Sunday, 16 June 2013

My Purikura Collection

In my last post where I met up with Charli I mentioned that the purikura booth was closed down, but when I went onto their Facebook page it says that they are still open for now! They just need more visitors in order to keep it alive, so if you're out and about in London go and check it out :D You can find directions at the bottom of my post here.

I've been taking purikura for a while - not as long as most on here, but I still have a fair amount of purikura! When preparing for this post I've realised that most of my purikura was taken with Charli; we are just too cool brah. 

Aaaand here's my collection! From start to finish, for now (that's if the owners decide to continue keeping the booth open!)

Post: Epicly-Awhsum Weekend with PM!
Okay so I can't actually find it but... In October 2011 it was the first purikura I ever took, and that was at the meet with Pink Marble in October 2011! I can't believe that's almost two years ago now... Wow!
Unfortunately I don't have all of the purikura collection... I wish I did because it would've been good memories-wise D: The photo above is the only two puris I own of the event ;_; 

Post: Purikura time in London
This was the first purikura that I took with my boyfriend! I was so excited to actually go with him after having taken some at the gal meet, and that was when taking purikura became a necessity every time we went to London.
This happens to be the first time we went to London together so I was so very patriotic and wore my Great British flag sweater from le Primark ;D

Post: London Fail & Brighton Hail
After taking our first purikura we decided to go again! The weather wasn't great and we were so unorganised but oh well, I had lots of fun :D Here are actually some of my favourite purikura of all time <3

Post: Weekend with My Sis
And now I've introduced my sister to purikura! She loved it, especially when it came to doing the decorations... I wanna' take her to London again because she was just so fascinated by the Big Ben, it was really cute <3 Think we might go on one of those tour buses or something if she visits me over the summer :D

Post: Day Out with Charli!
I think this is perhaps the first time me and Charli hung out like on our own... I met her at that gal meet in October, and even though I only said hi (as we didn't see each other much) we talked quite a lot over FB and figured we'd go to this mini goodbye meet and then went to take some purikura and got some lunch afterwards! She's now one of my best friends ever; she's so nice and she's always there for me <3 Loves you! <3

I love this puri so much, Charli is so beautiful ;_; She has such a pretty smile!

I actually took three purikuras in one day here! Charli had brought me a beautiful MA*RS dress from Japan so I wanted to wear it to one of the sets, but because there was such a good deal on we ended up taking lots of puri as it was going to be our last chance to do it.
I think the last one is one of my favourites because we just totally messed around and just pulled faces in almost every shot. It was so fun! I love pulling faces...

I guess that's it for this post! I hope you've enjoyed looking at all of my purikura; gathering everything really brought back memories.

Until next time~



  1. These are soo cute~ I wish they had puri machines in Ohio ;'D

  2. I miss puri so much - it's hell expensive where I live. -.-


  3. I hope I can use the machines when I visit in Aug! :D :D


  4. I have only actually take Puri once, and I didn't enjoy it that much at all... But seeing all your awesome pictures makes me want to give it another go Lizzie!

  5. Ooh yay I'm glad I've inspired you aha ;D We should take some together! <3

  6. Yes its amazing isn't it? I just love decorating them~
    Ooh okay! Once you do, drop a link so I could check it out :D

  7. Oooh! Lemme' know when you're visiting London so we could possibly meet up? ;D

  8. It's pretty expensive over here too ;_;

  9. Awh man D: I'm really hoping our puri machines don't close but there is a possibility that they might ;_;


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