Thursday, 2 May 2013

Starry Eyed

I did it again... Pressed "Publish" instead of "Save". I'm such a douche!

Woo I'm feeling inspired again!
I think that it's all thanks to the weather; it's getting warmer and there are some rays of sunshine... Could spring finally be here? (About time)
That aside, this week I've been doing a mixture of relaxing and uni work and, well, I'm feeling really good! I didn't really have many good nights sleep but I had a long lie in yesterday and I feel so much better! I guess it's a good thing to have lazy days every once in a while.
My uni work is coming along really well and because of that I feel better when I doll up because I know that it isn't "wasting valuable design time". Oui, I do graphic design, and it's really hard to step away from the computer and not do any design.

I dolled up today because I had to get up early anyways so I had plenty of time to myself and come on, who would want to do uni work from half 7 in the morning? (I actually did that a couple of weeks ago... Was a killer). I originally wanted to wear my new MA*RS dress that Charli bought for me but alas, it's too cold for it ;_; I can't wait until summer when I could actually wear my pretty dresses!

Enough talking from me, have some pictures!

I lost my black necklace that I wanted to wear ;_;

Top: Yumetenbo, Skirt: Primark, Tights: Dorothy Perkins, Belt: Online somewhere

That's all for today! Just a quick outfit post ^^



  1. (*3*) I like your outfit~ <3
    Also your hair looks so sweet and classy like this ;D <3

  2. So cute! Love your make-up and outfit :3

  3. Awh thanks :D <3
    Ahaha why thank you! It's slowly becoming one of my favourite styles :3 <333

  4. I almost thought you were wearing lenses! Your natural eye color is so pretty ^__^

  5. Lizzie, you're such a beauty <3

  6. Wow thank you so much >///<

  7. Awh thanks bby ^3^ Nope I don't wear lens more as I'm down to my last pair ;_;

  8. Ypu're always pretty sweety *O*
    and i really like the top from yumetenbo <3

  9. Uwaah thank you so much *_* You're so gorgeous!
    Thank you :D <3 My boyfriend got it for me!

  10. Love love LOVE the belt!!

  11. You make all the MA*RS clothes look gorgeous! I'm still super envious of your legs >w<

    I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award <333

  12. Your eyes look so large and their color is so beautiful!

  13. *looks at comments* lol you've been nominated twice for the same award xD You definitely deserve this then! I nominated your blog for an award! Check it out here darling *shimmys off*:

  14. Ahaha why thank you! :D
    I have actually already done this award ;_; but I might do it again just for you ;D

  15. B'aww you're too kind, thank you so so much >////<
    Wow thanks doll! :D Means a lot <3333 Unfortunately I've already done my post on this award ;_; But thank you anyways! <333

  16. I figured you did lol but that's strange since I went on your search bar to look it up and couldn't find the post you did it under :o


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