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Our Obsession with Brands

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It's true; we, as gals, have an obsession with brands.

I'm really guilty of doing this. Whenever I see someone buy brand items like a gorgeous MA*RS set I go, "Ooh it looks pretty! I want it! I've got to buy it! I bought it." A couple of months ago I bought a MA*RS dress for £92, and it didn't really look as if it was worth that amount of money. 

Why did I do this? Because I felt that Japanese brand makes you more gyaru.

After this I decided to cut all costs of buying MA*RS and go back to being a budget gyaru. It was really difficult at first because I was like a addict who's prized possession was taken away from them, but it got easier after a week or two. Even now I'm not so desperate to buy any brand items and this makes me try and think of more ways to wear the stuff I've got. It has really saved my bank and I just feel a lot less guilty now that I haven't bought MA*RS when I should really be buying uni supplies.

My "addiction" is probably due to the way our community values brand items. Like I said before, we have that mindset where if we wear gal brand we are more gal than the person next to us who is wearing local brand. If gal fashion was easier to replicate from our "own" western brands than there wouldn't be so much hassle trying to look like the best gal in the world because you have hundreds of gal brands.

I guess that's why I'm kind of okay with this new trend of "casual gal", because it's starting to become easier to buy local brands and look gal. It reminds me of that video that was posted nearly two years ago where the gals where whatever they want (see below). I kind of agree with this, but I always feel more gal whenever I wear my complete MA*RS set than my "normal" clothes. Now I'm not trying to say how we should abandon our interest in gal brands because to be honest, that's never going to happen.

So what am I trying to say? I guess I'm just trying to understand why we have this obsession, and perhaps ways to try and ween off it for those who want to go back to being on a budget because they simply can't afford brands anymore (like me). I think that we should try and break out of this mind-set that gal brands instantly makes you more gal and better than any other person in the world. We should start looking at our own brands to see if we could do something similar and not treat it like a competition.

Here are some of my thoughts on focusing on other aspects apart from brand that makes you feel more gal:
  • False nails 
  • Having dramatic hair (or at least styling your hair)
  • Good makeup 
  • Nice accessories
  • A local branded-item that looks quite similar to gal brand
  • Heels or cute shoes

I don't know if anyone else feels this way as well? Are you secretly obsessed with gal brand? Are you, like me, are trying to ween off it and wear local brands? Please comment below, I'd love to hear your views on this!


  1. Thank you for this post I wish I could buy brand clothes but Iam size EU 40 and that brand things dont look really good on me
    Iam also the meaning that you can buy simillar clothes in European stores as well ;)
    Iam glad that not only me think about things like that <3

  2. I am weening off brands big time right now and buying from charity shops exclusively - seriously! Recently I've decided I have nothing to prove and I should just wear what I love :D

  3. you're so kawaii! and i actually help with a j-fashion show every year down here! lolita style mainly... BTSB and Alice&thePirates are coming down this year!


  4. ヨウナ♡Yơuna29 January 2014 at 10:40

    Hi cutie!

    I think this is a problem many people have, when they are into a japanese style...

    Like for me:

    I love Lolita, Fairy Kei, Visual Kei and Gyaru at the same time...

    And to be honest, I ALLWAYS look at all the brand-stuff and then I'm searching for clothes from germany that maybe look similar... I guess for Fairy Kei and Visual Kei it's not that hard, because you can make many things on your own... but... the "popular" people in europe allways wear brand and sometimes I have the feeling that you're only good in a style if you wear brand...

    The funny thing about all this brand-obsession european people have is, that in Japan, they don't even care about the brand and ONLY about the look!

    You look good in the stuff from a local store? Well... then it's absolutly perfect for you! ; )

    Even gals in Japan don't care sometimes and I talked to a few and they were all like: We only buy brand-stuff when they have sale :'D

    So don't feel like your only a gal because of your brand clothes... you're so pretty ♥ That's what makes you special!

  5. Oh wow that's a pretty good technique! I should try it out (but I'll probably end up buying everything anyway). I think that gal has actually made me a shopaholic which is why I've been more and more obsessed with buying brand and just clothes in general.

    I used to be like that too but with my discovery of agejo-gal it's been a lot harder to do. I just can't really find anything that looks like ma*rs! But I'll definitely be doing that one-piece-a-month idea as it sounds logical. Or perhaps a large batch every three months.

    Luckily that is what I'm doing now! My points system really helped with this as I'm only spending money & points on things I really needed.

    Thanks chicka! <3 I'm trying to edge into the more casual agejo/gyaru style now for everyday wear :D

  6. Hey! <3

    Yes I know the exact feeling! Whenever I go to meets I feel like I have to wear brand because everyone else is... It's pretty sad, actually. I think I've only been to one or two meets where I haven't worn brand (although that's simply because I didn't have any back then).

    That's a fair point! I never thought about that before. I guess we "value" it a lot more because they're so much more expensive to get overseas because of all of the shipping, service and customs fees. Maybe that's the reason why we're so obsessed? Because to us, it's harder to get?

    Haha well I try to anyway :P

    Thanks so much cutie! <3 You're so sweet! <3

  7. Wow! That's amazing! Good luck with that :D I'm hoping to do the same... One day ;D

  8. You're welcome! Thank you very much for taking your time in reading this.

    Awh man D: But yeah, definitely look in local stores for similar items! Your bank will love you for it haha.

  9. Yeah, it takes a bit of self control but once you get the hang of it you'll find yourself not buying much at all. I haven't added to my wardrobe in 2 months! (doesn't sound like a lot but I used to get parcels every other week ;^;)

    I think especially with the more glamorous/unique gal styles it's harder to NOT buy from brand, since they make it so easy (ex: Agejo & MA*RS vs Roma & Liz Lisa). I find that you can avoid buying brand with the more wearable styles so maybe mix it up a little one in a while!

    I do that batch thing too. One large haul every 4-5 months keeps me from buying often since I'm not good at budgeting. I really like your points system but I know I'd never be able to stick to it >__<;;

    No problem! <3 Always happy to help. We're in this together, right? :>


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