Sunday, 19 January 2014

Living the Gal Life: London Gal Meet

"The higher the hair, the closer you are to God."

Hey! How's your week been so far?
The past few weeks of stress and lack of sleep was totally worth it; I managed to finish my projects a couple of weeks early, and I celebrated it by going to a gal meet! It was my friend Jada's birthday some time ago but oh well! It was so much fun. We had some bubble tea, took purikura (something that's now obligatory for a gal meet in my opinion), and then went off to do some karaoke! It was actually really relaxing because before I knew it I had to head home. I wish I could've stayed for longer… Stupid trains and their engineering work.

I did a half-do hairstyle with long and beautifully tight curls… Well, that's what it did look like until an hour later. I swear my hair is absolutely terrible when it comes to holding styles! This photo was taken when I was on the bus waiting to go to London, only 40 minutes after I had finished curling my hair with a small curler.

Hair died within 40 minutes... Boo ;_;

See what I mean?

I need to do something about it because I love having my hair curled. I'm going to be looking at some more hair curlers and techniques… What curlers do you use? Please comment below! I need some help deciding.
My dear Yamii also wore MA*RS! I'm so happy that I've now converted her to the agejo side, mwahahaha. She looked gorgeous with her stockings... I wish I was confident enough to wear them. I haven't even been able to wear my MA*RS socks yet.
We took so many selfless that I joked that it would look like that it was only a meet for us two. Luckily I did take some photos with other people, but our group was so big that it was hard to pull someone aside for one second. So I've only got a few photos, sorry!

The first of our many selfies

I'll now let the photos do the talking! Phew, I rambled quite a bit, didn't I?

Me and Yamii have matching purses!

Chriss and I. Her rings are absolutely amazing!

Kei (the hostess of this meet) and I. I've missed her so much!
Photo courtesy of Kei

Most of the group (as our group ended up being huge so not everyone could fit). Photo courtesy of Kei.
From left to right: Me, Mikki, Yamii, Laurenn, Jada, Kuri, Chriss, Marie, Amelie and Nwando

Me and the birthday girl, Jada!

Marie and I~ I couldn't stop staring at her fabulous stockings

Yamii has this fujifilm camera and now I really want one ;_;

There were so many of us that we split into two groups. Unfortunately the scanners didn't work at the purikura place (so disappointing... The guy working there didn't scan them properly! Bit annoyed but what can you do?) so I've only got a few, and at a really poor quality. I first took puri with the group but then me and Yamii went off to do some puri, just us two!

Gal's blogs: Yamii, Amelie, Chriss, Marie, Kuri

Karaoke! Guess who was the idiot that ruined the photo...
Photo courtesy of Amelie

And then I headed home because of stupid train times, and I somehow managed to arrive home just in time for the Sherlock finale. It was a win/win situation ;D

Outfit and Makeup

I was going to wear the whole set but it really wasn't suitable for this weather at all. I wore two layers of tights and that hoodie really kept me so warm. I'm so happy I bought it in the end.

That's all for today! Sorry for the lack of purikura... Their scanners better work next time >_>

So, do you go to gal meets often? What do you like about them? And for those who haven't been to one, you totally should because they are really fun!



  1. you guys are so cute <3 and looks like you had a lot of fun :D
    I've never been to a gyaru meet D:

  2. Aww such a cute group. :) I'm really happy that you had a good time with the girls. I've never attended a gyaru meet actually. I wouldn't consider myself gyaru and I don't have many gyaru friends in real life, so that's probably why. xD

    Oh dear, I have the exact same problem with my hair. .__. It's naturally super straight and heavy, so curls won't stay for a very long time. :/ But what worked best for me are hot rollers, though.

  3. Thank you! :D
    Ah okay~ Well if you were gyaru and did have gyaru friends in real life, would you ever go to a meet? I'm so glad I did because I had so much fun :D

    It's so annoying, isn't it? ;_; I would totally use rollers but I don't have any ;_;

  4. Awww!! I was in London a few months ago! You are lovely and I love your outfit!!!
    Seems that you really have a good time :) Everything MA*RS hahaha
    Are you going to the Frankfurt meeting? <3

  5. So pretty!!
    I love the quote at the beginning of this post. (:
    I wish there were people around me who liked gal style. And there's no where to to real purikura. Just the cheapo US versions. D:

  6. The Meet Looks like a lot of fun ♪( ´θ`)ノ And I love the First Pic of you in this post, its super cute!!! + I love ma*rs 💖💕💖awesome coord!!

  7. Yes it really was! I had an amazing time.
    Awh thank you so much cutie ^3^ I love MA*RS tooooo! <3333

  8. B'aww thank you so much >///<
    Yes we did, thank you! :D

  9. Thanks cutie ^3^
    Yes I think it's from one of the gal videos of Black Diamond but I can't find it anywhere! ;_;
    Awh man yeah I know that feeling D: I didn't know what I would do with purikura... Thing is though, it's so expensive ;_;

  10. Oh awesome! What did you think of London? Did you enjoy yourself? :D
    Thanks sweet~ <3
    Hahaha yes of course! I love MA*RS so much *_*

    Nope I won't be able to unfortunately ;_;

  11. haha that's good (:

    Mm, well in Japan I've been too busy to do anything XD and I just found some in NZ so excited to meet them when I return! (:

  12. nice hair and items


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