Sunday, 5 January 2014

See Ya' Later, Alligator

Hey guys! How is your year so far? Are you having a good year so far? (Or is it too early to say that?)

I did, my year has definitely had a great start… And do you want to know why? It’s because SHERLOCK’S BACK IN TOWN, AWH YIH.
As you may already know, I’m a big fan of Sherlock. As soon as I saw Benedict Cumberbatch’s face on the scream I emitted a little fan-girl scream (surprising my housemate) and continued to do so for about ten minutes or so. I was just so happy to see it back on the screen after goodness knows how long.
But I’m going to stop there because I want this blog to be spoiler-free, but those who have watched it… It was amazing, wasn’t it?!

My New Years Eve didn’t, however, feel much like New Years Eve and it’s probably because it as the first time I didn’t see my family nor boyfriend at all. Living away from home does make things difficult, but it only makes me look forward to going home even more! Can’t wait until all of my uni assignments are done. Luckily I was invited to go out to the pub with my housemate and I went out in ane gal, which isn’t what I usually do, so my makeup was very agejo inspired. I was originally going to do cornrows on one side but my hair just ended up being so curly that it looked a bit weird.

I wore my favourite jeans going out, and this yumetenbo belt that I haven't worn in what feels like ages. I really should do oraora/ane gal a lot more.

Hoodie: MA*RS | Vest: Primark | Belt: Yumetenbo | Jeans: Quiz | Boots: Dorothy Perkins

So, yes, 2013: the year of many ups and downs and also of being relatively naughty and spending lots of money on MA*RS. That’s all going to change this year! I’ve promised myself to be a Budget Gal and not spend on over £50 a month (including going out to London), and I’ll be referring back to my points system. I guess that’s resolution number one right there! I wasn't going to do New Years Resolutions this year but it feels kind of weird not doing them so here's my list!:

1. Improve on my blogging
2. Work harder on my design work
3. Keep to my gal budget
4. Try out more hairstyles

I'm keeping it really simple this year because otherwise I'd never stick to them. I think I might go into more detail of my goals and inspirations in my next post. What're your New Years Resolutions? Got many this year?

So that's all for now! See ya' later, alligator.

p.s I'm going to be trying new things with each blog post, so please excuse all of the changes being made!


  1. Sherlock Holmes <3
    Mine are generally sameish as yours lol.. minus 2 add save money for travelling XD

  2. He's so amazing, isn't he? *_*
    Hahaha! Oooh where are you planning to travel to?

  3. He is <3 I love him +_+
    USA and Europe probably >__< see how much money I can save.
    Good luck with your resolutions <3

  4. Me too me too *_*
    Ooh nice one! I want to save up to go to Japan :D
    Thank you! And you! :D <3

  5. Happy New Year to you, too, and good luck on your resolutions. <3 ^^
    I don't watch Sherlock but I heard from many people that it's awesome.

  6. Happy new year!!! Oh hahaha i just can´t stop to laugh at the title of the entry! Not due to a bad thing, because a friend of mine living in London told me about that sentence and It was funny and strange for us haha
    Apart from that, you are lovely! I am also big fan of sherlock, IT WAS AWESOME!!!! Great way to start the year!!!
    The outfits is soooo pretty, and I think you are really cool! *__* If you can improve more you are going to be perfect! <3

  7. Oooh right! Yeah it is a bit of an old phrase, hardly anyone says it anymore :P So I can see why you think it's funny! I thought it was too.

    Awh thanks so much :D Yes I absolutely loved the first episode, wasn't too sure about the second though... Guess I'll have to watch it again.

    Wow thank you so so much! That means a lot >///< <3

  8. Thanks hunny! And the same to you :D
    It is pretty amazing! Prefer the first two seasons though~

  9. Happy new year! You should wear that belt more often it looks so good! Anyway, good luck on your new year resolutions! It's always good to have goals ^^; sadly I can't do resolutions without being too selfish and with too many high expectations for myself. Lowering my standards doesn't feel right to me either so I'm just stuck trying to perfect everything in general, it's kind of wobbly tho :P Also, I'd be interested to know how your budget gal journey goes XD I'm guilty for spending way too much too but i can't seem to stop omg help ;--;

  10. Good luck sticking to your resolutions! Your outfit is cute. I think it would look good with side-cornrows.

  11. Thank you so much!
    Well I did try side-cornrows but it didn't look very good on me at all! If I have a photo I'll upload it on my FB page :3

  12. Happy New Year sweetie <3
    Ooh really? You think so? *_* Thanks so much! :D
    Thank you! Yes I was actually going to do the same so I just picked resolutions that linked in with my goals, even if I don't do them this year.

    Thanks so much! Hahahaha I know the feeling :P <3 I hope it goes well for me! Need to save ;_;

  13. The coat's so cute - I'm aiming to try out some new hairstyles too this year

    x greta

  14. Awh thank you very much! :D Ooh can't wait to see!


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