Sunday, 17 November 2013

A New Territory

persunmall, mode gyaru

This past month or so has been a nightmare for me in terms of gal makeup; after my day at expo my eye got really red and swollen, a sign that I had an allergic reaction to the glue. You could imagine my despair, and since then I haven't been wearing any false lashes as I'm still testing out different glues to figure out which one's best for me.

Top: Persunmall | Shorts: Reveal | Tights: Select | Shoe Boots: New Look

You could say that because of this, I've been pretty depressed. I have gone days without makeup and my confidence spiralled down dramatically, but now I've started to emerge and I'm slowly picking that confidence back up. Luckily I've rediscovered my love of makeup without having to use false lashes, fully relying on mascara and eyeliner.

I'm not too sure where I'm headed but for now I'm quite comfortable not doing full-on gal makeup and wearing onee/mode gal clothes. It sounds really dramatic and pathetic but I keep over-thinking that I would never be able to do gyaru ever again. I mean, what is a gyaru without lashes? I still love gyaru, but I want to make sure that my eye is okay before I do anything else. I still do contouring but my makeup is taking me the more non-gal route. I have fallen in love with Yuria Kushido and her dark lips, so wanted to try it out myself and put together a mode-gal coord. The top from Persunmall is absolutely perfect for this look, and I can see myself wearing it a lot more.


  1. Eh, I just did a quick search online and seems once your allergic to eyelash glue... your allergic. But they were referring to lash extension glue... I was able to find Blink (AD) Adhesive 10ml this glue, apparently, it's good for people with sensitive eyes. Costs a lot though and apparently doesn't last long... Otherwise, try Revlon as it's Latex free, which I guess is what most people are actually allergic to.

    I was allergic (or sensitive) for a while, or... my eyes would water from the glue. I just tried black eyelash glue and it's fine now and I'm not allergic to either. :/

    Possibly the most unhelpful person ever.

  2. Yeah it really, really sucks. I've tried Revlon and that made my eye go red and swollen after a couple of times even though it worked fine the first time ><"

    It's so annoying! I'm trying out DUO Latex-Free adhesive right now. Fingers crossed it works!

    Ah okay! Well, I'll see what I can do. Hopefully I won't have to stop wearing lashes...

  3. Aww, that totally sucks! I hope you'll find some lash glue that works for you very soon! Make-up without false lashes also suits you well. The false lashes don't make the look, they just finish it, so you're fine without them too ^^ Good luck~!

  4. Sorry to hear that. :(
    But I personally think that you're even more beautiful in a natural and mature way without using falsies. <3
    Anyways, hope that your eye will fully recover and that you'll find a glue which won't irritate your eyes.

  5. You're so pretty my dear! I love your outfit, you're so perfect!!

    Moeri chan

  6. Thank you so much darling! Means a lot :D

  7. Awh thank you so much for being supportive ;_; Hopefully my mood will pick up soon and I can find away… But right now this is the only alternative I have <3

  8. I hope so too ;_; Currently trying out DUO Latex-free glue and it seems to be working so far.
    Thank you so much bby ^3^

  9. Aw I hope your eyes get better! Haha I feel the same way; after gal makeup, it's hard to get back to usual makeup.. it's just not flattering enough hehe :P but you look amazing in the photos. Take care!! <3

  10. a few days ago I bought Eye Candy lash glue from ebay. it doesn't contain latex (and I'm allergic to all of these glues with latex D: ) and my eyes don't feel so... hmmm.. uncomfortable : D now I can finally wear falsies again :3

  11. Aww so sorry to hear about your allergic reaction dear D: That sounds awful. Hopefully you can find a brand that doesn't have the ingredients you're allergic too. I think your style is still lovely so it's good to hear your confidence was picked up again after that. ^ ^ Good luck with everything!

  12. I hope so too! Currently using DUO latex-free glue and it's working so far but I've only tried it twice ><"
    Awh thank you so much, that means a lot to me :D <3

  13. Aah I tried Eye Candy but my lashes fell off within the hour and my bottom lashes didn't stay on for long either ;_; I'm glad it's working for you though :3

  14. Thanks so much bby <333
    Yes it's so annoying! But I'm slowly figuring it out anyway ;D

    Thank you ^3^

  15. Thank you so much sweetie, means a lot <3
    But yes that's true! I'll probably focus more on my coords and buying more accessories etc :D
    Thank you! <3


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