Sunday, 18 August 2013

Birthday Gal Meet!

I have about just under an hour of freedom before I hit the road to go to London again; too little time to watch an episode of Supernatural, but just enough to blog!

I mentioned in my previous post that it was my birthday, and this post is about my birthday meet! It was only me and a couple of gals but it was just nice to hang out and see people that I don't usually see on a daily basis. My boyfriend was round mine for the weekend as well so he came along. Thank goodness there were other guys there that he could talk to!

I dressed up in oraora this time to take a break from the usual agejo, and it was so nice and refreshing! Here's my look for the day:

Me and my boyfriend on the way to the meet! 

There was me, my boyfriend, Tania, Alex, Rin, Rin's boyfriend Jamie, Amber, Silver, Emmie, and Jess! It was Silver's leaving do yesterday but I couldn't make it, so I was glad that I could meet her before she left to Japan.

We were originally going to take purikura but boy it was like a sauna in that place. Having no air conditioning didn't help and we all decided that it was best to leave it otherwise we'd melt in there. Instead we had some bubble tea at Boba Jam and then headed off to get some food at Mr Taro. I had a yummy chicken ramen.

After that we went to a nearby park to relax for a little bit. Unfortunately we hadn't taken a group photo but here are photos of me and some of the girlies:

Jess, Amber, Rin & Me

Me & Tania

Tania got me a really cute headband that she handmade and is also selling at her store Pixie Bunny! I've been eyeing it up for ages and was so happy when she said she got me a birthday present >///< Love you bby <333

It was starting to get a bit chilly (because despite it being sunny, it was pretty windy) so we decided to wander around and see if we could find somewhere to sit, and instead found a Pret-A-Manger which was even colder because of the air conditioning -_- everywhere else was just so busy! We sat there for about an hour before making our way to the karaoke place which was about 20 minutes walk away, and that's where Silver, Emmie and Jess said their goodbyes ;_;

So now it was just me, my boyfriend, Tania, Alex, Amber, Rin & Jamie! As soon as we got into the karaoke place we took a picture because the kind lady there gave us a medium room (only charging us for the small room price) and an extra 20 minutes! How amazing is that?

Alex, Tania, Jamie, Rin, Me, Amber & my boyfriend. We all look as we were possessed or something :P 

After an hour and 20 mins of singing I was feeling a bit peckish so we went upstairs to have some yummy food. It's actually a really good restaurant and it looks really posh as well!

I had chicken katsu curry! Yummy!

And that was it! By the time we had finished it was past half 8 so everyone decided that it was a bit too late to do anything else and headed home. It was such an awesome day, and I loved the karaoke because I could behave like an idiot along with everyone else, haha! My favourite song was Barbie Girl...

Look and Outfit:

Jewellery: Muse |  Top: D.I.A  | Shorts: Reveal  |  Belt: Ratuken  | Boots: random shop


  1. You look so pretty as always! <3

  2. Kristiina Laakso18 August 2013 at 15:28

    You look so gorgeous! I love your outfit and hair!

  3. This eye make looks SUPER good on you <3
    Glad to see you had a good day~

  4. Looks like you had a great day!! :D
    The headband is super cute too


  5. Yes it was pretty fun! ^^
    Thank you! I love it so much <3

  6. Thank you so much! :D And yes I did! <3

  7. B'aww thank you so much >///< <3

  8. Your eye make up looks amazing and I think that style looks really fitting on you! Glad you had fun :) Karaoke is always a hit for me! I wish last time I sung to Barbie time I got to now!

  9. Thank you so much doll! I really like oraora, but moved onto Agejo but now I'm debating whether or not to go back to it :P
    I love Karaoke because you can act like an idiot but it's okay ;D Haha yes you definitely should!

  10. Happy belated birthday sweetie! <3
    Looks like you had a lot of fun! ^__^ That katsu curry is making me drool lol.
    Your makeup looks great and I think this style fits you super well. ^o^

  11. Happy belated birthday :)
    You look great!
    Seems like you really enjoyed the day!!
    You look so cute with the pixie cat ears *Q*

  12. Thank you so much! :D
    Awh thanks >///< I felt cute haha!

  13. Thanks doll! <3
    Yes I did :3 It was gorgeous although a pretty small portion </3

    Thank you! I was thinking about whether or not to get back into oraora.. .Might try it again one day! ^^


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