Sunday, 12 May 2013

"That's why her hair is so big, it's full of secrets"

What?! Two blogs in one day?! What's going on here?!
Well seeing as my last blog post was completely different to what I normally post I felt bad and decided to create another one because that's how much I love you all <3

Lately I've been looking at trying out different hairstyles rather than the straight hair I normally go for, because to be honest I've been getting really bored of it. I don't know, I just don't feel glamourous enough if I just straighten it (unless I'm going for the oraora look) so I've been keeping my eyes open for hair inspiration and hair tutorials. My main focus was on Ageha mag scans because damn those hairstyles <3 I can't even-

Here are some of the ones I would love to try out, and I'm planning on buying hair rollers soon to stop me from buying more clothes (haha).

I'm really into half up-dos at the moment, and I would love to do a really curly hairstyle that's half up with some sujimori! I tried doing a sort of sujimori in my post when I met Charli in London, but I want to keep on experimenting!
I know there are some that are technically not a half up-do, but I do like the whole hair-to-the-side kinda' thing too.

Next up, casual styles! These aren't really casual as such but are the styles that I think I could get away with doing for uni or for work (if I have the time). I'm actually keeping my eye out for more casual styles for the summer holiday.

And now for my collection of inspirational hair tutorials! Most of them are repeats of what I've got shown already but... Oh well.

You can find all of these tutorials on my blog under either the "gyaru hair" tag or "hair tutorial". To make life easier for you I have compiled a list of useful links to take a lookie at :3

And now some videos!

Chaudie sent me some scans which has some of the hair tutorials similar to the ones shown above! I'm so excited to start trying them out >///<

Guess that's all for today! Until next time~

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  1. FFFF please forward me the Betty scans I will love you forever. o_o <3333

  2. thats nice, try out new stuff. And hair it's sooo fun to make!!! Thanks for the information !

  3. Yeah! I'm really crap at hair so it would be good to try something new :3

  4. Aha shall have to ask Chaudie though because she specially did it for me ^^" <3333

  5. So cuute! I love gyaru hair! I wish I could look that good with those sorts of hairstyles though... I'm sure that they'll look super cute on you!
    Your post title - isn't that from a movie? I can't remember which one!!

  6. Me too! I can only imagine how long it took them to do each style. Thank you so much :D

    Yeah it's from Mean Girls ^^

  7. I sent Rinnie the link already. I will post the link soon on my blog for sharing. I just need to watermark the pages

  8. Nice post! I saw an ep of kawaii.i that showed how Ayano used several different hair pieces to get so much volume and length. I think I wanna give that a try then work my hair into these cool hairstyles this summer :) It'd be a fun little project I think ^^

  9. Have fun trying the hairstyles ♥ Btw I love that quote from mean girls :D

  10. I wanna try them too!
    Sometimes some of them do a lot of back combing and spray a lot of hair spray >__< Can't wait to see how they turn out for you though :D

  11. I think you'd look amazing with curled hair! Although it's quite time consuming so I find most girls opt out with wigs or pre-curled hair extensions.. LOL!

  12. This was a very helpful post!! Thank you for putting time into it ^^ I find styling hair to be so tedious sometimes without inspiration ;A;

  13. I hate doing hair which is why I love wigs,lol. XD I do admire the dedication and skill other ladies have for their hairdos. It really becomes a work of art for some. ^_^


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