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What Chu Really Really Want: The Supreme Wishlist

So this is a "joint-post" between me and fellow galsa member and friend, Amelie! (Her Supreme Wishlist post is here :3) We both decided to feature the same subject that she picked which was to list all of the things we really want in life, whether it was related to gal or not.

This was actually quite challenging because I never really thought about what I really really want *Spice Girl's tune right there* so it was hard to think up of ideas, and when I did it was hard to cut them down to fit onto this post! Most - if not all - are completely unrealistic but they are things I want after all so I went a bit crazy. 

Here goes!

First off, I would want a complete MA*RS wardrobe right down to the last bra *ooer*. I just adore this brand so much that I want to buy everything in it! If I was a millionaire I would totally buy more MA*RS clothes but, alas, I'm not, so I can only dream. 

Okay next up.. I want to travel the globe! I love going on holidays with my family especially when it's somewhere where you could experience local lifestyles (their local lifestyle I mean) and have traditional food of that region. It's so awesome!

When I move into my own home I would love to have a cute kitten to look after and just be adorable with. They're so cute and I just love cats <3

When I go to Japan - if I ever go - I want to get a hair set! Or somehow magically have the hair skills to do such things. Got these images from

I wanna' meet the cast and author of Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire! It's one of my favourite series so far, and the author is a god I swear. His writing is just so magical and there are so many twists and plots that it's hard to stop reading! 

I want to be a good artist; y'know the ones you can make a 5-minute sketch look perfect as if it was the easiest thing in the world. I know that it would probably take an age to get to that stage but I wanna keep on drawing and experimenting!
Inspirational artists from left to right: Heise, WarrenLouw, Dim SkeletonsSakimichanqualano, Artgerm.

I wanna' be a graphic designer (hence why I'm studying it at uni) so I guess I would love to be a successful one through hard work and experimentation! This is where I am so far, and I'm gonna' try and experiment into different fields and things as I'm not too sure which area of graphic design I'm aiming for.

Blogging is a sort of "release" for me because it's where I can just write what I'm feeling and thinking about, and it makes me feel so good afterwards! It's a great way to document memories and past experiences. I've met loads of people through blogging and have made loads of friends, and I don't wanna' lose that <3

Last, but not least...
I WANT ALL OF THE LOTR & THE HOBBIT DVDS when the Hobbit trilogy comes out on DVD that is.
then I could be with my lover forever *cough*
Oh and I would love to have the one ring... Or the elfen one, hmm. Ooh and the necklace! (okay so how about if I could have everything LOTR / The Hobbit wise kthxbai)

Okay well I guess that's all for today! This is a bit more of a "personal" post and I was able to reflect on the things I really really want (go on, sing the Spice Girl's tune) and it made me realise just how much I want to do these things, no matter how extravagant they are!



Lizzie, over and out.

in the comments below. Would love to hear your goals and aspirations! 



  1. I share a lot of your wants! *O* Here are mine: 1. Start a company with my friend whose name is also Maxime and we'll only hire people whose name is Maxime. And our company will be so big people will change their name into Maxime to work with us! 2. Go to a concert of all my artists 3. Get super pretty light colored extentions 4. Have all NCIS DVD boxes. All of them! 5. Join a galsa and make gal friends 6. Live in Tokyo 7. Being able to shop everyday at Shibuya 109, Takeshita doori, La Foret and Koenji (<-- not sure if spelled right...).
    Good luck w/ your wishes!

  2. Ooh yay! That's awesome :3
    What kind of company would you have? ^^ Sounds really interesting! I WANNA BE IN IT ahahaha ;D
    We share the same views on hair.. I wish I could do amazing stuff with mine D:
    Oooh! What Marvel superheroes do you like? ^^
    Sounds so awesome :D Good luck with yours too! xx

  3. I'd have a lawyer company, since I want to become one >w< Haha. I often look at pictures and stuff and I really wonder how they get it to stay like that all day? I like the Avengers ^^ My friend has seen it over 15 times and has now pulled me into her fangirl-ness. Haha xD

  4. You and I share the same passion for MA*RS! This year I thought I was going to pursue the onee style as well but I decided that I would just do agejo and hime and make those my main styles and do other styles seasonally~ I'm glad I've been able to finally find styles I want to stick too! Good luck with your goals and I hope you reach all of them!

