Sunday, 7 July 2013

Chasing The Sun; UK Gal Meet!

I hosted meet in London last Sunday, and I must say that it was definitely a success! While there weren't as many people there as we would normally have, everyone was so lovely and I had such a relaxing time. I think it was the first time where we weren't rushing to go anywhere, and spent at least a couple of hours just relaxing at a park in the sun.
Sun?! Yes, Britain finally has some sun! I've been feeling quite depressed over the past couple of days - even went so far to think about selling my gal brand items - because of the sh*tty British weather, but today it proved me wrong. We finally reached the highs of 26 degrees celsius which we haven't had in such a long time.

At the meet there was me, Marie, Yamii, and Finlay and three other new people that I haven't met before Amber, Kei Kei and Jade. We first headed out to get some food at this Japanese restaurant called Mr Taro as the purikura machines were closed for lunch. Even though I've been to London a fair amount I'm still a bit of a n00b when it comes to food so it was nice to go somewhere new. Marie's recommendation was perfect; the food was yummy and at a very good price!

I had Chicken Ramen and they used this delicious marinade on it *_*

Then we did the usual purikura because it is thankfully still open. Whether or not it's closing is still up in the air so hopefully it'll stay for a little longer... I don't know what I'll do without it ;_;

This is my favourite one hahaha!

We took full advantage of the good lighting and snapped some more photos!

It was the first time I wore this dress because of the crappy season, and I'm in love with it *_* can't get enough of MA*RS! I originally wore this with over-the-knee socks but it got way too hot.

After purikura we were all dying for a drink and went on to get some Bubble Tea from Cuppa Cha! My name was "Tinkerbell" this time, although I forgot to take a photo of it ;_;
While we were waiting we pulled faces at Kei Kei who was waiting outside, and she took this amazing photo of us <3

So we were just sitting outside in Chinatown when this Chinese guy went up to Marie and asked if he could stroke her feet o_o He obviously had a serious foot fetish because he had to stroke it twice and stroked mine as well... That's when we decided it would be nice to leave Chinatown haha!

The rest was bit of an improvisation because we didn't really have anything planned which was great because it turned out to be a very relaxing day! We did head out to Japan Centre though as I wanted to get my hands on a Ageha magazine but it turned out to be ridiculously expensive so I didn't bother. It was so hot that we decided to have a sit down at a nearby park next to Buckingham Palace, and spent the rest of our day there :D

So here's my makeup and outfit shots:

My original outfit!
Dress: MA*RS | Jewellery: Muse | Socks: Primark | Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

I had such an awesome time. I think this was the first meet where we really relaxed and just chilled out beneath the summer sun (oh how poetic). I think I would definitely do a meet like this again! Especially because there are so many lovely people in the UK gal comm <3 I love you all! <3

That's all for today! A bit of a photo spam but what the heck, you love it really ;D



  1. Aww,seeing this post makes me wanna go out with friends,too.
    But I'll never have an actually gyaru meet here coz there're so few and I'm not sure if they're that friendly :(

    Btw,you look so lovely in MA*RS dress >_<
    I understand how you feel about cannot get enough of it,it's the same for me but at least I wish to look good in it like you do.

    Anyway,it's nice to hear that you have a better weather there.It's already raining season here but I guess it's better than summer anyway.

  2. where's that Japan Centre? @.@

  3. You are such a beauty <3
    Seems like you had lots of fun *_*

  4. Ooohh looks like fun!! I'm glad you got a day to enjoy the weather and do something nice with friends~ Ooohh and your dress is so so so nice! I like it with the socks best ^.^

  5. Wow looks like you guys had a lot of fun! So envious, I wish we had more meetups here. You look great in the MA*RS dress!

  6. Looked like everyone enjoyed themselves I can't get over the third photo and the smushed face photo lmao

  7. Wow it looks like lots of fun!

  8. Omg that last puri is just priceless XD XD


  9. Hahahaha Ikr? One of the most random ones I've ever done! :P

  10. It was! I had such a good time :3

  11. Hahahaha yeah we were pretty crazy that day! Must be the good weather ;D

  12. Awh you should arrange a couple! This was the first one I hosted myself (and I was quite pleased >///<)
    Awh thanks guuurl :3

  13. Yes I had such a good time *_*
    We're taking advantage of this beautiful weather because our summers don't last very long in good ol' Britain ;_;
    Thank you so much! :D

  14. B'aww thank you >///<
    I had an amazing time! :D

  15. It's in Piccadilly and not too far from one of the exits of the Piccadilly stop ^^ ^^

  16. Awh man that sucks! ;_; You should try talking to them and things, that's what I did :D It's so lovely to have friends who are interested in gal!

    Thank you so so much >////< You're too kind <3 Awh you look good in it too! :3

    Awh dang that sucks D: I love summer!

  17. Omg that puri pic. You guys killed it LOL.

  18. Love your outfit!
    Looks like you girls had a ton of fun! The puris are so cute and fun! xD

  19. Ahh your hair is so pretty! Really like how you styled it ^^ And i think Vancouver weather is quite similar to UK! Always rainy and cold.. We also recently got hotter days though :D Anyway I'm glad you had a nice time!

  20. owhhhhh >___< I was in Piccadilly on saturday and haven't seen anything like that T-T thanks for the info anyways <3 I hope I will go there soon :"D

  21. Awh thanks sweetie! I'm glad you liked it ^3^ Needed to have my neck free as it was so hot o_e
    Yes it sounds like it then! I was so depressed because I thought it'll rain all summer... Thank goodness for the sunshine! <3

  22. Thanks so much! :D
    Yessss I love this puri <3 It's one of my favourites!

  23. omg this dress suits you soo well! We also had a small meet yesterday and it was so hot we relaxed most of the time but that was quite good because we could talk a lot and get to know each other better :3

    In germany the puri machine closed down a few months ago and Im sooo sad ,___, I hope this wont happen to you, too! I keep my fingers crossed!

    Ans I just wanted to ask.. do you even wear circle lenses? Im sorry to ask but when I look close it doesnt look like you are wearing some but it still looks good. Im just curious since my make up always looked so crappy without lenses and you are able to make yours look good xD

    Greetings <3 <3

  24. Uwaah thank you so much *_*

    Yes, that's why I think it went so well! It was so lovely just to sit around in the shade and talking about random things...

    Oh no that sucks so much! ;_; Idk what I'll do without a purikura machine D:

    Nope I don't wear lens :3 I used to wear them but then they ran out ;_; And I just can't be bothered to wear them anymore aha :P I think that I might get back into wearing them as I have three more but... Idk, I just got used to not wearing them!

    Awh thank you so much doll <3


  25. hahahah looks like you had loads of fun! :D
    i love derpy pictures from pretty girls ^___^

  26. So pretty!
    The photos are great. I'm sure you had a lot of fun!

    Visit me:

  27. Such a lovely post! ^-^
    love that group picture at the window. xD
    And eww ... that Chinese foot fetish guy must have been creepy. D:

  28. Why thank you! :D
    Haha yes it's the perfect photo for a cover on fb <3 I love it so much *_*

    Yeah he was! He was staring at us for ages - and made it blatantly obvious that he was - and then approached Marie to ask to stroke her feet o_o


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