Sunday, 8 September 2013

Last Days of Freedom

It's that time of year when the summer holidays are coming to the close and everyone goes back to uni. Thank goodness I wrote my previous post, "How To Be A Gyaru & A Student" in time! I hope that you all found it useful and are enjoying your new year at school/college/uni.

I've been thinking a lot about how my bank is suffering tremendously from the amount of online shopping I do, MA*RS in particular. It’s such a beautiful brand but I really need to stop buying stuff!

A new idea then popped into mind: why don’t I do a budget gal challenge? I’m thinking of only spending £50 a month on gal and each month I’ll go down by, say, £5 or £10, and see if I can survive (haha). My bank will thank me for it and I could then use that money for uni supplies.

Ah, uni. I miss it so much so I’m really looking forward to going back and studying my final year! I can already see my social life coming to an end but I’m going to work my ass off to make sure I could still see my friends outside of uni & work.

So I guess my shopping trip with Charli & Emi will be one of my last days of freedom and of spending! Charlie had recently gotten back from ‘Merica and I haven’t really spent much time with Emi before, but I had such an amazing day! Was very girly filled with shopping (although I didn’t buy much). I went for the more casual-agejo look because although I do love MA*RS I really need to search for new coords that don't really rely on that brand. I guess I did cheat a little in my outfit as I attached a MA*RS bow that I bought recently, but oh well! At least I'm trying.

We met up in Chinatown to have some food before heading off to Stratford, bursting with excitement to buy some really cute cat clothes that we saw a couple of weeks back. When we got there… Well, we couldn’t find anything! I was so disappointed but luckily I found this amazing cat t-shirt that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. We then had a look in some other shops before heading to Pink Berry for some healthy yogurt.

Yeah… It ended up being not-so-healthy in the end for me! I had my mind set on getting something with strawberries, kiwi fruit, original yogurt, but that thought flew out the window as soon as the shop assistant asked if I wanted caramel yogurt. I ended up having caramel yogurt with chocolate sauce, Smarties, Belgian chocolate buttons and white chocolate. Not very healthy (and ended up being so sickly).

My "healthy" yogurt

My buys: T-shirt & skirt from Forever21, case from Primark

And that was it! It’s crazy how eating and shopping could take up so much time, but it was lovely nevertheless <3 I can’t wait until the next time I go shopping because I’m going to save up so I could actually buy stuff!

Me & the cuties <3

Look & Outfit

Top: Primark  |  Skirt: Primark  |  Heels: DreamV  |  Bow: MA*RS  | Jewellery: Muse

Guess that'll be it for today! Kind of a short post, but hey, short and sweet ;D

So... Would anyone else like to join me for this budget gal challenge? I'm hoping to expand it a bit more in my next post of the ways I'm going to cut down on spending. Would be awesome to hear your views on this, and maybe some input on what you do on a budget!

Until next time~



  1. Maybe a budget lifestyle challenge? Actually, it wouldn't work properly because I hardly spend anything anyway, and I'm about enter a few weeks of assignment hell so I'll be hermetically sealed from the world...

  2. Yeah that's what I'm hoping to do! I wrote an article ages and ages ago abot it so might just follow what I wrote on there :3

  3. yes yes yesss im so going to try this gyaru on a budget thing~
    also omg i have to say both that icecream AND YOUR LEGS are so amazing ;A; <3

  4. Pinkberry is so good *Q* Your legs are so long and sexy!!!

  5. I've been trying to do the whole budget gal thing for a while. I finally just gave up and decided to open my own store. It's been really hard even finding gal stuff here in the USA.

  6. Yeah I managed to do it for like 2 years but then I found MA*RS and... Well, you know the rest of the story ;D
    Oh awesome! It's quite easy to buy stuff from the UK online ^^

  7. Yesss I love it! *_* I am definitely going to get a healthier version next time though :P
    Awh thank you! ^3^

  8. Yay! We can do it haha! :D I'm doing well so far :P
    B'awww thank you so much>/////<

  9. It's so bloody hard here. Plus, there's the issue of scammers. :-/ People saying something is authentic, but it isn't. I don't mind replicas at all, I just don't want to pay an authentic item price for something that isn't authentic. Grrr.... Shipping between the USA and UK isn't that bad, but the rest of Europe is ridiculously expensive...and of course, from Asia it's pretty bad.


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