Sunday, 2 March 2014

My Valentine

Hey! How are you? Did you have a good week?
I mentioned in my last post that I took a much-deserved break from uni which was a nice change since I've been spending so much time studying around Christmas. As I reward I treated myself to quite a fair amount this month to last me until summer so yeah, I'm feeling very positive at the moment (and stupid for spending money when I shouldn't). I posted a picture of my haul on my facebook page.

I admit that I felt pretty lonely on Valentines Day because I wasn't able to spend it with my boyfriend but we arranged to spend a whole day together when I was visiting my home town. This was what I wore: a MA*RS hoodie paired with New Look jeans, and some heels from Dorothy Perkins. I wear these heels all of the time when I go out because they are at the perfect height for me (as I've got awkward feet). I wore my GOLDS Infinity top underneath but zipped my hoodie up so that I had a day and a night outfit! The hoodie was super cozy in this chilly winter that Britain seems to be trapped in so I can definitely see myself hibernating in it until summer.

Top: GOLDS Infinity / Hoodie: MA*RS / Jeans: New Look / Heels: Dorothy Perkins
False lashes: Sakurina Fairy Lash 'Beauty Eye' & Diamond Lash Baby Eye

I was going to leave my blog at that but then I realised... Wait, this isn't like me... I normally talk quite a lot! So on with the rambling!

Our "Valentines" date was absolutely lovely, I had such a good time. I must admit that I did feel like Barbie when I trotted into Chiquitos - a near Mexican Restaurant that opened up in town - because everyone else was wearing jeans and t-shirts and then there's me with my extremely pink, fluffy hoodie with cat ears and heels. Whoops. Oh well, my motto is that it's better to be too glamorous than a slob (hahaha).

Chiquitos restaurant & Mexican grill

The interior
I don't know what that black dot on my eye is but check out my new hat! Hahaha

Me & the boyf as we wait for our food!

I wish I did like Mexican food, I really do, but I felt that there was an overpowering amount of cheese in my dishes. At least I tried it though! Besides, it might've been my dishes rather than Mexican food as a whole... I'll show you what I ordered anyway.

Deep-friend potato skins filled with cheese, salsa and sweetcorn


Chicken wrap filled with Mexican rice, lettuce, cheese and this sauce I can't remember


Right I can tell that you're almost drooling onto your lap so I'll take it as my cue to leave. Until next time! I hope you all have a lovely rest of the weekend xx

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  1. aw this is so sweet! id love it if youd check out my blog and comment back xx

  2. My gosh! You are lovely~! And I fell in love with the pick wearing the mexican hat <3 Awwww!!!

    Hope you had a good day full of mexican food as I see! Chiquito hahaha
    Love your outfit, you are perfect and very cute!! >____<

    See you~ <3

  3. Those mexican food look so yummy *___* Cute outfit btw ! <3

  4. I know right? I was so sad when I couldn't eat it much! Hopefully I could order something nicer next time :3
    Thanks darling <3

  5. Awh thank you very much cutie! Haha I'm glad you like it. I want a Mexican hat now!
    Yes I really enjoyed myself :D Thank you! <333333

  6. Emi Doll (恵美)2 March 2014 at 21:13

    So cute, I love that kitty jacket! And your hair *0* So beautiful!!

    You 2 look like the perfect couple , too cute ^^

    恵美より ♥

  7. Awh thank you so much sweetie ^3^ I practically live in this hoodie now. It's perfect for this chilly winter <3
    Awh thank you >//////< <3

  8. The food porn should have a disclaimer missy! lol no really, those dishes looked good! You wore an adorable outfit too! Glad you ended up rescheduling your date for another time and still spent the day with your man ^ ^ Cute couple!

  9. Wow! The food looks super great ;O; wish you would have liked it! And I really love your outfit!

  10. Gorgeous as always!!
    I'm so sad I don't have a local Chiquito D:


  11. Thanks doll!
    Awh man that sucks D: It was quite tasty, but I just wish their dishes didn't have so much cheese!

  12. Me too because it looked absolutely delicious but it wasn't to be ;_;
    Thanks so much :D

  13. dfkgbskdjfg SO SO SORRY BBY <3333 I'll do it next time hahaha <3
    Awh thanks so much :D Tehe not as cute as you and your boyfriend!

  14. have i mentioned how much I love your Gold's top? ;w;

  15. Aah you do? I love it too! :D I wish GOLDS Infinity did more pieces like this ;_;

  16. yummylicious food ^^
    I like your pink hoodies, looks so lovely and cute ^^
    would you like to follow each other to keep in touch?
    Please, let me know! ;)
    Follow me and I will follow you back for certain
    (leave a blog link at my blog after follow so I can go back ur blog again)


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