Sunday, 11 August 2013

Hey There, Birthday Girl!

Right so I was going to write a blog post about my holiday but that went horribly wrong - because I am an idiot and didn't press save - so instead I'm going to write one about my birthday!

It was a pretty quiet one because I had just come back from holiday a couple of days before so really couldn't be bothered to host a big party. Instead I spent it with my sister and boyfriend and it was so perfect!

I started the day by dolling up and getting ready because I, unlike all of the other people in the house, was actually awake because I was so excited. I hadn't felt such excitement on my birthday since I was a little kiddie and it was such a lovely feeling. Then I realised it was perhaps the last day I could behave like a kid as now I'm a proper "adult" ;_;

This was my look for the day and my outfit! I finally had the chance to wear my MA*RS dress from Gorgeous Barbie <3 I absolutely love that shop, but I really should stop buying from them because I'm not a billionaire just yet ;D

Angel Eye & Luminous Change

Now onto my presents! I can't believe how lucky I was this year, I'm so happy with everything >///< I think what mattered most was because the people I loved were there <3

I unfortunately missed out a necklace ;_; 

I then went to go shopping! I didn't really buy that much as we only had an hour before the film started. These were my buys:

From good ol' Primark
All from Miss Selfridge
New Look (sorry for the blurriness!)

Then we had to rush off to watch Monsters University! It was such a good film; they tied up all of the loose ends, and the story was just so brilliant that I really wouldn't mind watching it over and over. Here's the trailer if you don't know what I'm talking about :D

And now for the dinner! We all had a meal at a local pub/restaurant and wow they really didn't disappoint. I've had dinner there before but it wasn't brilliant, but they really surprised me this time. I had some yummy steak tehe.

As I was finished eating the waitress came over... With a birthday cake fully lit with candles. I was so incredibly surprised because we were all talking about ordering a desert and the waitress just acted like normal by bringing out desert menus. It was such a lovely gesture ;_; <3

My Boyfriend, Me & My Sister <3

And then that was it! It was a fantastic day and I'm so happy that I spent it with my sister and boyfriend <3 Thank you so so much guys for making my day really special ^3^ <3 <3

Look & Outfit:

Dress: MA*RS  |  Necklace: Unknown  |  Shoes: New Look  |  Bag: Primark



  1. Aw you cutie! Happy birthdaayyy :D :D <3 Looking so fab in that ma*rs dress!
    Is that a giant creme brulee cake??! :O Anyway so glad you had a great time! ^^
    And looking forward to holiday post (if you're gona make one) ~

  2. (人’∀’)<“Happy birthday to you♪”

    I love the dress ;w;

  3. Happy Birthday to you~~ <3
    Especially love the blazer you bought! c:
    I also find that spending Birthdays with people who matter just makes everything better. >u< The waitress was really subtle then! c: What a nice gesture~

  4. Awwh I'm so glad you had a good day! <3

  5. Happy belated birthday to you, sweetie! ^-^
    You look so happy, I'm glad you had a great birthday. ♥

    I love your dress, it looks perfect on you.
    And I love the steak you had. xD
    But even more I love that silver wing statement necklace!! ;__; Omg, I want it! Haha.

  6. Happy belated birthday! Your eyes are really pretty here and you look great in that dress ^__^

  7. Thank you so much! :D
    Yes it's one of my favourite dresses <3 I'm so happy I had the chance to wear it!

  8. Thank you! Yes I had such a great time :D

    Thank you >///< I love MA*RS so much because it actually fits me hahahaha~
    Yes I've been looking for this wing necklace for so long! You should get one :D

  9. Thanks doll! :D
    I've been eyeing up the blazer for a while, so just had to buy it >///< Now I need to figure out what to wear it with haha :P

    Yes I agree completely! <3

    She really was o_o Hence I had to stare at the cake for a bit before realising it was for me :P

  10. B'aww thanks honey <33333
    It's a chocolate gateau <3 My favourite kind of cake! ^^

    I'm hoping to do one soon but because of the amount of problems I had with writing it, it might take a while ;_;

  11. Aww, looks like you had an amazing time! :D The birthday cake thing was so cute. <3 Was really nice seeing you again yesterday and meeting your boyfriend. :)

  12. Kristiina Laakso12 August 2013 at 16:01

    You look gorgeous as always! I love your dress! I have also seen that Monter´s University, it was so good! :D

  13. Love your dress! And So happy you had a great birthday honey <3

  14. Thanks doll! I think it might be the last MA*RS one I buy for a while now, need to save up ;_;
    B'aww thank you ^3^ <3

  15. Thanks doll! :D
    Yes it's such a good film isn't it? I loved it <3

  16. I really did tehe >/////<
    Ikr? I was so surprised and happy :D And it's my favourite sorta' cake, too!

    Yes it really was! <3

  17. so much MA*RS so little money. its so tempting to buy more but we can't let our bank accounts suffer ;w;

  18. What a pleasant way to spend your bday! I will most likely do that for mine next year since turning 22 isn't really a big deal. You looked lovely as always!

  19. I'm in love with your dress too *_* So cute! Happy birthday once again (on instag) despite it was few days ago, ahah *baka*
    Just wanna say taht ^^
    Have a sweet day~


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