boyfriend <3

Okay so I guess that's all for now! Hope you all had a brilliant New Year :D I did!



  1. You look gorgeous! Sounds like you had a great time :D!

  2. Awh thanks doll :D And yes I did! ^^

  3. Happy late Chinese New Year and happy early Valentines day to you! You and your bf have been together for so long, congrats on making it with him this far! :D

  4. Awh thanks! And the same to you :D
    Thank you so much <3 I can't believe it's already going to be three years! *_*

  5. You look beautiful *^* I love the outfit and your makeup *^*

  6. I was addicted to Mantou because of my boyfriend he is Chinese so he always brings those food XD Our 3th anniversary is in June ^^. I really like your necklace!! And your lenses and your face :).


  7. It's so yummy *_* I love the one with a chocolate swirl!
    Ooh well congrats ! :D
    Thank you so much doll <3

  8. your outfit and make up is cute :) and happy chinese new year

  9. Love your look in these pictures. You two look very cute together :D

  10. happy chinese new year! you look great and i love your new necklace. congrats on almost hitting 3 years with your bf!

    xoxo Sarah

  11. And the same to you! :D
    Thank you so much~ I'm in love with it *_*
    Awh thanks :D <3

  12. Thanks doll! :D Happy Chinese New Year ^^

  13. love your cord <3 happy chinese new years (: and congrats on 3 years with your bf! So cute ^^ Sherlock is the best! Isn't he? ;3

  14. Thank you <3
    Thank you so much! :D
    YES I LOVE SHERLOCK! Can't wait for the next series!

  15. Cute outfit, and make-up!
    Hehe, you and your boyfriend are so cute - I hope you had a good Valentines Day! ^^

  16. Thanks doll! :3
    Awh thank you *_* We're unable to be together on Valentines day though unfortunately ;_;

  17. Wow thank you so so much >///<
    Aha, I only have a few items :3 Can't wait to expand my wardrobe though!


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