Sunday, 24 November 2013

Things Are Looking Up

Okay so I realised that my last blog post was a bit pessimistic so I'd first like to thank all those who posted really supportive comments. I think I've finally found a glue that works for my eyes but I guess only time can tell really. Right now I'm perfectly satisfied with just sticking to eyeliner and eye shadow, and I'm focusing more on my lips now too.

This time I'm going to post some really good news! I'm very pleased to announce that I am Pixie Bunny's official Vlogger! It's very exciting for me because I absolute adore that store, with the amazing Pixie Late as owner/producer; they sell so many beautiful products and most are hand made too!

They have recently released a Pixie Couture line including these cute Rosebud Cat Ears Headband that I wore on the day of vlogging. Here's a photo of me taken from their website with the cute lil' logo on it:

Blog link:

And some other photos!

Me trying to be sexy hur hur

This is one of the outfits I put together to go with the cat ears headband. I have some more on our video right near the bottom of this post.

Rosebud Cat Ears: Pixie Bunny | Sweater: Select | Skirt: Forever21 | OTK Socks: Primark

Please watch the introductory video for more information and also support us by sharing and subscribing to our channel 

Thank you so much darlings! Would mean so much to me if you could support me, and hopefully you'll see more of my collaborations with Pixie Bunny in future.

Useful links:
Pixie Bunny Shop
Pixie Bunny's Youtube
Pixie Bunny's Facebook
Pixie Bunny's Twitter
Pixie Bunny's Instagram




  1. ^.^ Yay!! I watched the first vlog and I can't wait to see more! I loved the car ears with the jumper your wearing by the way!!! I think they match really well <3 I'm glad you're feeling better or just more optimistic anyways! That makes me happy to know others are happy (as silly as that sounds)!! ^.^ Okies!! That's all I wanna say I guess <3

  2. Awh yay I'm so happy to hear that! ^3^ I really enjoyed doing it so I'll be doing lots more in future :3
    Thank you so much! Was a pretty casual coord but perfect for winter as it's really easy to layer up.
    Thank you sweetie <3

  3. Wow I love your accent! <3
    The bunny ears are so cute! I looked at Pixie Bunny! Wow they have some cute things <3 Been so busy haven't had time to read your blog lately T___T wahhh

  4. Awh thanks sugar! I thought I sounded really funny hahahaha <3
    Yes they have such adorable products! I hope to be getting some more soon nearer to Xmas time.
    Awh that's fine <3 All that matters is that you're here now :D <3

  5. Awww well congrats on the good news! You're so lucky! :D They picked the perfect person to represent for their company. I'll be sure to subscribe to that channel ^ ^

  6. N'aww, this headband is just too cute! ;3; I can't!!
    Also love your hair. <3

  7. Thank you so much doll! :D <3
    Yes it's an absolutely adorable store <3 Gonna' include some items in my Xmas wishlist methinks!

  8. Ikr? I'm in love with it *_* Perfect for winter coords!
    Hahahaha why thank you >///<

  9. Thank you! It really made my week and lifted my mood :D
    Thank you so much hunny, means a lot <3333

  10. You are so cute in that video! <3

    I can't get over your adorable little accent >3<;;

    I love how you made outfits to show off the accessories.

    It really helps show off the product!


  11. You're welcome and no problem ^ ^ Happy to hear that!

  12. B'awww thanks so so much >////<

    Thank you! I'm hoping to create some more soon to post on Pixie Bunny's instagram ! :D

  13. Ahhh you are just too cute. ♡

  14. What the fuck are you doing biting your finger like that? Are you trying to look hot? It doesn't work

  15. Cute post smelly bum *,* <3

  16. Hence why I wrote "Me trying to be sexy hur hur". Read closely before you make rude comments on my blog.


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