Sunday, 25 August 2013

MA*RS Twins!

I can't believe how the summer holidays have flown by! It's been a weeks since my holiday in Germany (which I still have to write about), my birthday is long gone, and you know what? I enjoyed every second of it. This summer holiday has definitely been the best I've had in ages because I've been able to actually arrange and attend meets as well as visit my family a hell of a lot more. 

Me and my lovely friend Tania decided to meet up to do a MA*RS day just two days after meeting for my birthday gal meet, and went as "twins"! I had so much fun, and it was lovely just being able to spend a day eating, chatting, and taking lots of purikura.

In order of the "twinning" to work we tried to figure out what MA*RS clothes we had that were similar but unfortunately we didn't have any, so instead we planned to have the same hairstyle (curled pigtails) and wear the same headband!

We met up at this bubble tea place; I was a bit early so I had this gorgeous bubble tea (that I can't remember the name of ;_;) and some spicy fried tofu!

Sipping on my milk tea as I wait!

When Tania arrived we headed out to get some food because I was a greedy git hahaha. She took me to this restaurant that did massive - and I mean massive - portions. Just take a look at mine!

After our lunch we went to take some purikura!

It seems like the purikura place in London is still yet to close down, but it's obvious that it's going to. Most of the booths had been packed away but luckily our beloved Japanese booth was still there <3

It's so hard to choose my favourites so here are my top three! 

And the rest of them... We took two sets because they were on a special offer and chose to get the bigger ones instead of the usual 16. 

I really enjoyed taking puri with her! We messed around quite a lot and pulled silly poses and it was so much fun! I love those kind of puris <3

Me & My Bby Tania <3333

Because it was still pretty early (ish) we thought a little shopping spree was in order so headed out to Camden Town. I didn't get anything because I'm desperately trying to save money (which is so not happening right now) and I didn't really see anything I liked. Tania bought some really cute cat tops and sweater though that I wish I had bought in the end! Oh well.

My feet then started to hurt after a while so we went to a nearby coffee place to have a drink and we were there for aaaaages talking about the most random of things! We soon realised that it was getting really late so we went back to the station and headed home.

Look and outfit:

Top lashes: Sakurina Buty Eye  |  Lower Lashes: Luminous Change (Pixie Bunny)

Headband: Pixie Bunny  |  Set: MA*RS  |
Jewellery: MA*RS (Gorgeous Barbie)  |  Shoes: Top Shop

On the train home I was thinking about my addiction to MA*RS and realised that I really should stop buying that stuff. Ever since I started buying MA*RS I began to think that it was the only way to dress agejo when that's totally not right! I need to figure out some "everyday agejo" coords that doesn't rely heavily on MA*RS... For the sake of my bank and my addiction!
So if anyone sees me buying more MA*RS after this week (I had cheekily bought some MA*RS bags and purse) then gimme' a slap on the wrist! Haha.

Anyway, that's all for today!



  1. stunning ;w; may I ask where do you buy ma*rs clothes?

  2. Kristiina Laakso25 August 2013 at 12:35

    I love your Ma*rs outfit and your hairs are so cutee~

  3. Awh thank you >///<
    I get them from a variety of places ^^ Sometimes on Gyaru Sales, and other times on Gorgeous Barbie!

  4. From the colour of the drink, I would guess it's some sort of melon tea?

  5. Yeah I think so ! Think it was melondew or something like that..

  6. Wow you Both Look absolute awesome seriously! I love this ma.*rs set so much! It's so pretty! And so so cool that you guys can make purikuras I wish we could too! But our store closed ><. Love you Sui

  7. You look absolutely adorable! LOVE that dress on you ^__^

  8. ohh, thank you :D

  9. Awh thanks bby <3333 Yeah our store is closing down as well unfortunately ;_; Love <333

  10. So cute! The dress is so adorable and your eye make is so sexy *A*

  11. Awh thank you so much! >///<
    I'm starting to like this eye make now :D

  12. Aww you both are cuties <3 Glad to see you had fun ^^
    But but but ma*rs is too beautiful to give up D;

  13. B'awww thanks girly <333333
    I know right? I just... My bank can't handle it anymore ;_; I would love to be a MA*RS gal but Idk if I'll get bored of it D:

  14. Ma*rs is really addictive, ahaha! I think if I had much money I will sale all their stuff. Gambatte Lizzie :) It quite hard to save money but you can do it ^^
    Byou ~

  15. Awww you guys look cute! My favorite was the first set of pics y'all took together XD muscle woman!

  16. Both of you are super cute! :3
    I've been getting into MA*RS too!

  17. Thanks so much! :3
    It's so addictive, isn't it? It's just such a beautiful brand *_*

  18. B'awww thanks bby <333 Yes I love that set too! <3

  19. Haha yeah same! When I'm rich and famous (in my dreams) I'll just buy everything from them hahahaha~
    I will ! I'll try my best :D

    Awh thanks darling <3

  20. Your outfit is so cute and i love those purikuras, they really show you had lots of fun!! and the headband is lovely!


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