Sunday, 29 September 2013

Oh Happy Days: Updates & Gal VIP!

Apparently the older you get, the less you experience of the year.
Like you know how the year seems to go by really slowly when you're 5 years old? And how it's going past really quick now that you're (x)? That's because we're only really "experiencing" 1/x amount of the year. So I'm "experiencing" only 1/20th of it right now.

How creepy is that?

Which is why I was incredibly surprised when I realised that it was time to write about blog post! I've been so caught up with my dissertation that it's Thursday before I even knew it. Damn. Didn't help that I was stressed because I was an idiot and tipped a pint of summer fruits squash over my laptop so had to wait for it to dry and pray that it worked okay. 

It turned out okay - it has been okay so far though - so now I'm able to write this blog post. Woop woop!

Quite a bit has happened since I last posted; I met up with my gorgeous girly Charli to go for one last bit of shopping before uni started, and I was extra careful not to splurge. Go me! I managed to find that meow crop sweater that I had been looking for for ages, and also got my hands on an Ageha issue <3

First day at uni was pretty good; I got to see my classmates again and managed to talk to one of my lecturers about my dissertation so that I'm now ready to start researching my ass off. It's a good thing I like researching new things because I'd totally be having panic attacks right now...

I decided to doll up because I had aaaaages before I had to go into uni, and wanted to go for the more "gyaru-kei" look that Chie & Chika do.

Top: Primark  |  Skirt: Miss Selfridge  |  Shoe Boots: New Look  |  Jewellery: Muse

On the second day I was feeling a bit crap because of all of the fandango with my laptop, and dolling up actually made me feel a hell of a lot better. How strange!

Top: Forever21  |  Shorts: Missguided  |  Shoe Boots: Hidden

Last thing before I go; Gal VIP released a new issue! I know you have been waiting so long for this release, but the editors and staff (including moi) worked really hard for this one and we hope that you will thoroughly enjoy reading it! We've even covered an article about how to deal with haters, and with this comm... Well, you should definitely check it out.

Download link: 

For those of you still loyal to mediafire (like me), we have also made it available there!

Here's one of my pages as a lil' sneak peek:

It's been designed so well! Kudos to whoever did it :D I absolutely love the layout. Think we've definitely upped our game! 

I guess that's all for now... Wow, this post turned out to be a hell of a lot longer than I expected, whoops!




  1. Cute sweater and tights! Yes, this issue of GAL VIP looked fabulous! The team really did a fantastic job as always ^ ^

  2. where do you buy magazines? o:
    and omg, girl... your legs are soooooooooooooooooo long! envy you v___v

  3. From Japan Centre in London, Piccadily ^^
    Awh thank you >/////<

  4. Thank you so much! :D
    Awh that means a lot <33333 You looked amazing in it! Hope that you can work with us more ^3^

  5. I love that you posed with your student ID for a Kogal look! XD

  6. I find dressing up tends to make me feel more confident and just overall better. c: Super love your looks! :'D

  7. no waaaay T_T I was passing by it last saturday ;-; but my friend didn;t want to go there T^T if I only knew they have such a nice things there DDDD: how much did you pay if I may ask?
    your welcome :3

  8. You're so pretty omg! Your lashes and your legs T^T
    They're so long and thin!


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