Sunday, 21 July 2013

What Do I Love And Dislike About Gyaru?

I've been a really naughty blogger; I've been putting off this moment for days, even wished that Sunday would pass and that I would "forget" to blog but... Well, I love blogging too much to do that.

I think I'm going through a bit of a blogging rut because I've found it really hard to find some inspiration in gal lately. Might just be a stage though - I'm hoping that it is - and perhaps a break from it might help!

So, aherm, what to write about this weekend? Well I've been looking at my gal meme that me and Bunny created months back and realised that it might just be a good idea to complete it! After all, I did kind of stop at day 4 (click here to see my posts). You never know, it might restore some inspiration back into gal for me.

What do I love and dislike about Gyaru? 

I love it's beauty; I know that it's a bit silly to say, but Gyaru does make me feel a lot better about my appearance. I mean, I was okay before I go into Gyaru but since then I've gotten a lot more confident in what I wear and what makeup I slap on. I never used to wear tons of makeup because I thought it would look weird on me, but since I became a Gyaru I was able to learn of different makeup and hair styles, and my wardrobe is a lot varied to what it was before. I was a jeans-and-t-shirt girl before, preferring that to wearing bright dresses but now I'm the complete opposite.

I used to hate false lashes but now I can't get enough of them! It's amazing how each style could make such a difference, especially the lower lashes.

But it's not just about the makeup, the hair, the clothes... It's about the community. I've met and made so many amazing friends through Gyaru and without it I don't think I'd be as confident as I am when talking to other people on the internet. Hell, I don't think I'd even have this blog if it wasn't for Gyaru (imagine me not blogging!)

It's so beautiful when some Western Gyaru give tips and advice to newbies and actually support each other. I always get this really nice feeling when I go to Gyaru meets because I can finally talk to face-to-face about all the things I love, new trends, models, magazines... Y'know, general girly stuff that you can't really talk to your boyfriend about haha.

It is also the comm that makes me dislike Gyaru, but like all fashion styles there will always be those who look down on others. Now I (thankfully) haven't met one that had done such a thing to myself or anyone I know, but there are a few that lurk on Gyaru Secrets. That's why there are things such as Gyaru Valentines to ward off those evil people who suck on people's happiness (much like Dementors).

Oh and Gyaru is damn expensive. I don't know - and don't even want to know - how much I've spent on lashes, brand clothing, going to meets, hair styling products, makeup etc... But I know that it's truly burnt a hole in my pocket. Fortunately I came up with a Gyaru Budget Guide to help all those willing to pay less for this fashion <3

I think that's all I have to say about Gyaru today! Wow, I'm feeling so much better already. If you want to participate then click here to see what the other days are :D

So what do you love and dislike about Gyaru? 
Let me know in the comments below :D



  1. Kristiina Laakso21 July 2013 at 16:18

    That´s was very great post, thank you for sharing it! Gyaru community is so lovely, i have also made so many good friends from there! But yeah, Gyaru is soo expensive, that sucks! But i think it´s worth of it! (;

  2. I'm pretty much the same as you I mean the fashion and style in general gave me loads of confidence that I didn't really know where else to look to gain plus I met a few gals in the comm that I felt were extremely kind people and beautiful inside and out. It brought a lot of unity at some points but then of course parts of the comm were so hideous to me. Idk, at first and for a good while I stuck through it all but after recent events I had to step out of the gal realm...but that' s just me though haha ^ ^

  3. Memes and challenges are always really useful things when you feel like you're stuck in a fashion rut. They make you question why you do what you do, and challenge you to try something a little different :3

  4. oh,we share a lot of same idea!!
    Even the idea about blogging XD

    Well,I like gyaru style coz it simply makes me look more like a girl XD
    I was going for the extreme girlish style when I chose to do gyaru.
    I think that I could at least,look prettier with the style XD

  5. I know what you mean that you are looking for inspiration. at the moment I also try to find a little inspiration for my style. You need this from time to time ^^. ut you are a great Gal! Its really nice you met so many nice ppl. Me too. I found so many friends but I also met a lot of false ppl out there. So I guess its half half xD

    But thats normal <3<3 I´m really thankful for my awesome friends <3<3<3

    Love you <3<3<3

  6. You and me are the same lady! I love gyaru for its fashion and of course lifestyle. Everything about the fashion and makeup I love! Even though its expensive I still love it and think its very unique. What I dislike is the comm. I've made a lot of friends and met a lot of awesome gals such as yourself, but at times I feel like I could go without it. Like my life would be peaceful XD

  7. I also like about Gyaru that its a different style and its so much fun to do, like it has so many different make up/fashion styles! I feel more prettier in gal than before all of this. I never worn foundation/powder/blush before lol but now i need to put it on same for lipstick XD! The only thing i also dislike are the ' bad ' stuff that is going around! So i dont pay alot of attention to it and live my life. And yeah MANY THINGS ARE TOO EXPENSIVE thats why i also buy many things in sales or at secondhandstores/ebay or just at h&m etc for inspiration.



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