Sunday, 7 April 2013

Black & Gold: Meetup with Charli!

On Tuesday I met up with one of my closest friends, Charli! I haven't seen her since October and because she's going to Japan soon for a couple of weeks I wanted to see her before she went~ I really miss seeing her, and we've both agreed to meet up more often now that I've settled in a sort of timetable thanks to my new job :D

For some stupid reason I woke up ridiculously early and I realised that my promise ring had disappeared! ;_; I had been wearing it for over two years, and I still can't find it.. I'm so heartbroken because although I had misplaced it a couple of times I always found it within ten minutes. I had searched every nook and cranny within this room (as that was where I had put it before I went to sleep) but it's nowhere to be found! ;_;

Because of that I couldn't go back to sleep, and although me and Charli said that we would go all casual I decided to try out sujimori. It was a massive fail so I tried doing some flicks instead, but even then it wasn't as good as I wanted it to be so I quickly curled the bottom. Apparently having sujimori with straight hair is a lot harder than with curly hair so next time I'll just curl it.

Tried out a new eye make technique: Cat Eye! Meow~

So after all of that chaos I was ready to go and meet her! We went to purikura first but it was still closed so we headed out to go to Japan Centre but they didn't have any magazines we wanted, so we went to get some food at Suki (this cute little Japanese restaurant in Chinatown). I ordered Tempura Ramen and had forgotten just how much there was o_e

Purikura was then open so we went and took some purikura together :D <3 I love taking purikura with Charli because of how we just improvise and come up with the most random poses ever.

These were my favourites:

Then took a picture while we were waiting for the purikura to print out :3

Her friend then came along to join us and I went to get my first ever bubble tea! They had opened a new place called Cuppa Cha right across from the purikura, and I had Jasmine Milk tea. It was so delicious!

We went to get food again because it was around dinner time and Charli's friend was hungry so we went to the Little Korean. I had some crispy tofu and miso soup and it was so nice <3 I want to learn how to cook them!

We walked around London for a while, but then it was time to head home. I had so much fun though and I miss Charli so much ;_; Can't wait until I see her again!


Top: Primark; Hoodie: Listen Flavour; Belt: Yumentebo; Tights: Select;
Shorts: Reveal; Boots: eBay; Earrings: Muse

I guess that's all for today folks! Wow I had taken so many pictures o_o So sorry for the photo bomb aga! :P Well then, until next time :D

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  1. You both look so cute!

    Suji can be really hard and I find that it really helps to have a decent hairspray as well as hair that's not very clean. I found that this video really helped me when I was learning: though I often had to tease the individual pieces after splitting them, if that makes sense? It ended up turning out like this: so hopefully it'll be helpful to you. ^_^

  2. Thank you! :D

    Ooh thank you very much! I think I've realised my problem now... I don't have hair rollers >< I was trying to do it with straighteners and just by "bending" my hair (if that makes sense) but it didn't work.

  3. You both look fab ;D
    I hope we can hang out soon (TwT) <3<3<3

  4. You two look great! And don't worry so much about the ring. You'll keep up the energy that it will never be found. It will be found, and in a place you can easily reach.

  5. Awh thank you so much! :D
    Yeah I bet I'll find it as soon as Stef gets me another ring >_>

  6. B'awww thanks girly >///<
    YES YES GET YO' ASS OVER HERE GUUUUUURL <3 Ahaha, it would be great to meet you! :3 <3 <3 <3

  7. Looks like a super fun day! :'D
    I'm sure you'll find your promise ring. Just stay positive about it! :'D

  8. Your hair still looks really cute :)
    it sounds like you had a lovely day together, I want to nom all that food!!


  9. Wow your makeup looks really good <3

    For hairstyle I suggest teasing a bit on top of your head for giving more volume! I personally don't like straight flicks + curled hair at the bottom but it didn't turn out bad! :)

  10. I really hope you find your ring! D: But I'm glad you had a fun day, love your makeup especially! Beautiful girl ^__^

  11. I hope you'll find your ring!! ;__; you look too awesome! Both of you!

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  13. Awh thanks I hope so too ^^ I've had it for over two years, and it feels weird not wearing it ;_;
    Thank you so much :D

  14. Thanks doll! I hope so too ;_;
    Awh yay thank you so much :D You're too kind <3

  15. Thanks doll! :D
    Ooh okay, thanks very much! Aha yeah I was just so desperate to look acceptable that I did whatever sprung to mind at the time D: Glad it was okay though! :3

  16. Yes it was amazing! thank you :D
    Awh thanks <3 Gonna' stop looking and hopefully it'll magically turn up!

  17. Awh thanks doll :3
    Yes it was amazing <3 I can't wait to go there again!

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  19. You look super good and I can't believe you aren't even wearing circle lenses and still look so gyaru, wthhh :o

  20. Awh thank you! :D
    Yeah I'm having problems with my lens now as my eyes get really sore afterwards, so I just stick to my transparent contact lens ^^

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  22. Stunning as always~ :D Whoa, Google Reader's going down? I miss everything when I am away from my blogger > <

  23. Awh bby you're too kind <3
    Yeah apparently it'll go down in June D: Aha me too!

  24. Mmmmm, miso. <3 I went to Cuppa Cha last time I was in London! It was pretty nice~ :D And how is your gal make so pretty without lenses, I can't stand it. ><

    BTW, I nominated yooou~ :)

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  26. It is! :D I wanna go there again`
    Uwaah you're too kind *_* Tehe >///<

    Ooh thanks so much! I've just done mine now :D

  27. Love your lashes and contacts! Which kind are they?


  28. such beauties ! and so much food ! ^_^

  29. i LOVE those boots you wore, Lizzie!! You're so prettttyyyyy :) xx

  30. Thank you so much Chrissie ! (Can't believe I only saw this now ;_;)
    You're too kind <3333

  31. Thank you!
    I'm actually not wearing any circle lens, only my clear contact lens that I have to wear as my eye sight is terrible ><

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