Sunday, 3 November 2013

Baby Come Back

Oui c'est moi, Lizzie, back from her much-deserved break! Eurgh I seriously needed it as the past few weeks have been crazy! I'm so excited to be back not wearing makeup to uni and doing lots of work... Not.

Anyways, today's post is about my time at MCM Expo! I was working with my bby Tania at her Pixie Bunny stall and I had so much fun! I met loads of new people despite working behind the stall, and took part in the fashion show representing Agejo-gal. I was so nervous though, so when it was my turn to walk down the 'catwalk' I rushed my poses so I could hurry away. How embarrassing ><" Luckily I worked alongside Jada and Rosanna, or I would've died in embarrassment.

Here's me and my lovely Tania <3

I was also working right behind Charli and Dom who were working at the hentai store and omg she's got such amazing boobs *_* People couldn't stop staring at her, and I joked that she's the reason why they had so many customers hahahaha.

Oh and something really amazing happened. I was serving one of our customers and she looked up at me and exclaimed, "Oh!" I got a bit worried until she asked if I ran a blog called mysticthorn, and told me she was one of my readers >///< I was so happy! It's such an amazing feeling, and the cutie even asked if she could have a photo so here's me and her!

Her FB page:

I mentioned that I went on the catwalk, didn't I? And how I was so nervous that I felt like such a fail? Well, here are some photos!

Credit goes to Leti!

After the catwalk we had some photos taken of us individually and as groups! :3

I absolutely love this photo <3 Me, Jada & Rosanna!

Okay so I'm kind of running out of words so I guess I can let the photos do the talking.

Me wearing one of Pixie Bunny's rabbit ears! Aren't they adorable?

Photo from Marie~

A special mention to Svetlana who I finally got to meet after knowing her for seven years!

You could tell I had so much fun by the way that I'm grinning like an idiot in almost all of my photos, d'oh! Oh well...

Look & Outfit

This was my look for the day ~ I woke up super early in order to curl my hair, only for it to die because our darling England seemed to be suffering from a lot of wind & rain this month >_>

Jewellery: MA*RS and Primark
Top: MA*RS
Skirt: MA*RS
Socks: Peacocks
Heels: Dorothy Perkins

I guess that's all for now! Wow it's getting cold now isn't it? So warm up my darlings! Don't want you all getting ill or anything (like I did the other week ;_;) <3

Love you all! <3

P.S I actually had to cut down on the majority of my photos because there were so many ^^"


  1. you looked stunning! I wish I was there D: I never know about all the events and expos here hahaha orz x.x

  2. Eilish Victoria Clason3 November 2013 at 14:45

    the girl who asked if you run a blog,thats Sachie,shes a cosplayer in Canada

  3. Awh thanks so much bby! >///< Awh it wouldn't been nice to meet you!
    All expos take place in London every year in May and October :3 Maybe I could meet you next time! :3

  4. Ooh thank you! I need to tag a link to her page~

  5. Yaay it was lovely meeting you! I was really surprised because I had no idea that you were going to be there! Your whole look+coord was gorgeous ahhh I'm going to try taking a bit more of a gyaru inspiration to my makeup now! :>

    Hopefully I'll see you at MCM again or something since I'll be in England until July :D

  6. You look so adorable ahhhhh! lol I think you did a great job from what I can see of those photos of you on the catwalk. Werq et! :D I hate it when you curl your hair and the weather just decides to say "No, no cute hairstyle for you today! >:c" super annoying. You must have had oodles of fun! It'd be great if I could volunteer for such events like these.

  7. Oooh hey! :D

    Yeah I totally forgot to post on my Facebook page that I was going to go to expo ;_; Silly me!
    Awh thank you so so much <33333 Yesss! And please show me what you come up with! :D You've got such pretty eyes so it'll be perfect for you.

    Oooh okay that'll be brilliant! I'll defo be there in May :D

  8. djlgbkjdfsbgkjbg thank you so so much >///<
    Haha I'm glad you think so! I felt so down about it afterwards ><"
    Yep yep. Plus my hair is super healthy - too healthy for gal - so it doesn't hold styles very well at all.
    Yes it was awesome! :3

  9. Looks like so much fun and you looked AMAZING too! :D

    Super cute about the reader too :3 :3


  10. B'aww thank you so so much lady <3333 Wish you were there! I have yet to meet you!
    Yes it really was! It pretty much made my day :D

  11. I absolutely adore that last photo of you! Too cute <3

  12. Ahhh, so many cute outfits! <3333
    Glad you had fun. I think you're perfect for modelling and runway :DD

  13. Yes I absolutely adored the outfits too! <3
    Thank you so much sweetie! ^3^ TEhehe >///<

  14. Everyone looks so beautiful! I love your outfit and so many others *w* I'm glad you enjoyed it! You look amazing~

  15. Yes they really did! I loved each and every one of their outfits~
    Awh thanks bby >////< Means a lot! <333


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