Sunday, 19 May 2013

Just duck and carry on

The past year has taught me that no matter what sh*t life throws at you, just duck and then carry on.

I've been through a pretty rough time and I'm still recovering, but everyday I feel a little bit better. I've learnt that I've got to live each day to the max - with the occasional lazy day - and spend as much time as I can with the ones I love. Who knows what might happen tomorrow.

I guess that's why I've been working my ass off this past year to get those grades that I want, because I really want to be successful career-wise. Whenever I wasn't doing any uni work I was chatting to my friends online or visiting my family and spending time with my boyfriend, and recently I have been able to meet my friends like Charli (the loveliest girly in the world <3) more often so life is definitely getting better! Hopefully I can meet up more people over the summer now that uni is nearly over.

So what is the meaning of this post? I don't know, I just wanted to ramble like a wise woman ahahaha. But I guess this is a message to all of my readers that never walk away from the people you love, and if you have a goal then work your ass off and get there! And if you're going through a rough time; life will get better

That aside, here are some pictures of my recent look. I haven't dolled up recently because I still have problems with my eye - I really need to get it checked out - so it was a nice breather! 

I realised that after I had done my makeup I was running out of time because I wanted to watch Criminal Minds *cough* so had to stick with straight hair!

Upper lashes; Jewerich no.2  Lower lashes: KKCenterhk

Top: ; Jeans: New Look (ripped up by me)
Boots: New Look ; Necklace: eBay

I've also set myself a goal which is to no longer by brand clothing (I wonder how long this will last). I realised that I should be saving money instead of splurging because I've been driving a lot more, and petrol costs a bomb. I do still want to treat myself every once in a while so I might stick with building up on my accessories collection as I seem to always wear the same things.

So as a treat for completing my uni work a week before the deadline, I bought some Ben & Jerrys!

To end this post; so what are my goals in life? I have already mentioned how I want to be a successful designer, but I think I would also love to grow as a gaijin gyaru and perhaps meet more people in the community as there are so many nice people out there! I also want to start immersing myself into the design community, get more feedback, make some friends, and just keep growing! I'm going to start building up my portfolio over the summer whenever I get the chance to as I think I've found something I really like to do.

Anyway, adios amigos, until next time! Now allow me to go and gorge myself on some delicious ice cream.



  1. Ice cream is delicious! Good luck with no buying brands thing. I couldn't do it. :D And also, good luck with all your uni work - I hope you do well!~

  2. You looks absolutely gorgeous in the pic with the ice cream! <3 Congrats for completing all your uni work! You must have tried really hard!
    I hope your future goes the way you want, and that we can become good friends! <3

  3. Awh thank you so much >///< Yeah I'm so happy that it's over! :D
    Thanks doll~ And yes I hope so too! <3

  4. I'm glad that you liked this post aha :D
    Thank you so much! <3

  5. Ikr? I love it so much. So tempted to just finish the whole tub.
    It's going to be the hardest thing ever ;_;
    Thank you so much! :D

  6. You're right, just keep your head up and your heart strong! ^w^
    And I hope your eye will get better soon. ._.

  7. Those are some really good words. I went through hell this semester and realized that what I was studying had NOTHING to do with my true passion so I am in the midst of switching majors and will finally become a full time student this fall if all goes well. Wish me luck!

  8. Awh well hope everything goes well and things! Just keep on going :3 You can do it!

  9. Exactemondo! :3
    Thank you so much doll :3 It's still pretty bad, but hopefully it'll heal soon ;_;

  10. I still don't know what to do career wise =[... it's kinda frustrating...
    ANYWAYS <3
    I hope your eyes get better (: Should go get them checked out soon (: <3

  11. Stay strong and I wish you all the best in everything you do :)

  12. Awh no ;_; Well I guess you still have a while to go yet! ^^
    Thank you <3 Going to the doctors soon so hopefully they'll know how to heal it! ^^

  13. "But I guess this is a message to all of my readers that never walk away from the people you love, and if you have a goal then work your ass off and get there! And if you're going through a rough time; life will get better. "

    Yes! yes! yes! I will add don't walk away from the people you love who loves you back and support you. Sometimes people love you but can be suffocating and get in the way of you being a better self. They don't know how to support your dreams because they are scared. Let them go with distance because if you attempt to live for them you will most likely regret it when something else was in your heart. Beautiful post. :D

    You always look gorgeous and I always love how you don't need lenses to get such beautiful eye make looks!

    It's a tough journey, but finding out what you will want to do is part of the way there I guess! I hope you can find something you're passionate about and get yourself to your goal!


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