Sunday, 2 June 2013

This Is Me

I just realised that in a lot of my posts I doll up a hell of a lot, and I haven't really got a picture of what I look like on a daily basis. On most days - well, on lazy days - I don't usually wear makeup and just put my glasses on but when I go to uni or work I normally wear the "basic" makeup. I don't have time to style my hair either so I normally leave it down or pin it up into a high ponytail.

I'm not too sure if you follow me on Tumblr but I've been recently thinking over my style, and realised that in reality I'm more of an onee gyaru on a daily basis (as you can see on my photo above!) I think I'm just gonna' wear whatever I want and not stick to a style until my agejo wardrobe has been complete! Right now I'm just gonna' stick with "me" gyaru.
Truth is that I'm getting fed up of thinking "oh but would I look gal like this" and so I'm just gonna' do whatever I want that makes me feel comfortable.

Because of this I've created a new wish list of the things I like rather than the things that just stuck to a particular style:

1. Persunmall  2. Long Tall Sally  3. New Look  4. Persunmall  5. Pixie Bunny  6. MA*RS  7. Boohoo   8. New Look

As you can see I'm really into the whole monochrome trend, and my style has become slightly more sophisticated. Hopefully I would be able to get my hands on these products (especially that dress from Boohoo!)

'Tis a pretty short post today but I do hope you enjoyed reading it <3 here are a few posts that I'm going to be writing over the next couple of weeks:

1. Lash review
2. Purikura collection
3. 10 things I can't live without
4. Favourite magazines
5. Other makeup and outfit shots!

One last picture of moi!



  1. I think you are also super pretty with the more natural look and kind of make-up! ♥
    I hope you can grab all the items from your wish list because they're all awesome and I kind of like them so much more than gyaru clothes. Can't wait to see some of them on you. ^-^

  2. Awh thank you so much >///< You're too kind <3

    Me too! Yeah I'm beginning to realise that gal brands are so ridiculously expensive and I've spent so much money on them ;_; Going to try and resist buying brand from now on and look into local stores! :3

    B'aww thank you! I'm dying to get one of the dresses *_*

  3. that dress from MA*RS is so pretty, I hope you'll get it someday - I bet you would look great in it :)
    Also, I agree with l0vepirate - you look lovely with natural make up too.

  4. That dress from MA*RS is so cute! *A* I think it'll looks great on you!
    Natural make-up or Gyaru make-up, I think you look gorgeous either way. c: Can't wait to see your posts - especially your purikura collection, outfits, and favorite magazines! :'D

  5. You're such a natural be

  6. You're so pretty like a natural gals. I like the mars dress on your wishlist. Hope to see you with that ! Kisses ^^

  7. "I think I'm just gonna' wear whatever I want and not stick to a style until my agejo wardrobe has been complete! Right now I'm just gonna' stick with "me" gyaru."

    I am so feeling those words! I have been doing me for quite a while. The last person I took crap from about the way I dress and how I styled my hair was my mother this was 7+ years ago. I told her opinion about the way I dress or do my hair is wanted so she can stop talking to me about it. The day I demanded that respect is the day she started respecting me. I never had the problem of her picking me apart again. ^_^

  8. You look amazing! You have freckles, that's so damn cute! *o*

  9. I'm glad you know what you want to do with your style ^__^ I don't think people should really concern themselves too much with labels, I mean style is style right? Plus it's all about adding your own flavor and flare to make it your own! That's what's most fun about fashion :D

  10. hello! nice to know you! you are so cute... ^^

  11. Yesss I want to buy it so badly *_* But it's so expensive, sigh ;_;
    Thank you so so much! :D Yes I'm actually excited in writing them aha~

  12. Aww you're so pretty!!! Love that makeup style it really suits you :)

  13. Kristiina Laakso4 June 2013 at 18:35

    You are so beautiful, i love your hairs! (:

  14. Then you look beautiful normally


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