Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Summer Vibe

I'm really feeling the summer vibe after spending my afternoon in the sun enjoying a lovely barbecue. I really wish that this would last for the whole of the summer but come on, this is England we're talking about.

It's crazy because whenever I think of the summer I think of long holidays, beaches and eating delicious ice cream but now I realise that the summer holiday isn't actually that long with all of the work I have to do. I guess it's a good thing because I'd be really bored otherwise and would probably spend all of my money going out or something!

But no matter how hard I try I will always be spending a lot of money over the summer, so my goal is to save up! My other goal is to work on my portfolio, and another is... Y'know what, I'm just going to do a little list of them!
So I s'pose this is a post about my summer goals I wonder if I'll actually stick to them.

From the Telegraph

1. Save money!
I want to save up as much as I can over the summer but I do know that either way I would be spending, so instead I'll be looking at cheaper options. I'm going to try and stop buying gal brand (sorry, my beloved MA*RS ;_;) and head out to local shops to see if they have something interesting. In my last post I had conjured a little wish list of "local" stores which you can see here. My main focus will be on accessories and I'm gonna' be meeting friends more often too!

2. Read More French
I actually have my dad's book of "Le Bumper Book of Franglais" where they basically take the p*ss out of the French language, but because most of the sentences are in French with just one or two English words thrown in for a comical effect, it should be good to keep me going! I have my little notebook where I wrote good vocab still so I hope to be using that too.

My most recent project where I designed wedding invitations!

3. Work on My Portfolio
I need to work up on this because I'm hoping to apply for internships and work experience over the summer so hopefully I'll have something to present by the end of this month! I need to brush up on my old uni work and make them better if I can.
I actually have an art Tumblr and Blogger if you're interested! ^^

What I'm currently working on
4. Draw More!
I miss drawing so much and I'm currently working on a piece right now! I want to get it done by the end of next week and after that I would love to do some more.

From Tumblr

5. Go to Season 4 of Supernatural
Although it would be nice to finish off all of the seasons, I think it'll be more likely for me to reach season 4 :P I'm so addictive now! Trying to watch at least 2 episodes a day so I can reach my goals *_*

Going to start small! 

6. Be Able to Wear High Heels
I am terrible at wearing heels so I want to be able to wear at least one pair for more than 2 hours. I know, I suck.

Taken from Tumblr

7. Reorganise My Room
I want my room to just look fabulous... I remember making a post aaaages ago about it, which you can view hereMore like reorganise my life I keep way too many things in my room that I don't really need, so I want to just spend a whole day chucking old stuff out or selling clothes that I no longer wear. It would feel so nice... Like that feeling where you did a massive clear out or cleaned every inch of your house, ya' get me?

8. Try Out (More) Gal Hairstyles
Like I said time and time again, I really want to try out different gal hairstyles because I feel like I'm lacking in the hair skills department. I'm just really crap at doing hair and never have the patience for it, especially because my hair just doesn't hold styles very well so I always think that it's pretty pointless. But I shall fight those thoughts this summer!

9. Stop Making Damn Lists
Eurgh I need to stop.

Guess that's all for today! So what are you goals for the summer, oh lovely reader of mine? 
Kisses <3



  1. But... lists are so easy and convient and make life better.... can list a reason why lists are awesome for you if you like :P

    Ahahah, good luck with your list though... Some of those things seem pretty easy if you just do them (like number 5.) but things like number 4 will be harder because you can't really say.... yep... finished. XD Ah okay rambles... :/

  2. good luck with all your goals my lady! <3

  3. Goodluck in your summer goals! ^-^ Ehe, I think I need to draw more too. >.<

  4. Best of luck with all your goals :)


  5. If you want to save money have it taken directly out of your bank account every month (or week) therefore you have to deal with the money that is left. (That's if you have a stable income of course). I have a savings account and every time I charge something to it , it rounds up to the nearest dollar and puts the rest of the change in my savings. I just started using my card again so I only have a little bit of money but it's still more than I had before,lol.

  6. Thank you so much!
    Yeah it really sucks because it's so hard to find time for it ;_;

  7. Haha that's a good idea! ;D
    Thank you very much :3 Well I guess there are more of a to-do list than a list of goals.. But oh wells!
    Yeah it's really difficult D: I shall try my best though!

  8. Ooh yeah I was thinking of starting using cash instead of card because then I would know exactly how much I've spent... Might invest in a savings account too! ^^ Thanks for the tip! :D

  9. Summer goals... Evil !

    My number one goal is to save money as well, to reach my number two goal: a new place. The rest is more like...general goals, not necessarily summer goals: more clothes, wear nice fake nails more often, get a laptop, be healthy and happy, that sort of thing...

    I hope you get to reach your goals :) Good luck !

  10. Good luck with reaching your goals! >w< ♥
    I also want to save up money during the next months. I definitely have spent a bit too much the past weeks. xD

  11. Thanks doll! I hope I can actually achieve them >///<
    Yes me too! I always spend lots over the summer ;_;

  12. Haha yeah, but it keeps me from being bored! ^^
    Ooh well hope it goes well with getting a new place! :3
    I would love to wear false nails more often *_*

    Thanks so much! And the same to you :3

  13. Invitations Melbourne10 June 2013 at 09:16

    Please show us some hairstyles after you have some practice, love the magazines you posted :D

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  14. I'd love to see your room when you're done. But also the hairstyles!

  15. Waaaa~~ I really liked all of these!! But especially the Supernatural one XDDD I LOVE IT (*uuu*) ♥♥♥ We're watching it now from the beginning again and we're on season 3 now!!

  16. this is a good list. good luck on your portfolio! make sure to study lots of other "successful" ones to help you create the best one for you.

    ur room is cute btw! show ur room after u fix it up. hahaha i like seeing peoples rooms :)

    xoxo Sarah


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