Sunday, 16 March 2014

Hey Y'all

Hey everyone! How's it going?
This week has been both mentally and physically draining for me; I was ready to go to bed by 9.30pm yesterday. 9.30pm. It's crazy! I don't know what's happening to me! My limbs just feel really dead and I find myself yawning half the time.

Ah, what a student life for me.

I realised that I never really post pictures of my makeup & outfits outside of gyaru on here before, and seeing as I don't really have the time to do any gyaru makeup anymore because of work/university work I'm getting worried that I won't have time to blog! But no fear, I'm here to stay because I've decided that I might share a few pictures of my looks and outfits for university.

When I go to university I normally just brush my hair, wear pretty clothes and wear "natural" makeup because that's all I really have time for. I'm so lazy and prefer to have an extra hour of sleep than dolling up. This time I wore my really cute overalls that my boyfriend bought me a few years back that I never really had the chance to wear, and paired it with a checkered shirt from Primark. I felt like I should get some cowboy boots to go with it (tehe) but seeing as I don't have any I just wore my shoe boots from New Look instead. 

I love these shoe boots!

So yeah this is what I normally do for my makeup: apply foundation and concealer, pat some compact powder, do some light contouring, then fill in my brows, add a dash of mascara and then put on some lippy! Pretty nice-and-easy and it normally just takes me about ten minutes to do which is great when I'm in a hurry. Then it's just a case of lightly brushing my hair and going out the door!

Shirt: Primark / Overalls: Reveal / Shoe Boots: New Look / Jewellery: Muse

Guess that's it for now! Just a bit of an outfit post this time with a small update. What do you normally do when you go to school/university/work? Do you fully doll up or go "natural"? 

Hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend xx

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  1. I love love love this outfit! Its so cute and fresh! Though I fully doll up, there are days where its a bit refreshing to go natural and not really do a full face of gyaru makeup!

  2. I love this look. ^__^ These days I often wear natural makeup as well, instead of going all out gyaru, especially if I'm just doing basic things. ^^

  3. Thank you so much sweetie! ^3^
    Yes I totally agree! I try not to wear gal makeup unless it's a special occassion because I don't want to ruin my skin. I even take at least one day a week of having no makeup at all to let my skin breathe.

  4. Thank you so much! :D
    Yes I feel that there's no point to it? Plus I'd only get sidetrack and take photos or watch TV when I do do gal makeup :P

  5. You're welcome! For uni etc, especially when you have to get up early and be "practical" there really is no point getting all dolled up, unless you have the time to spare or won't get sidetracked lol. ^__^

  6. Those are great overalls. I've wanted to get a fitted pair for a while, but they're hard to find...

  7. Such a cute outfit, is this comething you consider casual? I am such a slob in comparison haha, you look amazing without even trying :D


  8. Gurrrl you look good with minimal makeup! The outfit is super cute!

  9. Girl you have some super attractive eyes. Without the lashes I can really see their natural beauty *they were still gorg before though~* I love this look ^ ^


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