Sunday, 6 October 2013

I Wish I Was Better At...

Yep I admit it; I am awful when it comes to hairstyling. You'd think that by now I would've experimented a little bit more but nope, I haven't. Instead I've been buying up my gyaru wardrobe - having recently purchased another MA*RS dress (again). Now someone give me a slap on the wrist or something for being ever such a naughty girl, ooer.

Seriously though I really am awful at styling. I can't even do a French braid let alone curl my hair with a straightener. I've always admired how other gyaru in the community manage to style their hair elegantly into sujimori, but I guess in reality a) they got it done at a hair salon or b) they're styling a wig. If you haven't done either of those then what's your secret? I want to know!

What do you wish you were better at? Could be either a gyaru thing or a general life thing, I'd love to know in the comments below (and to also know that I'm not the only one who's crap at something). Let's share our lack of skills in something together!

Until next time! Bisous 

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P.S This is part of my gyaru meme series that my friend Bunny & I created! Click here to check it out!
P.P.S I also redid this post in a lot more detail which you can read here!


  1. I totally feel you with the hair thing >-< If it wasn't for my Prisila thingies I would be totally lost..especially sujimori things >_< THIS IS SO COMPLICATED XD Though you look lovely with every hairstyle :) <3

  2. Oh, definitely LASHES! Either they're angels and go on perfectly, or I end up with glue in my tear ducts, which ruins my eyelines and then I have to re-glue and re-apply the lashes, as well as re-draw my eyeliner. >_<

    I'd also like to do better hair and coordinates! Wigs help me out a lot with hair so it's not as bad, but when it comes to clothes, I do a lot of "oh, that's cute so I must buy it!" instead of stopping to think how things will fit into what I currently have. ^ ^;;

    I hope you'll show us your MA*RS dress when you get it, as you always look so pretty in that brand!

    Thanks for sharing~

  3. Yeah same! I think that I'm reasonable with makeup so want to concentrate on my hair before doing that because I'm a lame excuse for a woman and cannot multitask :P
    I think your makeup looks fabulous <3

    I wish I had a wig! Would be so helpful... I had one ages ago but wow it was so trashy haha :P

    It sucks so much! ;_; B'aww thank you, and the same to you!

  4. Oooh you're so lucky! Maybe you could teach me how to do my hair :P
    I know what you mean! Contouring can be a bitch, but finding the right type of contouring for your face shape makes everything look so much better :3

  5. I am so jealous of your Prisila stuff! I wish I could get my hands on some but I haven't/nor will I ever dye my hair, and my hair is a really dark shade of brown ;_;
    Awh thanks bby! :3 <3

  6. Yes I know what you mean! I had that problem when I first started gal, but now I can safely say that I'm alright when it comes to putting them on :P

    Ah you're so lucky you have wigs! They give me a headache unfortunately ;_;
    Yessss I'm like that with shopping too! Like the MA*RS dress I just bought... It's pretty, but I didn't think whether or not I'll have the accessories or shoes for it :P

    Awh thank you so so much! :D I'll definitely show a picture on here!

  7. Aww, I think your hail always looks nice on photos, though! :) But I know what you mean, some of gyaru hairstyles are really complicated. T___T

    I guess for me it would be eyebrows. I can do my eyebrows just fine, but I totally fail at doing the "gyaru-eyebrows" lol :D

  8. Awh thank you so much! Means a lot haha :D
    Yes they really are, especially the sujimori ones or those shown in Ageha ;_;

    Well I guess there isn't really a "gyaru-eyebrow" anymore, just as long as they are neat and pretty they should be fine! :3

  9. Sure! Just ask what you want to know about hairdo. I'll try to help you!
    I'm not satisfied yet with what I do. I try around a lot by taking a look into magazines. Lots of the models have similar face shapes. So it's alright but I have yet to find something I'm really happy with.

  10. Deeeeeefinetly hair ._. I have no clue what I'm doing and I'm not creative enough to come up with something *shame*. My mom used to be a hairdresser, so she always does my hair for me (lol she's my personal stylist 8D) but I need to start learning from her!

    Good luck with uni and your hair, too! (and no worries about buying a MA*RS dress! Yolo right (that was a bit uncalled for 8DD))

  11. ahaha omg I thought I was the only one! I also cant curl my hair with a straightener :D
    Its like EVERYBODY does it (even my little sister ,_,) and I just dont get it.. I hate it when I say "oh I forgot my curling iron do you have one?" and they just give me their straightener and when they see the look on my face they are always like "what? you are able to curl your hair with it, arent you?" like it is freaking normal but its NOT.

    Okay sorry for this long text /D Just wanted to say you are not alone! <3

  12. YAYAYAYAYAY YOU AND ME BOTH :D My sister is really good at curling with a straightener, and I'm so ridiculously jealous ;_; People make it look so easy to do! And then when I try to do it it just doesn't work ;_;


  13. Looks like I'm not the only one suffering then, haha! Oh you're so lucky you have your mum to help you~ I have to make do with what I can :P

    Thank you so so much :D Hahahah :P I can't wait until it arrives *_*

  14. You are always working so hard, I'm glad you bought yourself such a great treat :)

    Remember that hair styling is something creative so have fun with it :D :D


  15. I am a begginer so I am bad in all xD I try to do contourning but it look strange. I can't straight my hair that don't stay all the day...I will by a wig xD
    Oh! I am keen on eye make up maybe.
    I think everyone are bad on something we just need to improve ;) So work!
    Good luck!

    Ps: new ma*rs clothes? I need to saw that *_*

  16. Oh wow! Haha i wish i had the talent to be able to curl my hair like that >_<
    i can't french braid my hair either!! I usually just leave my hair down cos i'm not expert at hair :'( Glad i'm not the only one though heheh :P


  17. Gosh...Your hair looks perfect...Mine looks like a mess even when I try to arrange or style it a bit . I know I`m a total fail at stylit my hair. >.< But I`m still trying...and I`ll try until something good will happen with my styling! lol


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