  5. Omg<3 I adore Ma*rs! +_+ Gonna go on a shopping spree there once I get to Japan <3 I'm sure you'll make a great graphics designer (: I would love to travel the world, have awesome hair and makeup skills, move to Japan and become a great interpreter or translater +_+;;

  6. I met Loras Tyrell/Finn Jones and Syrio Forell/Miltos Yerolemou last year at a convention, and they were soooo friendly! They were so happy and warm and lovely, and I bet the rest of the cast are just as great! <3 I hope you meet them! (I wonder if it'll be easier to meet them in the UK since it's an HBO show? :D )

    I would loooove an EMODA closet (that I could fit into hahahaha one day), a bajillion wigs, long soft curly hair, travel all over the world, have a web design/development business, so I could work and travel haha~ <3 :D

  7. FSDJBGSKFDJBG WHAT?! YOU LUCKY LUCKY PERSON D: Aah I'm so jealous! Eurgh I really want to meet them so much ;_; Would love to meet Tyrion! :D

    Ooh sounds so awesome! I used to love Emoda~ I too want lovely curly hair *_* Would save me a lot of hassle styling it >_>

  8. Yes MA*RS is so magical *_*
    Awh thanks so much! I'll try my best :3
    Ooooh nice one! Well I hope you achieve your dreams :D

  9. Yes I was thinking the exact same o_o I was gonna' go with onee gyaru because of the fact I didn't have an interesting wardrobe but I just love MA*RS too much *_*
    Thanks! :D And you too!

  10. Oooh okay! Sounds amazing, hope you can meet your goals! :D
    Aah Avengers are amazing <3 My favourite is Tony Stark purely because he is awesome. Ahaha ;D

  11. I want MA*RS stuff,vacation,kitten and sujimori hairstyle,too =3=
    but yeah...nothing will come for free,that's why I'm working hard for them ;w;

  12. Cute wishlist :D

  13. nice list you have here! i also want to be able to travel a lot. my boyfriend right now is on a four month vacation to Vietnam, China and Japan ;-; like super lucky haha. I just want to get out of my state for a while. I also want to become a graphic designer and plan on going to school this fall for it :)! Super exciting!

  14. Why thank you! :D
    Awh he is so so lucky, I would love to visit all of those places especially China and Japan~
    Oooh good luck with that and things! :D

  15. lollll.. thats a great list you have there! i love that you love GOT and LOTR. those are my favs. and i totally know what you mean about those artists who can draw something super duper amazing so quickly and easily. it gets me every time!! i do graphic design right now, and its not very hard as long as you have a good eye for design. i think you'll do just fine. also, if you dont know what kinda graphic design you want to do.. just think about what type of graphics you like best?? do you like making website layouts? print? logos/graphics? typography? do you like to be more creative?? or do you like it when you are given a task and you just sort of execute it within some restraints? i think these are all questions that will kinda help you figure out which direction you wanna go. if you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out to me! i do graphic design at an advertising firm out here in LA. holla~

    xoxo Sarah

  16. I love traveling the globe too! It's a great experience and you get to immerse yourself in all kinds of different cultures and sights! :)

  17. HEEHEEHEEEEE! I would so love to meet Tyrion too! Oh, and Daenerys!!!! <3

    You could get a digital perm? :D They're way more natural than regular cold perms. And it'll save you time and hassle like you said :P

  18. cool wishlist i want the last one like you. for now maybe i want 1000 followers on my blog lol

    do you want to follow each other?
    visit my blog ^^


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