Sunday, 30 March 2014

10 Things I Can't Live Without

Hey guys! How are you?
Is there anyone else who is just as excited as I am that the clocks have gone forward? Yay, spring/summer is here! I'm not going to lie but it's been a pretty crap spring so far. Thanks, England, I really wanted it to rain 24/7.

I am really not of a fan of, however, that I've gotten an hour less of sleep because I, being the idiot I am, slept quite late because I was pretty much distracted by Tumblr. Damn that website! It's so addictive...
This addiction to Tumblr got me thinking: what are my other addictions? I find myself doing uni work whenever I can because I stress out so much so I guess that that's an addiction. Instead of thinking about 'addictions' I then thought... What can't I live without?

I had previously thought about this during the time where I was celebrating my 4-year anniversary with my boyfriend. Unfortunately I haven't got any pictures as I was incredibly ill that day which really sucked. Nevertheless I did have a good time as we went out for a lovely - and ridiculously expensive - meal.

So the topic for today is: What are the 10 things that I can't live without?

1. Friends & Family
None of my friends and family actually look like Monsters Inc but each person is so different from the other that the whole 'group' actually reminds me of them. It's either that or I just love all of the characters in Monsters Inc/Monsters University and I just needed an excuse to use them hahahaha. 

image source here
2. Tumblr
Aah yes, Tumblr. The site where I really got into Gyaru and all of the fandoms that I adore: Supernatural and Sherlock are the main ones, and I wouldn't have gotten into these programs if I did find them when scrolling through Tumblr. I just love collecting things on Tumblr, especially when it comes to Gyaru.

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3. My Laptop & My Phone
What will I do without my baby? The amount I use this thing is a crime. I really ought to cut down my hours using it... The same goes for my phone actually. Even though I'm having tons of problems with my network I can't function without it.
Actually, I think I might be more addicted to the internet than these too. Hmm.

4. Makeup
I put makeup in general because I have recently found myself not wearing Gyaru makeup as much. I'll probably not leave Gyaru anytime soon, but I just want to take a breather from it for a bit.

5. False Lashes
Even though I don't do Gyaru makeup anymore I do love my collection of false lashes. There's such a big difference to local-branded lashes and Japanese lashes, it's amazing! I really want to buy some more but I need to cut down (as well as cutting down on countless of other things).

6. MA*RS
I haven't been wearing MA*RS for a while now (the last time was for my Pixie Bunny Vlog) but that still doesn't mean that I've completely gone off it. I would love to carry on expanding my collection but I think that I have enough for now.

7. Art & Design
If I could, I would carry my sketchpad with me at all times but seeing as it's pretty heavy I sometimes have to make do with a notepad. Here's a picture of what I'm working on so far; nothing is perfect just yet as they are still in the sketching stage. 

8. Books
Before I got addicted to the internet I used to read all of the time, and got told off a few times by my parents when they found me reading in bed with only a torch as a light source. This is only a small part of my book collection as I couldn't fit them all in the place I'm at, but I recently bought a Kindle to get me by. I do miss the texture of real books, though.  

9. Twilight
Not the book series, but this little girly here. I named her after a series of unicorn books that I used to read and I've had her since I was a kid. I can't imagine chucking her away, she's too precious to me! She's looking a bit run-down at the moment but once upon a time she was really sparkly and fluffy.

10. Bubble Baths & Pampering
Last but definitely not least, bubble baths! I always take one when I'm stressed or when I deserve a little treat as it's just so relaxing. I would often pamper myself a little bit by using Ted Baker products (they smell divine) or stuff from Lush.

That's all for today! I'm trying to write a variety of posts more on this blog instead of the good ol' outfit & makeup posts so that it doesn't get boring. But what would you like to see more on this blog? Please leave a comment below of your thoughts!

Oh and one final thought of the day: What can't you live without?

Love you all,

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  1. I love posts like this! Outfit posts and whatnot are nice, but I enjoy a more personal peek into the lives of bloggers I follow =)

    Hmm, I can't live cat Hana [a Christmas present to myself in 2007. We're inseparable.], outrageous high heels, and tea!

  2. I'd have to agree with all of those things! Pretty hard to live without. ^^

  3. Haha indeed :D Although I guess you could live without my unicorn ;D

  4. Yay I'm glad you do! Felt that my posts were getting a bit redundant as of late.

    Awh you have a cat? That's awesome! I'd love to have a cat... I really want one when I move into my own home :3 TEA! I forgot to put tea! ;_;

  5. Gee... I don't know about that. Unicorns are pretty special. XD

  6. My Twilight for me used to be an adorable stuffed bunny but my parents threw it and the rest of my toys away. Gosh that stung. It must be pleasant still having yours around with you to cherish! It looks like one of the animals my doggy plays around with except they are pink and purple (lord knows why we have two). This was neat to read!

  7. Awh no that's such a shame that they threw it away! I could never throw away any of my toys... I have tons on my bed right now haha.

    I'm glad you liked the post! :D

  8. Such a lovely post, Lizzie. :)
    I couldn't live without my family, friends, pet, phone, laptop, camera, books, dvds, playstation and games. Quite an amount of things. xD


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