Sunday, 15 December 2013

It's A Love/Hate Relationship

Okay I don't know how many times I've written this post but boy this must be what, the fifth or sixth time where I just deleted everything and wrote again? I don't know. Oh well, hopefully this will be the last time I write this blog post (or I swear I'm just gonna' give up and have nothing but pictures on it, haha).

Gal, to me, is a bit of a love/hate relationship; yes I've finally managed to find a glue that's suitable for my eye but I do go OCD and make sure I wash my brushes etc every time before I use them. This is kind of a pain in the butt so I tend only to do gal make once a week because I just don't have the time for it… And mainly because when I doll up I end up taking pictures instead of doing what I should be doing i.e. driving to uni. Whoops.

So I might be posting some coords etc on here but skip the gal make and hair. Right now I just want to focus on my coords before moving onto anything else. I put hair last because I really, really suck at doing hair. If only I had a personal hair stylist or someone to help me out with this!

I’m going to make Sunday my gal day so that I can feel “normal”. It's basically what I did before I started doing it everyday and then f*cking up my eye and making my skin go all sensitive. Until then I'll be doing natural makeup everyday. It's not gal but I'm happy, and that's the most important thing, right?

Enough of the chit chat and onto the photos! Doing agejo again because damn I love that style so much ❤

I actually really like the photo above! It's weird because I took this when I turned off my table lamp and it produced a really nice 'glow'. Unfortunately it does make my face look a little too orange and drown my blusher though haha.

I went for the softer gal makeup as this is the eyeshadow technique that I normally use in my daily makeup.

Top lashes: Sakurina Fairy Lash Beauty Eye | Bottom lashes: KKCenterHK

Top & Skirt: MA*RS | Belt: GOLDS Infinity | Heels: Dorothy Perkins | Jewellery: Muse
Close up details~

So how often do you do gal? Are you all lucky enough to actually have time to do it everyday? If so, I'm uber jealous of you. Damn I miss those days where I can wear lashes every day without worrying about anything.

That’s all for now. Talk soon!



  1. When I was in NZ I do it more often minus the hair because I suck at doing hair D:
    In Japan whenever I wake up early enough to do it D: Usually 2-3 times a week or so ^^
    Where do you buy your Ma*rs?! I've been looking for some of the old prints =[ with no luck

  2. I truly understand you when it comes to hair. I`m a failure at hairstyling , but I`m still trying. I didn`t lose my hope. Well...I`m doing gal once or twice a week and I should be doing it more as I`m new to it , but I don`t have enough time because of school. >.> Good that holidays are coming soon~! <3

  3. Eurgh I'm so glad that I'm not the only one! I feel embarrassed when I admit that I'm really crap at hair haha.
    Ooh so we're pretty much in the same position then! I'm pretty much only free like once a week because of work/uni.

    Yes! Can't wait until Xmas! <3

  4. Aija_WanderHartje15 December 2013 at 19:41

    So cute! Love the outfit! Oh my gosh, girl, your legs are so long gorgeous.
    I wish I had more time for gal too. Sometimes I get halfway, like just an outfit put together, or just the makeup done and I don't have time for the other half, haha

  5. I actually am too lazy to do everything, like: gal outfit, gal make up, gal hair ;___; I often just let my hair like it is or straighten it xD I don't have time to do gyaru make up for school and it would be weird.. so I also focus on my outfits instead ^^

    btw I think it would look good if you mak eyour eyemake up more "droppy", to make a bigger space between your lashline and the fake bottom lashes :)

    And maybe take lashes that are a bit longer at the highest point of your eye, that would make them look even bigger ^.^
    but well I'm just a beginner-gal so .. xD
    I really love your coords! In my opinion you have the best agejo-outfits of all :) <33

  6. Yeah I know that feeling! Sometimes I just leave my hair as it is like you do :P I really can't be bothered to do anything with it most of the time. Glad I'm not the only one!

    Oooh yes I haven't done droopy eye makeup in a while! Kind of miss it. Thanks for the advice :D

    Doesn't matter if you're a beginner or not! I accept advice from everyone :D

    B'aww you cutie, thank you so much! :D

  7. Awh thank you so much doll! <3
    Yeah that's what I've been going through the last couple of weeks :/ When I first started uni I was okay doing everything, then just eye makeup... And now I don't even do that anymore.

  8. I'm the same with hair haha. For me though I'm just afraid of damaging it and also I'm lazy with washing out all the hairspray and whatnot.

    I'm happy that you found a focus and are able to pace yourself to improve ^__^ I usually only do gal when I'm going out somewhere special or when I have the extra time. I'd say minimum once a week, max probably 3 or 4 days (but I try not to do too many days as circle lenses really mess up your eyes if you wear them for so long!).

    I think you look really pretty in that picture as well!! My only suggestion is maybe throw on some lipgloss to really make your whole look come together~ <3 Also for the lower lashes, you can slide a tweezer or cotton swab under them and "lift" them up a little as they're drying. That way they'll look a little more natural! (if that makes any sense at all lol.)

    Ahh this ended up so long. Anyways I'm excited to see your new coords! Cheers <3

  9. Yeah same :/ My hair is way too healthy and doesn't really hold styles, so maybe I should damage it a little haha?

    That's why I don't wear circle lens anymore! They really irritated my eyes and made them go all red and sore, and I'd rather not wear them if they're going to damage my sight even further ><"

    Thanks doll ^3^ I wore lipstick in this one~ Haven't worn lipgloss in ages! It doesn't really show up on my lips very well as they are so dark ;_; But I might try putting some clear gloss over my lipstick to give it a bit of an oomph!
    Ooh okay thank you ~ I totally forgot to do that for this photo! Poo! I'll defo do it next time though :D Thanks so much!

    B'awww thank you >///< Hopefully I can come up with some good ones haha! <3

  10. Keep it healthy! Split ends are no fun :<
    Maybe you can experiment with some straight styles~

    That's a good idea. I briefly went on prescription colored contacts, but they're just so darn pricey. I resulted to just not using lenses for a while and only wearing CL's when I'm putting on a face. Otherwise it's just glasses/clear lenses for me!

    Clear gloss is a god send, especially when you've already got the perfect pout going on!

    No problem ^__^ I really look forward to your future posts! <3 <3 <3

  11. haha I'm gald too >< also my skin is sensitive so full make up everyday would kinda destroy it xD
    I was afraid you could take my advice the wrong way, but you are soo nice ^.^

  12. Yeah it really really sucks D: I make sure that I have a bare face for at least once a week to let my skin breathe.
    Haha no of course I wouldn't take it the wrong way :D Awh thank you!

  13. Ah man yeah split ends are evil D:

    They really are aren't they :/ Sucks so much! I tend to just wear my clear contact lens or glasses as well.

    Awh thank you! :D <3


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