Sunday, 10 March 2013

Agejo: My Goals & Inspirations

Hey guys!
So you remember how I mentioned in the past couple of posts back that I've found my style, right? Well this post is basically a compilation of all of my goals and ambitions to work into that style a bit more. I do have some of the stuff already but I've just got so many ideas whizzing around my head that I really need to write them down, aha.

We'll start out with a picture of my agejo wardrobe selection! I've taken a photo from my "I Feel Like a Chameleon: My Gyaru Wardrobe" 's post and just added onto it as I've bought a few things since then.

Yes I have a bit of a thing for MA*RS at the moment... But I've been good and haven't bought anything recently *cough*forlikeaweek*cough*

What I'm trying to do at the moment is buy more stuff that isn't MA*RS related, but looks like MA*RS. This is because - like I said in my last post - I don't really want to focus just on one brand of Agejo, but many, so that there is a bit of a variety in my clothing.

Okay so now that's done... Onto my inspirations!


I'm all for curled hair and pretty updos at the mo, but I've realised that a) I haven't got any rollers and b) I need to stock up on hair accessories. I guess my wishlist just keeps getting longer and longer!

I have fallen in love with Ageha all over again so right now I'm drooling over all of their make up tutorials, because these ladies look stunning. 

And last, but not least, clothes!

Inspirational Gyaru

Most of these are models from Ageha, but I really do have a lot of agejo inspirations! So here's my list of my favourites :D
Sayuri Suzuki
Shizuka Muto

Chie & Chika

Okay so I guess that's all for my inspirations... Now it's time to write up my wishlist.


I've always had a problem when it comes to buying things because I just buy what I like without thinking about whether or  not it'll go with anything in my wardrobe. So when I was looking for inspiration I compiled a list of the things I definitely want to buy - and should hopefully stick to.
  1. Nice black handbag
  2. Stockings
  3. Jewellery & other accessories
  4. Cute pjs
  5. False lashes
  6. Circle lens
  7. Rabbit hoodie (like the one from MA*RS)
  8. Heels
  9. Hair rollers
  10. Betty hair bible
  11. Black skirt
  12. Hair accessories
Oh crikey... My wishlist is a bit longer than I thought it would be. LOL WHOOPS.


So this will be the last part of this surprisingly long post (I think I got a bit carried away) which is gonna' be of all of my goals in the upcoming months.
  1. Try out more hairstyles
  2. Figure out daily agejo coords
  3. Post on Codenote more
  4. Build up my agejo wardrobe 
I have to say that there aren't that many goals but... I wanna' keep it small so that I could focus on them all a bit more.

I guess that's all for today's post! I really hoped you enjoyed reading it, and that maybe you've been inspired by agejo as well!

Until next time, beautiful people <3



  1. Excellent post. I love you in Agejo, you really suit it. You have the right kind of face and body to pull it off well. I've always thought Agejo is soo gorgeous and sexy but I really don't suit the style and don't feel very comfortable in it.

    This has inspired me to make a similar blog of my own!

  2. Lots of congrats on discovering your style! Agejo is so pretty~~^^ I'm sure you'll do well! Good luck!

  3. Awh thank you so much! I'm really glad you liked it, aha. I was going to post it earlier but it wasn't really ready until now.

    You are too kind :D I think it might take me a while to get used to the sexy side of it all, so I'm going to take it slowly ^^

    Yes I would love to see it if you do! :D

  4. Congrats on discovering your style! c: It's a beautiful style~ Can't wait to see your progress!

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  7. KarivanderVoort13 March 2013 at 10:05

    I love it :D
    You're Mars dress <3 I'm gonna steal it >3 haha nah it won't suit me anyways XD
    And I love the hair on all of the girls beneath your inspirational gyaru's <3

  8. Awh thanks! :D
    Mwaahahaha I shall lock it away where no one will ever find it! :P
    Yes their hair is amazing *_* Wanna be able to do mine like that one day! <3

  9. KarivanderVoort13 March 2013 at 15:38

    you'll never wear it XD haha
    and I should practise my hairskills to ._. i always to the same thing XD


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