Saturday, 22 June 2013

No Fear, Bloglovin' Is Here!

UPDATE: Well GFC is still working and you CAN see my blog on your feed so... Follow me the good ol' fashion way! :D But you can do it via Bloglovin' if you want <3

Now I'm not too sure whether or not I've already written a blog post about this - I most likely haven't - but Google Reader is going to close down in about three weeks! Now this isn't really the time to panic because there is another way out, and that's in the form of Bloglovin'.

But before I ramble about how Bloglovin' would save your blogging life, what is Google Reader? It's basically what is on your Blogger homepage where there is a list of blogs and what people have posted on the main part of it. It's like reading a newspaper with all of the headlines of the blogs you follow, and this is what is going to disappear.

So in order to keep up-to-date with the blogs you follow and be able to continue to read blogs, you can sign up and follow them on Bloglovin'. It is so simple to do and would take a maximum of two minutes. What happens is that you sign up on Bloglovin', and once that's done it will ask you if you want to import your blogs onto it and you, obviously, click the button "import" et voila you are done!

Here is a link to a tutorial if you need help navigating Bloglovin': Tutorial

I've actually been using Bloglovin' for the past couple of weeks and I have to say that it's so much nicer to use than Google Reader (sorry, GR!) You could mark the posts you've read as "read", just like an email! Handy.

I would stress that although Google Reader is going, Google Friend Connect (the gadget that you beautiful followers are following me on) is going to stay so you can still follow me on that but then you would need to follow me on Bloglovin' in order to see my blog feed. Hmm.

I would like to thank you all for being such amazingly loyal readers, and I really do hope you sign up on Bloglovin' and follow me there in order to keep up with my posts! :D

Follow on Bloglovin

P.S. Sorry this post is a little out-of-schedule, but I shall be doing another post for you all tomorrow as per :D

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  1. Already followed you on bloglovin<3


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