Sunday, 2 February 2014

GAL Sleepover!

Well hello there you sexy thang
(Think I kind of scared Yamii)

After the meet in January me and Yamii decided to meet up as we realised that we haven't actually hung out together before! It's crazy because we've known each other for a while and have been talking a lot more recently.
It was a shame that the weather was so sh*tty because I would've loved to have worn my MA*RS socks! I really want to buy the ones where there's only pink lace at the top but I can't find any anywhere. Sigh. Oh yeah I guess I am breaking my buying-no-mars-anymore rule because I kind of ordered quite a lot of MA*RS a couple of weeks ago... I'm just fed up of forcing myself not to buy the stuff that I want! I'm going to be careful and only spend what I can afford, but I'm going to have fun at the same time.

Aaaaaand as you can guess, I dressed up in MA*RS! Can't seem to get enough of the brand. Could it be that I'm... A MA*RS gal? *_*

Warning: Lots of awesome photos!
We met up in London and hung around Chinatown eating lots of gorgeous food, taking purikura, and hanging out in Las Vegas where we played lots of pool! I've never really played pool before so Yamii had to teach me, but soon I was getting the hang of it. Doesn't mean I won or anything though... I was pretty bad. We had some drinks afterwards but for some strange reason that only made me really tired... o_o

Yamii is certainly enjoying her food

After that we headed to Yamii's house and watched Girl's Life while she curled my hair. On one side of my hair she used straighteners - I think I've got the hang of it now - and the other side she used curlers. Now the experiment began... I had my fingers crossed! Getting so tired of my curls dying almost instantly.

And the waiting game begins...

Surprisingly my curls actually lasted until the next morning but it was definitely the straighteners that worked the best! As I didn't really have much time to get ready I just put my hair to one side and curled the rest of my hair.

Then it was off to get some delicious food at Pizza Express and Yamii's boyfriend joined us as well. We had a really good time playing pool and taking purikura! I've taken so much purikura this weekend, it's unbelievable. Because of this I decided to get both an Oyster card and purikura membership card (even though the Oyster is pretty much useless as I don't live in London, but it was cute).

With Antony's cat! So cute!

Yummy dough balls


Mini chocolate fudge cake & hot chocolate

This yummy Chinese-dish thing? Can't remember what it's called

Posing at the pool table

Tried out Calpis for the first time! It's so yummy!

This is basically what we did the whole weekend and it was so much fun! I really enjoyed myself. I would love to live in London because it's such an amazing place and you can literally do anything there. I miss having a Chinese supermarket nearby. Sigh.

Outfit & Makeup:

Day 1

Day 2

That's all for now! Talk soon guys! 



  1. looks like u had lots of fun! i love hanging out in Las Vegas center its so much fun!

  2. It looked like so much fun! And now I have more places to see (eat) when I go to London the next time! *_*
    And I really really liked your makeup on the 2nd day, that type of lower lash suits you so well! (^ o^)
    Really cute outfits as well! ^_^

  3. It really was! And yes you do :D I shall try and figure out the name of the restaurants I went to!

    Thank you very much! I like to wear them for the more dolly look :3 Thank you!

  4. Oh god, the first picture is so great. xD
    And I'm glad you found out a way to make your curls last a bit longer. ^^
    You looked good as always with the outfits you picked. <3

  5. Those little round ball pastry things in the paper bag are called 'gai dan jai' which means little eggs ^^

  6. Oooh! Thanks very much for letting me know! :D

  7. Haha why thank you, I look absolutely beautiful don't I ;D
    Yes me too! I'm going to try it out myself soon to get the hang of it.
    Thanks very much :D <3

  8. Those faces = <3

    lol and omg girl, I understand your brand love because mine is now Liz Lisa. I need to make my closet 70% from them because it works so well with my style now. lol loving each of you ladies coords' and make up.

    Have you ever tried the Frizz-ease Moisture Barrier firm-hold hairspray by John Frieda? I believe it's the reason why my curls have stayed for as long as they have since the first time I curled them. If so, then maybe curling wands would help with the lasting time of them. I hate using curling irons because I get the same experience of them falling flat within a matter of only a couple of hours :/

  9. Mwahahaha I know I'm so attractive aren't I ;D

    Yes exactly! I think I might migrate to be a MA*RS gal or something :P But not too sure! I kind of like having the ability to do other styles too. Just means I've got a very full wardrobe D:
    Thank you very much! :D

    Ooh no, I haven't. I just bought some Got2B as I heard that was pretty good so I'll see how that goes first. I kind of want to buy wands but I like not having to hold my hair in place haha

  10. Wow that looks really fun. And those photos are hilarious.

  11. Thank you so much! It was awesome :D


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