Sunday, 10 February 2013

You Are My Sunshine

My Only Sunshine...

Yes, the weather has improved a lot lately! I swear I get so excited over small things like it's getting darker a bit later and being able to hear the birds in the morning... Just reminds me that Spring is just around the corner!

But yes. The stress of my old uni projects is over (for now). I do have a new project which seems pretty interesting but I no longer have to stare at business cards and read books about the Industrial Revolution anymore! I actually said to my friend when driving home, "Oh it's busy because everyone's going to the Industrial Revolution" instead of "Industrial Estate". Been doing waaaay too much uni work.

So Monday was one of those days where I was crazy enough to get up early before uni; I'm not too sure why I did it but I found myself dolling up! I did "casual" makeup though because of the fact that I had uni, and I didn't have time to curl my hair (and I really wanted to curl it ;_;) nor do any contouring but that's mainly because of my cold D:
I guess I dolled up because I was heading to Wagamama after all of my projects were submitted with my uni friends! I actually had a reason to doll up aha.  

Eye make~ Diamond Lash Angel Eye & Beauty Eye

I got a chance to wear my bear hoodie! Believe it or not I was going to sell it but... It was so adorable that I couldn't let it go so I just quickly thought up of some coords so that I had an excuse to wear it ;D

eBay hoodie, Reveal shorts, West Coast leggings, Peacocks socks, eBay boots

My MA*RS dresses arrived in the post as well that day! I'm so happy, and they haven't really helped me with my obsession over MA*RS. Oops. Oh wells! I just couldn't resist buying them though.
Here are pictures of me wearing my two dresses :D Sorry for the image quality, was quite dark when I got home... Next time I'll post better ones when I think up of decent coords and things ;D

All my makeup was coming off at this point ;_;

That's all for today I guess! Got quite a lot of pictures this time... Well, see you next time! :D

p.s It's now Sunday and the weather is shite. Boo. 


  1. Heyaa :) I was happy about the improved weather too but nahh of course it raisn again today T.T such a shame! You look super nice ♥ And Mars deffinetely suits you! ♥

  2. I so understand your obsession! Since I have one of my own(Liz Lisa was just love at first sight). Just want to buy everythingxD


  3. Cute dressed!! :D We have waggamama in Australia too - I get excited when people meantion places I can go too. Mwahahahahaha! You look cute in bear hoodie - I have one too but I haven't worn mine yet- because it's Summer. Hahaha. AND MA*RS!! <3 <3 <3 I keep eyeing the site.... hmmmmm.... so tempting...

  4. I'm kind of drowning in uni work as well. T^T

    Improved weather = improved mood! :'D Glad to hear that the weather is getting nicer where you are! >u<

    I love your look~ c: How do you apply falsies so flawlessly? *A*
    Also, cute co-ords! :'D

  5. It sucks so much because I've got so much to do ;_;
    Yes! That's definitely what I think too :D Feels so good if the sun is shining *_*

    Awh thanks so much <3 Oh it took a while to get used to putting them on! Seriously, you should see my first attemps.. They were awful ;_;

    Thank yoou :D

  6. That's amazing! I love Wagamama so much <3
    Ooh well you should totally wear it when it gets colder aha ;D

    Yes I've been resisting the urge to buy everything from there *_*

  7. Ahaha :P I used to love Liz Lisa~ But couldn't buy anything because that's when I first started gal so never knew anything about gyaru sales on lj :P

  8. yeah eurgh tell me about it ;_; Been snowing a bit too which sucks D:
    Thanks so much doll! <3

  9. <3 omg MA*RS so adorkable <3 Bear hoodies so cute too o; where did you get it? Your weather's getting better mines getting worse! D: opposite sides of the world hahah. but I get 2 summers this year so <3 Uni's always stressful =[

  10. Ahah yesh <3
    I got the hoodie from eBay about 2 years ago ^^ Should be easy to find! Just type in Korean hoodie or something :3
    Awh well it's worse now, back to snow and rain ><
    It is it is ;_;

  11. Kudos to you for getting up early for school haha! I am such a lazy bum in the mornings xP


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